EAM asks Govt. to release MBC

MBC Radio

Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) has asked government to let Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) start working independently.

The Christian body has said this in a pastoral letter titled A Call for Decisive, Ethical, Selfless and Transformational Leadership in Malawi signed by board chairperson Rev. Dr. Chatha Msangaambe and general secretary Rev. Francis Mkandawire.

Rev Chatha Masangaambe
Rev Chatha Masangaambe has asked Govt. to let MBC work independently.

EAM has asked the Ministry of Information which MBC directly reports to immediately release MBC to operate independently.

“We are concerned with the conduct of the taxpayer funded broadcaster, which continues to be a ruling party platform to unleash propaganda against the critics of the regime including the Opposition, Civil Society and at times even faith leaders.

“We therefore call upon the Executive arm of Government, through the Ministry of Information to which MBC directly reports, to immediately release MBC to operate independently and professionally benefiting all Malawians, without any political interference,” EAM says.

In the letter, the body has also condemned same sex marriages and abortion. EAM says it will continue reminding the country’s leaders to be decisive in standing up for life and family.

“There is a global movement worldwide for governments to legalise same sex relationships and abortion. EAM will continue to state in uncompromising ways the following truths: that the union between man and woman is the basic unit of our society; that marriage and sex is Biblically between man and woman within the confines of marriage; that life begins at conception; and that there is nothing like ‘safe abortion’, as killing is killing,” says EAM in the letter.

EAM has since asked political leaders to be very clear in upholding the constitution of the land which prohibits abortion and homosexuality, and not being ambiguous, thus confusing the masses.