Dan Lu’s marriage on the rocks

Dan Lu

The writing might just be on the wall for Malawi’s Afro Pop singer Dan Lu on his marriage to Emmie Kamkweche, Malawi24 has been told.

A source close to the two has told Malawi24 that Dan Lu’s marriage is on the verge of collapse following photos leaked to the public of Lufani masturbating in a video call with another woman.

Dan Lu
On the rocks

The source said that Kamkweche, who has a child with Dan Lu, has not taken kindly to the reports of cheating from his hubby and is contemplating a punishment for the ‘Akumva Pain’ singer.

“They are not in good terms and the marriage is shaken,” said the source who also disclosed that the two are not in speaking terms at the moment.

“Emmie feels betrayed and she doesn’t want to have anything to do with Dan at the moment,” the source further added.

Another source close to Kamkweche said that she has gone far to contemplate a separation from Dan Lu.

“She is weighing her options but anything is on the cards now including a separation,” said the source.

Asked if Kamkweche had verified that the photos circulating were not doctored, the source said that there was no doubt that the photos were genuine and the person in the photos was Dan Lu.

After a bitter parting with his first wife, Dan Lu married Kamkweche in a colourful ceremony in September 2016 in Blantyre.



  1. This is not good news at all, if Dan did this and he knows it then he should man up and speak to his wife accept the mistake be humble himself apologies thats all life goes on, ignore what ever people will be saying for him being a celebrity lots will coming out from people out there, and this should be a lesson lent because it’s not good news at all to his fans who support his music ? out there even to his wife, thanks

  2. Nanga Mayi uja anachemerera akumva pain moonjeza uja akaona izi akuti bwanji?

    Nanenso si akumva pain?

  3. Ananyadira mimba ameneyi,mpaka pa social media,anali khuluku eti?

  4. Dan Lu Must apologize to his wife and solve the matter, Komabe zaonetsa Utsilu okhulupilira chibwenzi This is Bad and it must be a lesson to others like you who are reading this story

  5. Almost musicians be like that leave it’s enjoy

  6. Marriage is not for young boys and girls. It’s for mature and serious people. The kid has far more to learn in life before he enters this sacred union.

  7. They need just counseling, it happens in life. Divorce is not a good solution. Please help them.

  8. So why not giving us a link to said video call?fake news

  9. No doubt about that allegations u can see him in most of his shows he behaves like a small boy.And he must grow up and he’s nonsense.

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