Father rapes daughter


A man and his wife in Mchinji have been arrested for the sexual abuse of their 13-year-old child.

Francisco Andrew (45) and his wife Jovira Paul (35) have been arrested at Mchekeni village in the area of traditional authority Mlonyeni in Mchinji following revelations that the couple was forcing their daughter to have sexual intercourse with Andrew.

MangochiMchinji police spokesperson Kaitano Lubrino said the victim disclosed the abuse to her grandmother.

The child told the woman that Andrew was raping her in the presence of her biological mother who was even helping the rapist by holding the child so that she should not offer resistance.

The parents claimed that allowing the father to rape the child would break the bondage of poverty and make them rich.

According to the victim, the mother was also claiming that the sexual abuse would prepare the child for marriage.

Upon receipt of this news, the grandmother reported the matter to Kamwendo Police Post where the victim was told to go to Mchinji District Hospital for tests.

Later, the police arrested the couple. The woman is expected to be charged with a case of aiding while the man will answer a case of defilement.

The suspects Francisco Andrew (45) and his wife Jovira Paul hail from Mchekeni village Traditional Authority Mlonyeni in Mchinji.



  1. Being broke as hell lenders us doing inexplicable things, Heaven won’t accept huh.. ! *smh

  2. Stupid parents. Don’t they know that the only way to get rich is to work hard?

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