Mob attempts to kill man over witchcraft


Police in Karonga district on Tuesday rescued a man when a mob wanted to kill him on witchcraft suspicion.

The man has been identified as Wilfred Kapetapeta Kailisi who stays at Mwanjabala village in the area of Traditional Authority Kyungu in Karonga

According to police, a 40 year-old man died in the village where Kapetapeta Kailisi stays.

This brought suspicion among village members that the deceased was bewitched by Kaomba Mwenenjaba who is a friend to Kapetapeta Kailisi.

The angry people then mobilized themselves with an intention of going to kill Mwenenjaba at his house.

Karonga police deputy spokesperson George Mulewa told Malawi24 that upon hearing about the coming of the angry mob, Mwenenjaba decided to run away from his house as the situation was not normal.

When the angry villagers arrived at the house of Mwenenjaba, nobody was found and the mob demolished the house.

“They then proceeded to Kapetapeta Kailisi’s house to deal with him, alleging that Mwenenjaba and Kapetapeta had jointly bewitched the deceased knowing that the two are friends,” Mulewa said.

Police officers rushed to the scene in order to rescue the victim.

When the villagers saw the police officers arriving at the scene, they started stoning them but the law enforcers managed to rescue the man.

Meanwhile, leaders in the village have been advised by police to educate their subordinates not to take the law into their hands but report to the authorities if they have complaint of any kind.

Wilfred Kapetapeta Kailisi who is 69 years old was taken to Karonga District Hospital for treatment as investigations are underway.