Mwenefumbo insists he is Aford president, says he is rebuilding party

Legislator Frank Mwenefumbo has insisted that he is president of Alliance for Democracy (Aford) saying he is now rebuilding the party so that it should become a national party.

In an interview with Malawi24, Mwenefumbo said he wanted to become the party’s president not as a show-off but to rebuild the party from grassroots.

Mwenefumbo: AFORD will go alone into elections.

He said Aford cannot become a big party if it is lacking proper structures and if the party’s constitution is not followed.

On 2019 presidential elections, Mwenefumbo said the party will not enter into an alliance with another party.

“Let me make it clear that AFORD will go alone into elections. We want to measure ourselves, our strength and to have a position in political affairs,” he said.

The Karonga Central Member of Parliament then denied claims circulating that he has received money from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) to use for campaign.

In a separate interview, the party’s Eastern Region Chairperson James Misomali asked Enock Chihana to accept the fact that Mwenefumbo is the president rather than taking the party as a family property.

“We are all supporting Mwenefumbo, Aford should go forward. I joined this party in 1992 and l know what politics is and what it means to be a good leader,” he said.

Mwenefumbo was elected president of Aford at the party’s office in Lilongwe on Wednesday last week and hours later Chihana was also elected the party’s president.