Govt hails peaceful demos


In a surprise U-turn, Malawi government has hailed the demonstrations which were held on Friday across the country.

Government was against the demonstrations but after the protests were held, the President Peter Mutharika administration commended Malawians for taking to the streets to demand government to address issues presented in a petition.

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Dausi has commended Malawians for the peaceful demonstrations.

Earlier, government officials were reported to have been holding press briefings castigating the demonstrations saying they were of no value as government was addressing the issues that were to be presented.

However, government through its spokesperson Nicolas Dausi has commended citizens for the peaceful demonstrations.

Dausi added that Malawians are entitled to protest as per the provision of the constitution.

“As government we would like to commend Malawians for the peaceful demonstrations, that’s a way to go and appreciate,” said Dausi.

Dausi also applauded Malawi Police Service for their “professionalism” during the demonstrations saying no teargas was used.

On Friday, Malawians took to the streets in the three cities of the country to protest against various issues concerning bad governance.

The protesters then presented a petition in which they are demanding government to address the challenges.