Kachaje trashes Ben Phiri’s remarks

Saulos Chilima

Government critic Henry Kachaje has trashed politician Ben Phiri’s remarks that Malawi Congress Party (MCP) leader Lazarus Chakwera should first acquire experience before becoming president.

During an interview with Zodiak, Phiri who is a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) member claimed that Chakwera is inexperienced in running the affairs of the country and likened him to an unripe banana.

Kachaje has trashed Ben Phiri’s remarks.

Phiri also claimed that Malawi’s previous leaders first acquired ministerial experience before rising to the office of president.

Writing on his official Facebook page, Kachaje mentioned the challenges Phiri’s former boss President Peter Mutharika failed to resolve during his time as cabinet minister.

“I agree, Chakwera does not have the kind of experience APM has had, having served as a cabinet minister in Bingu’s administration. He surely does not have the experience to be Minister of Education and see Chancellor College closed for 8 months without the Minister intervening.

“He surely does not have the experience of being at Ministry of Justice and having done anything worth point at. He surely does not have the experience of being in a cabinet that led to the worst fuel and forex crisis in our history,” said Kachaje.

He then defended Chakwera saying the Malawi Congress Party President does not have to be in cabinet to learn how to mismanage a country like the DPP under Mutharika government is doing.

“Should Chakwera be given a Cabinet Ministerial post in a DPP-led government so that he learns how to promise and never deliver? Should he be given the opportunity to learn how to keep the country in darkness before assuming the presidency? Should he be given the experience on how to amass unexplained wealth over-night?” wrote Kachaje.

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  1. kodi a ben phiri tindalama tomwe mwabera amalawi osawukato mpaka kumalubwalubwa bwinotubwino lino ndi dziko lilingati kunpheto

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