Malawians who want Chilima are unpatriotic – Umodzi Party

John Chisi.

Professor John Chisi’s Umodzi Party has warned against regarding Vice President Saulos Chilima as a saint saying he has been mentored by a party of thieves.

Spokesperson Pemphero Mphande said Chilima is part of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) leadership which has failed to run Malawi Government in the past four years and should not be regarded as a good leader who can save the country.

Mphande: It shows we are really desperate.

“Suddenly, we have a funny climax over Chilima. It shows we are really desperate for change and good leadership but that we are looking for it in the wrong places. DPP led by Peter (President Mutharika) and Chilima as his second has failed shamefully,” noted Mphande.

According to Mphande, the support for Chilima from DPP officials is an attempt by the ruling party to remain in power with Chilima replacing Mutharika as Malawi leader.

He then claimed that Malawians who are supporting Chilima and want him to be president do not love the country.

Mphande said Chilima has been silent on several issues affecting Malawians during his time as vice president.

“Where was he when our economy crushed further and further into an abyss? Where was he when unemployment worsened? Where was he when every week there was a corruption scandal? Where was he when they took sponsorship off University students? Where was he when they added to our debts for money that built funny 5 km roads or ended up in people’s pockets?” asked Mphande.

He also accused Chilima of failing to take action to end the problem of blackouts and not speaking out against DPP vice president George Chaponda when he was accused of stealing public funds.

DPP officials led by former first lady Callista Mutharika recently urged President Mutharika to resign after the current term and let Chilima lead the DPP in next year’s elections.



  1. Mr Mphande, I doubt you r talking on behalf of Prof. Chisi. Chisi has for sometime now lauded DPP as a development conscious party the party Chilima belongs to. It’s u Umodzi Party and your leadership who r dishonest or unpatriotic. Or else u r confused with the turn of events

  2. This noisy party of Proff Chisi, I doubt if it will rule Malawi one day. It will just end like Maravi Party. What this party should learn is that by mentioning Chilima as a likely successor, people are just expressing their opinion, let’s just respect peoples opinion, otherwise we don’t want noise from briefcase

  3. Remember he’s under some one of which is difficult for his knowledge to be used in

  4. Umodzi is just desperate. Just do your campaign so that may be you can sway people’s hearts, otherwise, don’t poke your nose where it doesn’t concern you!

  5. Kagwele uko iwe . You think chilima is the same with mtharika. I like chilima no matter wat.

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