Nyasa Music Awards choice of homosexual host stirs controversy

Nyasa Music Awards

The middle name for Nyasa Music Awards should just be controversy.

Coming hot on the debate on their nominations, now the awards have been dogged by new controversy bordering on the choice of their host.

After announcing on their Facebook page that South African Idols judge Somizi Somgaga Mhlongo will be the host of this year’s awards, homophobic Malawians have slammed the award choice for its host who is openly gay.

Somizi Somgaga Mhlongo
Somizi Somgaga Mhlongo

“Did we accept gayism in this country? I don’t know what are we telling the youth of this country? Let’s love our country Malawians. Remember Zodwa just a week ago was denied entry into Zambia because of her evil acts, can’t we borrow a leaf from our neighbour Zambia? Remember Malawi we say its a Christian country so how come a christian country is inviting gays to perfom in this country?” wrote Henderson Herbert Mauluka on the post.

Sam Matimati wrote(quoted verbatim): “don’t bring this bustard here abeg…. first and important thing we hate gays, and secondly try promote fellow malawians, alot can do the hosting here in malawi.. rather than these foreign gays you wanna pick…”

“…that he’s a South African, I don’t care. But that he’s gay, that’s my main concern. Not for this nation,” wrote Febbie Kamphulusa Kanju.

Davie Gamah wrote: “We’re a conservative nation and above all God fearing nation…no one at any cost should let our morals and values decay..be it celebrity.”

However, there was also a section of Malawians who dismissed all those having problems with Somgaga for his sexuality.

“Look at how judgemental Malawians can be. We love our Somgaga,” wrote Ruth Mpinganjira.

Sam Magola wrote: “His sexuality has nothing to do with his work… he is a great MC. period!”



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  1. R u mad guys how can u allow dis to happen. Just leav him doing dos stupid things thr rsa not malawi come on gay my foot

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