Flora Suya announces premiere dates for dear pen pal

Flora Suya

Malawian award winning actress Flora Suya has disclosed the premiere dates for her film titled Dear Pen Pal which will hit the market soon.

This follows Suya’s Sweet Tales of My Mother`s Story movie and Spouses and Workmates television series. The two productions define the homegrown actress whose theatre efforts leave a lot to admire.

Flora Suya
Suya has confirmed the development.

Suya told Malawi24 on Friday that she will be premiering her latest project this month end and early April in Lilongwe and Blantyre respectively.

“The movie will first premiere on 30th April at Crossroads Hotel in Lilongwe from 6 PM to 9PM. The following day, 31st March, the capital will host post-premiere filming of Dear Pen Pal at the same venue from 3 PM to 6 PM,” she said

She added that M-Theatre in Blantyre will also host premiere of the movie on 31st March. Then the following day, 1st April, the movie will be filmed at the same venue from 2 PM to 5PM.

Filming of the work at different times will mean different entry charges. According to Suya, Lilongwe’s premiere is priced at K10, 000 for VIP and K6, 000 for regular tickets, on the first day. On the second day charges will be K6000 for VIP and K3000 for regular tickets. While in Blantyre patrons will be required to cough K7000 for VIP and K4000 for regular tickets on the first day. On the second day in Blantyre, the prices are K6000 and K3000.

Dear Pen Pal features legendary musician who is now engrossed in television presenting, Chiyanjano Muheziwa alias Annie Matumbi, among other names.

Flora Suya is famed for her roles in Malawi top movies, Seasons of Life and the Last Fishing Boat, which were directed by Shemu Joyah. She is considered to be one of the faces of local creative industry.