Kambewa sets for 20 km uphill cycling

Stewart Kambewa

The renowned cyclist Stewart Kambewa has organized a 20 kilometers cycling  scheduled for March 10, 2018 in Chikwawa uphill.

Kambewa said all was set for the event and called all interested cyclist s to join the journey.

“The forthcoming cycle is slated for March 10th, 2018 and will see me cycle 20 Km Chikwawa uphill non-stops whilst standing, from Thabwa roadblock to Milare roadblock. I will cycle without a saddle on the bike,” said Kambewa.

Ready – Kambewa

He said the whole ride will be filmed, produced on a DVD and auctioned for a good cause to be announced later.

‘I am expecting people to join me, jog and cycle along from Kamuzu View to finish off the remaining 5Km together. Their support will be greatly appreciated,” he said.

He called on individuals companies to always support the sport by introducing cycling competitions.

“In Malawi, the sport is still on the low and is not supported compared to other sporting disciplines. The country has got good cyclists, who are hungry to deliver given a chance but lack of competitions is one big problem we are facing. As a result of this, the sport is failing to grow,” he said

Kambewa started cycling in March 2016 and he has so far cycled the full length of Malawi in 8 days, October 1st – 8th 2016 during the Clean Water Cycle 999 initiative which was organized to help provide clean and safe water to nine districts across the country. The initiative received support from WaterAid Malawi.

On December 8th – 12th, 2017 he  cycled 663Km in 5 days, from Senga-Bay in Salima to Blantyre via Lilongwe, Khwekhwerere in Dedza, Monkey-Bay, Mangochi, Namwera, Ntaja, and Zomba.







  1. congrats kambewa… I agree with you. in Malawi here cycling is as sports is always sidelined. I should thank illove sugar company of Malawi, HTD the KIA Motors Malawi. TNM Malawi, and individuals like Charles Ulaya and his ULAYA classic , for so many times giving support to cycling competitions. please Malawians lets try cycling as we do football,netball and athers. cycling is also three in. it can bring forex, since Malawi is which is good mountain biking like in USA. physical fitness, and there is lot of fun and skills. there is face book page MOUNTAIN BIKE MALAWI where you can get connected to activities and fun ride, thank you friends.

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