Robbery affects Thoko Katimba’s Bakha DVD launch


Fans of Malawi’s gospel artist Thoko Katimba have to wait a bit longer for his Bakha DVD, which the musician was planning to release early this year.

This is due to a recent robbery at his producer’s house where hard drives carrying the music videos were stolen.

Thoko Katimba

According to the musician, the robbery took place towards the end of last year when several studio equipment including computers were stolen by robbers.

However, Katimba said his producer has revealed the incident to him this week ahead of his preparations for the DVD.

Meanwhile, the feminine-voiced star has assured his fans all over the country that this should not worry them.

He further said he will soon begin reshooting the video and the Bakha launch will happen in a few months’ time.



  1. its sad so sad, a lesson to all engineers producers, any project we are making, always have at least one back up in case of these kind of situations.

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