Chilima wants Ntandire houses demolished

Saulos Chilima

Vice President Saulos Klaus Chilima has called for the demolition of houses built along and in Lingadzi River at Ntandire Township in Lilongwe.

Speaking when he visited people affected by floods in Ntandire in Lilongwe today, Chilima who is also Minister of Disaster Management Affairs said environmental degradation is one of the factors leading to the flooding of Lingadzi River.

Saulos Chilima
Some of the houses built in the river

He noted that many structures in the area are right in the river and others are in the river banks which is derailing efforts to prevent flooding.

“Water is failing to flow in its natural course leading to the flooding. I was talking to the representative of the Lilongwe City Council. We have to demolish these [illegal] structures. Innocent people are suffering as a result of these selfish developments taking place here,” said Chilima.

He added that he will make sure that the houses are not provided with services like electricity and water.

“It’s nonsensical, I have discussed with the Minister [Aggrey Massi, Natural Resources, Energy and Mining and Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City West] and we are not going to allow the illegal structures to get electricity connection,” said Chilima.

The floods in Ntandire which occurred due to heavy rain on Sunday have destroyed 12 houses and have affected 138 households.

Meanwhile, the Department of Disaster Management Affairs has provided relief items such as food, blankets and kitchen utensils



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