No arrest yet in attack on chief Chawinga – police

attack on paramount Chief Kawinga
attack on paramount Chief Kawinga
Police still investigating on paramount Chief Kawinga’s attack.

Police say investigations into the attack on paramount Chief Chawinga of Machinga district are still underway and no suspect has been arrested in relation to the issue.

This has been confirmed by Eastern Region Police public relations officer Joseph Sauka .

Sauka said the police are doing all they can to bring to book the people who are involved in this case.

“Actually we are trying to look at all the angles of the story in order to come up with successful investigations and once we are done we shall inform the public,” he explained.

He added that they are also yet to establish the reasons why the thugs targeted the traditional leader.

Sauka therefore asked the members of the community to assist the police with investigations and be patriotic during this process.

Unknown thugs attacked the 63 year old chief whose name is Maxwell Mataka on the 8th of January at his house.

The thugs injured the chief and got away with K1,000,000 mobile cellphones.



  1. chilungamo chiyende ngat madz ife tikudikila mwana inu apolisi apa mtaja apo bii musamuka bola nkhaniy iyiyendetse akuliwonde timakunyadlani amfumu athu AKAWINGA

  2. At the same area of chief Kawinga three armed robbers who broke a house and stole the money amounting K3.9 million, bicycles and cell phones were arrest by the same policemen who are investigating the chief Kawinga’s case, they should spin their balls , may be they might be the same criminals. They have been giving us a sleepless night for the long time

  3. Pa Ntaja police pali ‘Anyengaton’ okhaokha inu muganiza kut angasiye kunyenga azifufuza zimenezo?kkkk koma akaona wa min bus ndiye eeeeeee

  4. APARAMOUNT ANGAWO SI ACHAWINGA NDI AKAWINGA MWAMVA!!!umalembawe umakhala kumalawi konkuno koma? Mwano eti? Amfumu Odziwika bwino ukalakwisile dzina? Zandiwawa wamva!!!

  5. I feel very sorry for my Paramount……one day the truth will be revealed and those suspected to have done this will indeed answer if not in this world but in the presence of the Almighty Allah…..Qua ran 27 sura 153 ….get well soon my Chief.

  6. kkkkkkk inu police ya pa Ntaja ingafufuze mbava?? mesa mukanawauza kumwa mowa kwa mwana Abvale ndeee akakuvelani…..

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