No progress against GBV: Butcher murders wife


Despite efforts to curb gender based violence, it seems the practise refuses to go as such cases continue being on the rise.

A 40 year old butcher was arrested on Friday for stabbing his wife to death over family matters.

knife-bloodAccording to Blantyre police public relations officer Augustus Nkhwazi, the suspect has been identified as Witness Mwenyezule who killed his wife Elube Mwenyezule.

Nkhwazi said the suspect who sells goat meat at Luwanda trading centre in Machinjiri in the city allegedly picked a quarrel with his wife on Friday at around 8pm.

A fight ensued between the two and in the process the butcher picked a knife and stabbed his wife on the left side of the abdomen.

Well-wishers took the victim to a clinic in the area where she was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Members of the community apprehended the suspect and handed him over to South Lunzu Police.

He is expected to appear before court as soon as investigations into the matter are finalised to answer charges of murder contrary to section 209 of the Penal Code.

Elube, 33, hailed from Mpama village Traditional Authority Mpama in Chiradzulu district whereas Witness, the husband, hails from Mbelenga village, Traditional Authority Nsamala in Balaka district.








7 thoughts on “No progress against GBV: Butcher murders wife

  1. tell women to respect their husbands in houses this is africa not europe or america if not tichalipo kuwadumula mawoko or malundi coz they are too rude with the coming of r
    human rights or else they shd not get married or else they are in hot msuzi pa mlomo too much kkkkk

  2. GBV advocators penapake I don’t trust you. You don’t have the me to advise women to exercise good manners in marriages to avoid conflicts. You present yourselves as a solution to the GBV situation than being a preventative machinery. Be wise and take GBV preventative actions.

    1. Sininanene Kuti Amalawi Mumasekerera Za Utsiru Ai Koma Kuti Nkhani Iyi Yophana Iri Pali Ponse. Pokwiya Mudzidzi Funsa Kuti Munthuyu Akufuna Kunenanji

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