Flood victims told to leave camp


A faith based local non-governmental organization, New Life Anointed Ministry, has advised people that were hit by floods at Phaloni area in Phalombe to stop camping at a primary school.

Executive Director for the organization Bishop Christopher Kapito made the call after his organization distributed relief items such as food and recreational materials for children to the victims who are currently camping at Phaloni Primary School.

Women receiving a bag of maize from Kapito.

According to Kapito, now that days have passed since the floods occurred and the land is dry, it is time for the people to consider constructng houses in less prone areas or constructing temporary shelters somewhere else so that pupils’ education should stop being disturbed at the school.

“They are camping in school blocks, a thing that is affecting children’s education. This may be of more negative impact in the long run, that’s why we’re urging them to utilize the little assistance that they are getting from well wishers to return to their normal lives,” said Kapito.

Assistant Disaster Risk Management Officer for Phalombe, Davie Chibani, concurred with Kapito saying people should not wait until they receive all the help that might come before they return to their daily economic activities.

“We advised them to go back to their daily economic activities so that they can be able to make ends meet and walk out of this situation, as opposed to rallying here at the school each day, just waiting for sympathy,” Chibani said.

Floods hit nine villages in area of Traditional Authority Kaduya namely Hamera, Likatchare, Mwanyewe, Harapera, Mandawara, Nampinga, Kalinde, Tibu and Mankhanamba where over 328 households were affected.

The New Life Anointed Ministry with assistance from French Ministries International and Team Hope of Ireland assisted the victims with maize and other non-food items worth K700, 000.



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