Govt plans to recruit 1500 health workers


The Malawi Ministry of Health says it is planning to recruit 1500 health workers.

This is according to minister responsible Atupele Muluzi who said the recruitment of health workers will reduce shortage of medical personnel in public hospitals.

Atupele Muluzi

Muluzi: has confirmed the development.

Muluzi told a local radio that the current situation has almost reached crisis levels, especially in rural health centres where one officer serves the whole clinic.

The minister added that this leaves some patients unattended to for long hours, or the clinic is left not operational when the officer is out on holiday.

Government has in recent years been accused of training a lot of health workers but failing to employ them even though hospitals across the country are understaffed.

Recently, National Organisation of Nurses and Midwives (Nomn) said the shortage of health workers in the country is affecting health workers already working in understaffed hospitals and health centres.

The organisation said government need to urgently recruit at least 2000 health workers.



  1. Job creation…teachers will be recruited enmasse as well. Both primary and secondary levels. This will give a DPP govt some sigh of relief over MCP. In a space of the remaining one year to next tripartite elections, lots of issues will come out. This will suffocate MCP.

  2. Bola muzilipirana ife vuto palibe tisaveso kt anyanyala po mkuziwanana timagwila ntchito ku SA osati ku Malawi ai

  3. vuto ndilakut azibale,anaawo,ayambakale kupereka maina mmene zizizatuluka atasankhakale mainao pot ife kulibeko wathu kusogoroko chonenatilibe

  4. If Ur Planinag! Y Not Planng Silently Withot Leting Someone Know! It Was Better 2sa As Minister Of Health We R Budgeting! Am Not Under Malawi Government Bt lam From There It Do Pains Me!

  5. kkkkkkk please favour me ndili ndi J C komaso Testmonial Card sizingatheke kunditengako please! ndikukanda, muwona pondiponya! olo kokolopa tikolopa baasi! bola tikhale pa pay rol za serious.

  6. koma zoona anthu akusamala ma patients a cholera pa bwaira mungamawapatse three thousand kwacha? eeh si zoona mukulakwa.allowance ya mtundu wanji cant give nurse an allowance of three thousand for caring cholera patient. very unfair.DHO bwaira is very inconsiderate.

  7. Eeeeeeee health workers only??? What about teachers???? Tatopa nanu a galu inu 2016 up to now??do u think tikudya ciyani

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