Mia speaks out on meeting with Nkasa

Joseph Nkasa

Controversial musician Joseph Nkasa met opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) member Sidik Mia but not for the reason mentioned on social media, the Lower Shire politician has said.

Earlier this week, reports were rife that Mia had met Nkasa – whose recording and producing of pro songs for various political parties has always put him in the spotlight.

Joseph Nkasa
Joseph Nkasa

The viral reports had claimed that Mia agreed with Nkasa a whooping K30 Million deal to record and produce pro MCP songs ahead of the elections next year.

The reports had suggested that the songs are meant to ‘whiten’ a rather ‘dirty’ image of the opposition party something which the MCP recently accused state owned Malawi Broadcasting Corporation ( MCP) of spearheading.

But Mia while first admitting he met the musician ruled out any possibilities that their meeting was to do with enticing the artist to do as the reports making rounds had claimed.

“That Nkasa made a courtesy visit at my office yesterday is true. However, that Nkasa signed a 30 million kwacha deal to start singing pro MCP songs as some news outlets on the social media are reporting, is outright FAKE news. We all know Nkasa.

Sidik mia
Mia has trashed the claims.

He is way above the age of majority and I think he is guided by his conscious to do what he thinks is right. Whether his conscious will lead him to release pro MCP songs is his personal choice and I have nothing to do with that except respecting his choice,” Mia wrote on his Facebook Page.

Famed for doing political songs, Nkasa has over the years been said to be pocketing millions from politicians to praise them in songs owing to his popularity and ability to compose what appear to be well thought of and convincing songs.

His previous propaganda songs include one for the late Bingu wa Mutharika to whom he dedicated a song titled Mose wa Lero, likening the fallen leader to the Biblical Moses who led the Israelites out of Egypt. This he had implied that Mutharika was way better than Bakili Muluzi whom he replaced.

He then recorded a song titled Ndi a Mayi. In this song he claimed it was now time for Malawians to give a chance to women after Joyce Banda had replaced Mutharika who died in 2012. Ironically he had also trashed Mutharika in the same song.

His recent one is called Yoswa in which he likens the incumbent Peter Mutharika to the Biblical Joshua who carried on leadership due to Moses’ old age and death.

Nkasa has overtime been accused of greed, something he has in several media interviews outrightly denied.

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