Sir Patricks says music is being produced for events

Sir Patricks

Malawian musician Sir Patricks has said that local artists are in the meantime producing to sell their names to event organisers.

The Blantyre based singer said this in response to a question posed to him by a local radio station on Tuesday, on the decline of music albums.

Sir Patricks
Sir Patricks: Performing at events ensures quick financial benefits for artists.

He was quoted as telling the media outlet that musicians find it reasonable to produce a song, promote it then get invited to perform at events. This is because performing at events ensures quick financial benefits for artists.

True to Patricks’ words, it has been established that most musicians in urban circles are striving to be regular performers at events. Therefore to satisfy this, they put much effort on singles.

It is argued, in the present day Malawi, a musician’s success is defined by the number of events they get invited to. In other words, events have become the financial backbone for most artists.

Musician cum producer Stich Fray who happens to be Patricks’ long partner, last year told other musicians to produce hit songs and perform at many events like he does before they mock him for failing to claim a UMP award.

These words from a top musician attested to the claim that events are taking care of most artists financially.

Event organisers prefer trending musicians with more hit songs to the less popular, so that their functions should sell. This is alluded to the fact that patrons only attend events with a hot line up of performers.




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