Armyworms attack 14 hectares of crops in Chikwawa


Armyworms have attacked over 14 hectares of crops in Chikwawa district.

According to Program Manager for Shire Valley Agricultural Development Division Aida Mwatho, the armyworms have attacked maize, sorghum and millet.

14 hectares of crops destroyed in Chikwawa.

Mwatho said about 40 thousands farmers in the district have been affected by the armyworms.

She said the agricultural services in the district are therefore asking for intervention on the matter.

She explained that currently the agriculture department has distributed 120 litres of pesticides to the farmers to deal with the armyworms.

Meanwhile, some non-governmental Organisation have as well pledged to help in curbing the problem.

In its 2017/2018 budget, government allocated 135 million Kwacha towards controlling the fall armyworms.

Fall armyworms pose a great threat to households that depend on agriculture in Malawi. Last year the pests affected 140,000 farming families in 20 districts across the country.


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  1. The hectares in question is an underestimation. The damage is far much bigger and this is a disaster that needs urgent attention

  2. 40 thousand people affected for only 14 hectares? Something doesn’t add up.

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