Chenji golo on the move! “l will join another party”, says Uladi

Uladi Mussa

Uladi Mussa who was yesterday expelled from People’s Party (PP) says he will be joining another political party because he still has the steam in him.

Uladi had claimed that PP was on the verge of establishing a working alliance with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) that was widely understood to have been devised to save PP’s founder and ex-Malawi president Joyce Banda from cashgate related prosecution.

Uladi Mussa
Chanji Golo: I am joining another party

According to PP Deputy Spokesperson Ackson Kalaile Banda, Mussa was expelled “for bringing the party into disrepute”.

He has been replaced by Beatrice Mwale.

In response to the expulsion, Uladi, who is widely known as Change Golo in political circles, told one of the local radio stations that he will not contest his dismissal. Rather, he will be joining another political party.

He said he would announce by end of January which camp he is joining this time around.

While serving as PP’s acting president, Uladi also stirred up the bonnet’s nest when he proclaimed that Joyce Banda’s tenure as PP president had expired. He then declared himself PP’s torchbearer for the 2019 presidential elections.

PP responded by firing him from his position as the party’s acting president and vice-president for the Central Region.

70 thoughts on “Chenji golo on the move! “l will join another party”, says Uladi

  1. Let him again cause confusion in DPP,Forget abt positive impact.These r just political cassanovas,enanu kaziomberani mfiti mmanja,check him out in 2020:

  2. Unless Salima South constituency is still having uncivilised community. Come 2019, if these greedy politicians will be given another platform to flow, for sure we as Malawians we r destroying our own country not only on constituency lever. I hate this bastard politician

  3. Uladi, paja anapalamula ku immigration ndee akuthawa milandu. Thats why akumatenga mbali ya DPP. Pitani asakumangeni A Uladi Mussa!!!!!!!

  4. Go join MCP they need rich guys to support them. But let me clear 1 thing. I dont support any party. What i see DPP is much better than other crooks. APM is doin well

  5. Whereever he is going I do not think he will add any value that party. At national level he is almost a spent force and very few if any, can take him seriously.

  6. selfish man go and rest give chance to real malawians who truly loves malawi not u malawians r sick n tired of u old fox tiliso ndi anthu ena anzelu in time up baba

  7. Mkulu, chipani chokhacho chingakukhaleni ndi DPP,ndikomwe kuli anthu a nthenga zofanana ndi inu.Kukuonekanso kuti ku constituency yanu kulibe anthu ena omwe anthu angawadalire,nanga inu muli ndi ma qualities a utsogoleri? Mmutumo simobalalika.

  8. I wonder why Salima doesn’t see the writing on the wall. What kind of concoctions does Uladi, the maddrassa teacher has? From 1994 till 2019, Uladi still reigns. At least for now Uladi must fall. He might be DPP bound.

  9. Uladi, politician, I doubt it if he
    even has any leadership qualities. He chose a wrong career coz he is becoming a ‘has been’ with the passing of each day. What a legacy he will leave when he retires!

  10. Awa kuwapatsa u president angathandize dziko? Kikikikiki, change golo koma eeh-mavuto pa Malawi.

  11. A complete political prostitute go back to UDF.
    Always in search of a whiff of money through political prostitution.

  12. # chenge goal its tym to pull this fool down! one anthu akusalima wake up pliz don’t vote for this chitsiru aagain and all political party muchikane koma a Dpp. mumulole kuti Nonsee tikuzuleni mizu up in 2019 MCP boma!

  13. Andale onse awa zochita zawo nzimodzi, ndipo asamatipusitse, musayo kumeneko kufuna kuthawa milandu ija? Kkkkkk Koma people Eish zipangani zimenezo sintchito yomwe mudalembetsa nanga Koma musamanamize Dziko kuti anthu akudela kwanu ndamene akuuzani chifukwa kumamidziko simumapitakonso muzinena kuti dyela lanu ndilomwe lakupangisani mbava za anthu inu

  14. Kkkkk ameneyo nde uladiyo..its a goal of every politician to be in governing side..other parties are like sinking boats hence need to jump!!

  15. Which party you fool? Even Chilumpha can’t accept you though he is looking for new members. Malawi is not developing cause of such people….. you deserve a gunshot in your head

  16. Flamboyant Uladi Mussa, bwana change golo,Mwana wa ng’ona sakulira dziwe limodzi, very optimistic will be hired.

  17. Party inayo akufuna akataniko? 90 minutes yatha mpaka nthawi yoonjezela mwasewela ma penalty atha koma chigoli osaoneka chonde bambo kwatsalaku muthyola mwendo tulukani m ground,mwinatu apite achina mponda mkutheka kuti angatiimilile inuyo zakanika

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