‘Wallaahi, Billaahi’: Uladi Mussa denies being bribed

Uladi Mussa

Former Peoples Party (PP) acting President Uladi Mussa has denied being bribed by government to shoot down the electoral reforms bills in parliament.

The sentiments follow reports that United Democratic Front and some PP Members of Parliament (MPs) met President Peter Mutharika at Kamuzu palace on to discuss on how they block the electoral reforms bills.

Uladi Mussa
Mussa: I was not bribed.

A Malawi Congress Party (MCP) legislator alleged that the MPs were paid K150,000 for them to shoot down the bill. Other rumors claimed that PP MPs were given an additional K200,000 for them to side with the ruling DPP in defeating the bill in its early stages.

However, Mussa who was in attendance at the meeting at which Mutharika met with PP leaders has denied receiving money from government to defeat the bills.

“It’s not true, Wallaahi,Billah­i it is not true” said Mussa.

Meanwhile opposition PP MP’s have disclosed that they voted against the bills out their will.

The ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) has been noted to have given the electoral reforms bills an ugly face saying it is move by opposition lawmakers to oust it.

Out of six bills under electoral reforms, only one, referendum bill was approved by parliament.



23 thoughts on “‘Wallaahi, Billaahi’: Uladi Mussa denies being bribed

  1. No matter what status change goal could have bt if he says he can’t accept bribery as what other MP didn’t on electoral bill reform we say wawa uladi mussa zaityo

  2. Travel bag kudzadza ndi ma uniform a zipani. Kusintha zipani ngati ukusintha ma pant. Akaboka pa thako ukumuvula kukatola wakale. Galu wa dyela.

  3. He is a nowhere man. His dip friends vetoed on party policy. He vetoed swallowing that policy. Problem is he can’t believe he is no longer the Acting President of PL because he has been harbouring am bins of of permanent president. Completely forgetting he failed to lead his own defect party.

  4. Uladi wakhumudwitsa mtundu wa a Malawi kwambiri ndipo mukhumudwa 2019 ino ndi anzako mwapanga nawo zopusawo. Mbava kuziikira kumbuyo ndiye kuti mukudziwana mumabera limodzi. Mulungu akuwona zimenezi

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