Shut up! Wait for 2019 – APM


President Peter Mutharika has told his critics to shut up and wait for 2019 when the country will hold elections claiming that making noise now is just a waste of time.

Mutharika said that as of now he is the president of the country having been voted in by the people in the 2014 elections. He said that any interference with his leadership is illegal as the only change of government that is acceptable by the constitution is through the ballot.

“We will not allow anyone to take government through the back door . If anyone wants to rule this country they should wait for democratic elections in 2019 . For now , I will not accept lawlessness because that is not acceptable in democratic environment,” Mutharika said.


Mutharika: We will not allow anyone to take government through the back door.

Mutharika also added that in the 2019 elections he will floor other contestants.

He also took a swipe at religious leaders claiming that they are being used to intimidate his leadership and that of the Democratic Progressive Party.

“There are some people who would want to promote personal agenda under the guise of religious groupings by influencing others to demonstrate against my government,” he said.

At the event, Mutharika also dismissed the electoral reforms as a plot that was targeted at ousting him by the end of this year.

“They brought the issue of 50+1 claiming that they want to change the electoral system. The truth is that it was just a plot targeted at ousting me by 31 December,” said Mutharika.





  1. President mmene tikunbutikiltmu Chaka chikubwera mutipanganso chimodzichimodzi ,mulungu wathu tiyankheni Ife amalawi tilipabvuto woopsa

  2. Elections are only a good measure to stop critics. But again elections are just a worst of time. In Malawi that is. All we need is development, now! Give us what we deserve. Malawians never eat politics.

  3. All the politicians are crooks and none of them is good. We do change a President and his party but the rest are always the same MPs, Ministries and councillors therefore 2019 l will vote for APM. After his 2 consecutive terms l will vote the best from the list of the contesters. Don’t fool me to vote some one thinking that there will be a change how? Politician are the same people. Look at MPs they do cross the floor ali phee!

  4. All the politicians are crooks and We do change a President on the voting day but the rest are always the same MPs and councillors. Therefore I vote for APM after his 2 consecutive terms l will vote another one

  5. Peter Mutharika dumpiest President Malawi has ever had and will never has again. What went wrong for this man to be elected president.

  6. Ndekuti akamapempha zithandizo zaozo samamasuka mkufotokoza vuto Munthu wamoyo sanganene stupid omuvotera means stupid wamkulu ndiiyeyo km ngakhale akufuna 2019 he’s just made fool himself chifukwa a Malawi inendimawadziwa they will catching thief on 2019 and I hope that

  7. Ndekuti akamapempha zithandizo zaozo samamasuka mkufotokoza vuto Munthu wamoyo sanganene stupid omuvotera means stupid wamkulu ndiiyeyo km ngakhale akufuna 2019 he’s just made fool himself chifukwa a Malawi inendimawadziwa they will catching thief on 2019 and I hope that

  8. He is right. Useless noise indeed. On top of that the elections is just a change of leadership but not of reducing poverty and corruption.

  9. Amalawi let us hold our own demostrations that our country constituions should be reformed or amended: why i suggest that see those who are on powers they are proud eveen if they do wrong things u can’t remove them untill they term is over so imagine malawian our country will survive with such constituion no we should not be told by PAC to do other things. As another bro reminded me indeed our constituion is killing us

  10. Tilankhula lankhula titopa koma APM adzawinanso.Mkuluyu akuyendetsa ndale zake mwamasamu akuluwa ndi big wenwen.Choti mudzi nthawi yachisankho ikafika anthu ena amapanga ndalama kwambiri.Ziphuphu zimathamangaso kwambiri,sangaluze bwanawo.

  11. If i was a President of mw. First thing. I finish black out. Second corruption.I think these thing is atotal the one which President seeing it. But is doing nothing .Amw akwiya nawe Come 2019.

  12. Zazii 2019 2019 zazi. dziko likungopitabe pasi ife tikulimbana ndi kunena 2019 nokha osadziwa kuti dziko muno amene atilamulira ife ndiangati onse akukwana 5 tangatizani pa 5 dziko ranthu ikanatha kusitha km taa ikugopita pasi cifukwa chanthu ngati awa amangofuna kulemera basi asati kuthadiza dziko kuti itukuke ai nde dziwani ngati 2019 tikusakha wina ameneyo ndi was number 6 km kulira sikudzatha.. Taa

  13. Kale likanati lizibwerera, Kamuzu akanangozuka atenge dziko lakeli osati agalatiya chakwerayi ayi. Wataya chipangano ndi Chisumphi Namalenga ameneyi.

  14. Akumuonjeza Sanalakwe cz enawo. Akumamutenga ngat size yawo kuiwala nd state presisent …Timuvoterabe kut Atimalizire Msewu wathu

  15. Musamangobwebweta Kulimbana Ndi Piter Zinakukanikani Pa Chisakho Musien Apange Ziwili Zitatu Zomwe Angakwanise Thawi Yake Ikatha Pazabwela Wina Naye Azapanga Zake Dziko Likutukuka Pamenepo Kuti Mufufuze Maiko Otukukawo Sanatukuke Pa Zaka 10 Zokha Ai

  16. Allow me to speak my Venacular language,Nonse okonda mdala ameneyu ndithu u will die of BP or u will shoot ursef chifukwa mukuwona ngati wolamulira saluza.Amayi alikuti nanga Lupia chidamuwokela ndichani?Akapume uyu wochitachitukuko mbali imodzi.The so called plesident.

  17. I think this young President is know crying on his job he knows that the road is coming to end this coming ,2019 my brother it’s your ten know that time was JB next is yours MWANA akalilira bele muphase ndiye mumaufuna unsongoleli

  18. Mr President you do not behave presidential,
    speeches are means to encourage people.
    If you do not like criticism RETIRE.

    People NEED politicians for the people
    NOT for themselves.

    NEVER vote for the same party each election to reduce corruption.

  19. Kuwinaso kusawina kwa peter 2019 ndilibe nazo ntchito palibe ndikumuona kupanga zokomela tonse muno akuva bwino lerowa zawo zizasokonekela patsogolo akulira lero mawa azalira ndi chimwemwe pa mawa chazeru ndi kukhala bwino ndi anthu chifukwa mulomo umatsata,ngakhale maliro amene anthu samakafuna chakudya koma amatsata ntchito zako zabwino ,ndale za ku Malawi zopanda ulemu

  20. Go to hell with your stinking noise, ulipo ungonunkha ma perfume akuba corruption ndizina. Zitukwana nthawi izafika vuto lizalankhulira anthu nkuwayikila umboni utapeza ma mp 5 okha koma iwe nkukhaladi ndi u president wakowo

  21. Actually it is you Mr. So Called President who is causing the critics coz of your failure to fulfill the promises you fed to the Nation…..
    Should people stand and just watch whilst our Country is being torn apart by you in the Ruling???.
    70% of our businesses depend on Electricity and now it is a sleepy issue lying in your tangible solution …
    Mr..!!!. every wise person who was born with full functional senses doesn’t need to be told of whom to elect come 2019!..
    You have failed and that’s the reality on the ground…..
    People will shut your mouth too!!!!!

  22. Mr President your government is stupid, its has contributed alot to unemployment more especially for us the youths. We are missing important phone calls because we have no electricity for at least 24 hours or more, i have missed several job interviews just because my phone was off and they couldn’t reach me. We can’t even access emails gadgets are always off mostly. So should i say this is development?? Your killing us. Poor administration thats why we are having unlimited blackouts. I hope this message gets you.

    • Ndikamalankhula kuti umbuli wakuta MCP muzimvetsa! Umboni wina ndi uwu.Munthuyu akutukwana boma akuti kulibe magetsi such that he is failing to charge his phone,yet he is posting senseless views using his stiupid phone. Is this person aware of what he is really saying?

    • Its because your numb , you can’t relate reality with your boycotted brains. Stop pretending here …i know you’re benefiting from the current government. Thats your luck. Yes aboma alibe magetsi i used another source of energy to power my phone. Your really useless. And finally my phone can feed you for the whole year of 2018

    • Empty tins up there! commonly known as MCP,busy revealing to Malawians their emptymindedness, Hey,how can poor minded people like you weak in both character and deed feed an intellectual like myself? Shameless though,you are saying you are jobless, I mean why? Do you want presidency also? why cant you go to cultivate in your field ? oh lazy animal! the problem isnt the government,the problem is your laziness,your poor thinking,engineered by Malawis poorest wild beast, Chakwera and his MCP

    • Mr kapito not everyone is meant to work in field/ farm. Wise up. Your really pathetic and senseless as your so called boss. Do u have any idea how many of youths are suffering from this blackout crisis? Probably you live in the village where there’s no electricity at all. And that job of yours someone just put you in. U didn’t use your own effort to earn it. Useless minds are like yours that think earning 200 000 is an achievement.

    • Muthuyi muti kapito ndilomwe Ndiye mavuto wonse athu akumana nawo tsikunditsiku kwayiwo sakuwakhudza chifukwa mbwampini amakondera ndiye inuyo mngakhamngakhale mutamuwuza kuti kuli mavuto kapitoyo sangakhulupirire.

    • Oh,poor fellow! get me at my office tommorrow,at NAO head office.And I reside at Gulliver,living in town does not mean that you are supper

    • Matias Kapito seems you are enjoying this. So are you saying if I charge my phone for 2 hrs by the time will off it will charge itself. Read properly he said he miss important phone calls. He didn’t say he don’t charge phone,but the battery goes off when needed mostly. Seems you are benefiting from this blackout. My advise if you are covered in this hard time of blackout don’t think everyone is covered. How do you feel when we need money to rebuild our electricity plants then someone say we don’t have money,but they is money for stadium. Ukakwera pamsana wanjovu usati pansi palibe mame. If you are not affected with these blackout. Why not just keep quite than kutishayinira ngati you stay in Malawi haven not earth.

    • Mr Kapito is a brainless individual who thinks insulting someone or any party can transform anything within his family/his party in this country.I have also learnt with shock to hear him referring this person to a poor farming instead. Aaaaaa thanx for taking innocent poor farmers to such lower level.May God make you more poorer than those poor farmers living in our villages.

    • So you think you can court me with those silly sentiments? I can smell immaturity in you because instead of banging heads together to adress the so called problems,you,through stiupidity,foolishness,and indeed lack of direction,are there insulting Peter, I totally disagree with that.And then a disgrunted mcp idiot says farmers are poor, Eish,we have commercial farmers who can employ you.The point here is: Open up! oh sleeping Mcp, PETER is here to take Malawi to greater heights.

    • Who said farmers are poor, honestly you can’t lecture me on how development goes. Your way behind. Take it or leave it peter is a failure and a huge disgrace to human kind and more especially as a malawian leader . He obviously has that chicken brain like yours. Your comments are out of the point and your wasting my time. I rest my case

    • Matias Kapito is a DPP cadet. He apply blue paint all over his body. Akudyera momo mu dhiphiphi magetsi. His brain is on his ass. This is a type that when it was MCP they were there. We came to UDF they were dancing too. Come PP he was there, Now Dhiphiphi he is there. He don’t see any difference. Putting a tie on so that we think he has a top rank. Go to his profile that’s where you will see that this is misala

    • Some ppo have to undergo mental test and get medication to reason and see the plight of Malawians due to maladministration accelerated by this wat they call DPP.

    • Sothini, Michael and Brighton,dont cheat yourselves that you have a knowhow.If some misguided fools clap hands for the crazy and ignorantic comments,dont think that all Malawians can dance to the same tune,NO! and big NO for that matter.Mcp has nothing to offer for Malawians. It failed to develop Malawi during 31 years cruelst rule which was marred by killings,abductions,adultery just to mention but a few.You cant tell any new thing about Mcp,the Party for idiots,and worse still is being led by a rejected senseless man, shaa! not in Malawi.Go round the world and look for fools to vote for Chakwera,but as for Malawians are so clever

    • Keep wasting your time and praising Peter. Its non of my business. But the fact remains,you must grow up and start acting like it. I wonder how is that company your working with still have you as an employee. You can’t contribute anything meaningful to the nationa.

  23. If you are on top of mountain don’t throw stones people who are down the mountain because if you fall you will need them. Good example Dr Bakili Muluzi was shouting opposition and the people betrayed him are the one he endorsed into power. Yes vote will decide but is it going to be fair and transparent. Instead of insulting , campaigning and bad mouthing why not prove yourself and people will decide by your acts. This kind of leadership will only affect ordinary citizens. As they keep insulting and fighting each other, time is moving. I feel for my country. Voted in just to keep campaigning day by day.

  24. Big man atangomva kuti mawa bill ya ma reform eeee anangoyitana ma mp a oposition ku statehouse aliyense kumfumbatitsa kuti akakane :/ma reform,mmm zitha ziphuphudi

  25. That is the problem of africa opposition leaders. Talking too much but for election are collaps. We seen in kenya uganda tz angola, zambia madagascar. This shows how u fail already:D and u ll say this election was not fair.

  26. Achitsilu awa ali busy kukamba za 2019 bwanji osamakamba za magetsi kuti makampani azigwila ntchito tikufuna cament malata sakupezeka chifukwa cha vuto lamagesi pano cement akudula zedi koma mbuzi iwe uli busy kukamba zopusa if u know kuti kupanga zofuna anthu ndiye ukuchita matha MDI zichiyani mbuzi


    • Ineso sindikukhulupilira zoti pita angaluze ili ndi bodza mwina atasintha malamulo kapena kufa kapena kutula yekha atawina kupanda kuchitikapo mwa zomwe ndatchulazo pitala adzalamulilanso 5 years yake yosalayo musazivutise


    • Kaya ndi umphawi ndiye ukukanthani, vuto tilinalo amalawi ndi kudalila boma mmalo modalila Mulungu ndiye timawatenga atsogoleli ngati timilungu pano Mulungu anatifulatila. analamula KAMUZU wachabe. analamula MULUZI oipa achawa osaphunzila akufuna kulowetsa chislam mmalawi. pomwe chislam chinadza kale kale ndi namalenga. analamula professor BINGU ndiuja tinamumatcha amabungwe ama church kudana naye kumutsekela tsekela mopezela chuma mpaka munthu ndagona pano. anabwela mai JOICE BANDA, iii ng’ombe yaikazi siikoka ngolo mmai anachoka leloso ndi izi ndiye wabwino akakhale chakwela??? osamanyadila mwana wosabadwa ai.

  27. Peter is a man sent by God so chakwera must know he’s God rejected. .. satan was an angel of God but he misused verbs he became an enemy same is what happened to chakwera
    simngandiuze kut mulungu amataya mnthu oona mtima then chakwera nd damage bas

    Vivaaaaa Peter

  28. Tisamangokhalira kumamva za 2019 ife ayi we want actions on the ground tikufuna zitukuko mu ziko mwathu osati 2019 ngati ukupanga zitukuko sungamakhalire kumakamba za 2019 that means uli mantha mdala iwe zinthu zakuvuta basi.

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