PAC demos will have less support – Analyst


As the Public Affairs Committee (PAC) is regretting after being hoodwinked by government, a political analyst has said PAC will receive less support if it holds protests to express anger over the electoral reforms bills.

In solidarity, members of PAC joined by Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in Malawi set December 13 as the day to express disappointment over government’s delay to table the much talk electoral reforms bills in Malawi.

Churches in Malawi urged their followers to support PAC’s peaceful march to “reclaim the destiny” as per the theme of demonstration.

However, government disclosed that it will table electoral reforms bills forcing PAC to make U-turn on the march.

But when the bills were tabled in Parliament, they were rejected by lawmakers on government side.

The decision to have the peaceful demonstration cancelled frustrated many Malawians including Social commentator Onjezani Kenani who wrote on social media faulting PAC for the development.

“Look, now what is happening, the Malawi government has no intention, whatsoever to have the electoral reforms bills debated and voted in Parliament,” wrote Kenani.

Thindwa: The second call for people to demonstrate will have less support.

Now PAC has disclosed that it will go for the earlier plan to have the peaceful march to show disappointment with government.

But will the hype of demos be same with the earlier planned march?

Political Analyst Ernest Thindwa is of the view that the second call for people to demonstrate will have less support.

“The impact of mobilizing the masses to the streets will somehow have low turnout because am of the view that PAC has lost momentum,” said Thindwa.

He added that government’s decision to take the bills to Parliament was a political game to frustrate the tabling of the electoral reforms bills.

Government through leader of business Kondwani Nankhumwa described the development of rejecting the bills as “maturity to democracy”.



  1. There z no way a Pac zzwakhudza za ndale vuto lawo nd chan iwowo apange za m church bas nde mbali yawo sanalumbilitsidwe kuzatsutsa boma koma preaching thax their duty

  2. Ooooh apa zangooneselatu kuti iwo amafuna awine bill imeneyi, ndiye chifukwa chokuti aluza kukhale mademo? Olo mpira pamakhala oluza ndi owina, Oluza aja samapita kumademo iai,

  3. I am so happy that democracy is maturing. PAC may have had good intentions in bringing up this issue but I think they were wrong to try to push parliament and gvt to vote for the 50+1 legislation. The masses do not know the meaning of this. Let PAC and other civil organizations educate us all about 50+1 electoral regislation so that we can overstand what it is all about. And we, the people and not PAC, can make our parlimentarians vote for it in parliament. PAC does not represent the people. Its is just a political watchdog comprising mostly of the clergy basi.

  4. A PAC Lindani mabondo! U r spiritual leaders and if u pray hard the Almighty Lord will still listen to you! After all wat you intended to do was for the good of many in Malawi

  5. Pac ngati sikonza mnyumba mwao, mmmmm it will keep on losing its value as it is now. Pac nthawi ya fr Tamani imamveka it was strong. It was issue based. Currently atsogoleri a pac makani kuuu safuna kumva za anthu…ayenera asinthe leadership. Atsogoleri monga fr mulomole avomereze kuti alephera. They are failing to join pac together nde angakonze mavuto athu. Nthawi zonse tipanga mademo ngati ana aku chanco or ku poly…izi zimaonesa kusakhwima mitu. Vuto anthu timawaononga tokha, we praise them much

  6. PAC-PAC-PAC-PAC,why are you forcing for 50+1? For sure PAC is behind a political party..If you want bills to pass,Join live politics.Choose your representative to contest for 2019 elections..This is only way for you to pass bills..Always talking about demostrations..If we are demostrating next week,Kodi banja lanunso mudzalitenga kuti ku ma demos kuti chotigwera chikatigwele limodzi?? Mwachiziwikile banja lanu simumalitenga,mukungofuna kuphesa anthu za ziii!!! Sindinamvepo kuti wa PAC waphedwa ku demostration, only innocent people ndiomwe amafa..PAC-PAC-PAC

  7. Anyway it’s my country, koma masankho atati achitike lero ndngasowe omvotera coz ndmanyaka ontse olamula nd otsutsa omwe, agalu kuba muzasya liti?

  8. Pac knew what they were getting into when the cancelled the demos…right now, it’s a grouping that can’t be trusted to stick to their word.

  9. i think there is a sense in PAC’s decision only that dpp has politicise the issue anyway ‘ll see where are they going to get fund for the elections

    1. it is the PAC itself that is very problematic. they want to enforce the bill by urging the public and yet with the status of our democracy Malawi is not ready for this. If they demonstrate what next?1St PAC would have been will be the next move? their approach is poor. If they ented this they wouldhave started on grassroot level that is civic educating the public on issues of 50+1 then tabling to August house. But with the criteria they are using they are as if they are targeting on Peter and he will spit venom.Another point it was tabled and failed meaning its no longer needed by MPs so if they go and match for thr thing that ddnt pass dont you thing this will be law breaking and blood will follow?

  10. PAC simply wanted government to take the bills to parliament. Government duly oblidged abit under pressure. A motion to discuss the bills was rejected by parliamentarians. So if PAC wants to go back to the street who are they demonstrating against????
    Its crazy. The manner in which is conducting itself is strange and dubious.

  11. The Public Affairs Commitee made a grevous mistake when they cancelled the demos withous asking us. And we will not support them this time around.

  12. Chikondi chapamaso anthuwa amangopachilabe matumba awo okha kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklkk koma matumbawo sakuzazabe kaya azazaza liti kuti nafe tizatolele zotaikilazo kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkklkk

  13. I agree with Thindwa. But all this will happen due to ignorance of understanding of the issue! Many people don’t understand that those Bills were tampered with by DPP Thugs in government! Anyway, we are still in Nyasaland!

  14. tikapita Ku ndale zimayenda zowonongeka kale,zosakonzeka bwino bwino therefore mpingo ukasankha kulowelela ndale umasokonekela kwambili ndi mpingowo kuposa ndalezi because ndale mzoonongeka kale.PAC has lost its spiritual image and to my side I can’t call it PAC as public affairs committee but political affiliation council, (Sanhedrin)

  15. I think PAC has to register as one of the political parties in the country. Its no different from the the political parties we have.

    1. I really pity people who are easily misled and think by what the media has fed them. Such people will say something today and the next tomorrow. And mulipo ambiri.

  16. PAC is foolish than foolish itself. Bible says” za kaisara kwa kaisara ,za Mulungu kwa Mulungu” koma iwo akufuna za Mulungu zipiteso kwa kaisara!!. andikumbutsa poem ya” poor Ackim ,sat on the fire” kkkkkkkmm

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