Muslim youths attack MAM


Muslim youths have faulted the leadership of Muslim Association of Malawi (MAM) for snubbing electoral reforms bills protest organised by Public Affairs Committee (PAC).

On Sunday, MAM urged the Muslim community in Malawi not to participate in the peaceful march organized by PAC saying the demos were against Islamic teaching.

Muslims Malawi
Muslim youths unhappy with MAM’s decision. (File)

MAM further faulted PAC for mobilizing religious bodies to take part in the demonstration saying dialogue could have been the best way to go by on the issue of electoral reforms bills in the country.

But Muslim youths from Chancellor College have faulted their mother body MAM for not taking part in the demos.

In a statement signed by patriotic Muslim youth Sylvester Ayuba James and spokesperson for Chancellor College Muslim Students Association (CHAMSA) Allie Jaffali, the students have supported PAC’s decision to demonstrate over government’s delay to table the bills.

“Although MAM quotes Qur’an 4 v 59 in discouraging Muslims from participating in the coming demonstrations and advising them to refer political disputes to “Allah and the Messenger”, the quoted provision is used out of context because the current dispute does not arise within the context of religion (to which the verse applies).

“It is a purely political dispute whose solution is equally political and, in the case at hand, the solution lies mainly in the peaceful exercise of constitutionally guaranteed rights and freedoms by the citizens, including Muslim citizens,” reads part of the statement.

The students further quoted the Qur’an verse that urges Muslims to participate on matters of public interest.

“In Qur’an 11 v 13, Allah says that, He, verily, does not take away a calamity that befalls a people until the people take effort on their own to deal with the situation,” the statement reads further.

The students have since urged fellow Muslims to “actively” participate in the demos scheduled on Wednesday.




  1. So the Students understand Quaran better than this called Chabulika? He quoted a wrong verse and the Students quoted the correct verse kkkkkk! Chabulika Umphawi kukonda masikono a Peter! What is Chabulika to fault PAC? Shame on you wherever you are!

    1. Ife ngat tili zigawenga nde tibwera tithane nawe basi nanga zina la uchigawenga lingokhala osaoneka ntchito yake tikubwera tithane nawe basi

  2. Sheik Dinala chabulika remains intelligent leader in islamic community…i respect him for not doing out of anger or emotions…he is a peace lover corresponding to islamic teachings…beolove Chabulika

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