Japanese national robbed in bus


A Japanese national who works as a nurse in Malawi was on Sunday robbed of a laptop bag containing cash and items worth K2 million when she was travelling from Blantyre to Lilongwe.

The victim has been identified as Yoko Yamamoto, 40. The bag contained a laptop, hard disk, two credit cards, international driving licence, visa card, a fully booked air ticket from Lilongwe to Japan, $1000 and K400,000, all amounting to K2,075,800.

MchinjiThe incident took place on Sunday morning at Ntcheu filling station as Yamamoto was travelling in a 42 seater AXA coach registration number NU 8734 from Blantyre to Lilongwe on her way to Mzimba where she works as a nurse at Mzimba district hospital.

The bus stopped at the said place for a breather a development which provided an opportunity for the criminal to steal the bag when the owner forgot and left it inside the bus.

Soon after Yamamoto realised the missing of the bag, the passengers were counted and it was discovered that one of the passengers was missing.

While confirming the development, Ntcheu Police Spokesperson Hastings Chigalu said people travelling along the M1 road should avoid placing too much trust in people they are travelling with.

Chigalu noted that stealing fellow passengers’ luggage has lately been a habit among passengers travelling through the M1 route.

“Ntcheu as one of the districts along the district has lately been experiencing these cases. Police is reminding passengers that they should make sure that their luggage is safe and secure. Whatever circumstances may be they should not over trust a person just because they are sharing a seat with them.

“Never reveal to anyone what is contained in your travelling bags because people become tempted to steal from you. Always be cautious with the one you are sharing a seat with,” he said.

He also advised bus owners to put in place security measures in order to ensure that cases of the vice should be properly checked.

80 thoughts on “Japanese national robbed in bus

  1. A lot of regrettable comments!
    Such conduct discourages investors as security dwindles everyday. FYI the Japanese are one of the most honest folks on this planet and she may have assumed that she is as safe as they are in their country.

  2. Mbava zili paliponse…..nane pamene ndikunena pano kunabwera wakuba wamfuti ku shop kwanga kuno ku jozi.ndiye nawonso adziona mbonawona kwathuko

  3. We love Malawi because of reputation of safety and security. I left SA and came to Malawi because of that . We don’t want to see malawi to be like SA.

    1. Malawl ls a safe country brother, that cant happen here. Feel free, you should also be a klnd person nt a cruel one wlth that you’ll enjoy thls warm heart of afrlca.

  4. Mbuzi a Malawi24 zinazi bwezi mukumabisako apa olo kungolemba mchiyankhulo chathu bwanji kapena kufuna kuti akutameni mukuganiza kuti akamva achina nakamulawo ziwasangalatsa

  5. Please ignore these racist comments. Japanese are doing so much good for Malawi. From building solar power projects. Village produce projects and the new airport, we appreciate your hard work to help make Malawi a better place for everyone. We hope that the police bring these criminals to justice and your property returned as should be no matter who is robbed. Please keep up your good work. We greatly appreciate your assistance.

  6. once upon a time there was a kingdom nyasaland headed by the prince of thieves,ministers thieves and citizens pickpotters.

  7. That’s how they robbed the Africans not regretting. Return her travel documents and let others be so that when she heard of Africa next time, she use a common sense

  8. Sorry next tym don’t travel with such amount,this is how they do(mbavazo) they smell like dogs to hunt for cash

  9. If it were a local citizen loosing such worthy, were you still to put on social media for anyone having info regarding the same to report to nearest police as is the case here??? Its worthy while to announce but dont do favouritism on practicing this. Its our motherland we deserve the best.

  10. Are you reporting this because she’s Japanese Malawians are being robbed almost everyday yet your mute. Nothing special with this foreigner please.

  11. Nde apolice aigwila mbava yomwe yabela mulendoyo? Kukwela bus ndikubeledwamo ulendo wautali ngat umenewo mpakana kufika mu lilongwe okubayo osamuziwai nde kumati tili ndi apolice? Malodibuloko onse ma officers anali ku tchuthi?

  12. These people have robbed us enough this is pay back time,zisamakomere mbuzi kugunda Garu,galu akabwezera mkumati wamisala iphani.

  13. Amalawi kujijilika ndi azungu koma akanakhala nakude ngati ine sizikananunkha kanthu nde palibe kanthu wabayo waitha

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