Mia should not divide MCP – Chakwera

Lazarous Chakwera

The coming in of Sidik Mia into Malawi’s oldest party, opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP), seems to still be a subject of discussion.

MCP president Lazarus Chakwera has said the party’s move to rope in political heavyweight Sidik Mia should not divide the MCP.

Malawi Congress Party
Chakwera addressing the media

Chakwera made the remarks at a press briefing the party held in Lilongwe.

The briefing was aimed at announcing that Secretary General of the Gustav Kaliwo and other members have been welcomed back into the MCP National Executive Committee (NEC).

At the briefing, Chakwera called for calm in the MCP saying the fact that Mia and others have joined the party should not sow divisions in the party.

The MCP president called on members to be united so that the party should reposition itself ahead of the general elections in 2019.

On convention, Chakwera said a management meeting will be held to decide on convention.

On Friday the party held a meeting where they agreed to reinstitute the NEC members who were elected at the 2013 convention.

“The Malawi Congress Party is pleased to announce the following five NEC members elected at the 2013 party convention and the Secretary General duly appointed in accordance with the party constitution; First Deputy President (Richard Msowoya), deputy president (Macdonald Lombola), Secretary General (Gustavo Kaliwo), Treasure General (Tony Kandiero) and deputy SG (Chatonda Kaunda).

“The meeting accepted that there are divisions in the party but agreed that the unity of the party is of paramount importance.

Therefore, as the party we must advance on the basis of that unity. The meeting resolved that going forward NEC members, office bearers and party members must abide by the MCP constitution,” reads the statement to media signed by Chakwera and Kaliwo.





  1. Too little and too late. Why did you fire them in the first place?

  2. Thus true Mia doesnt make MCP to be divided bt to make it be strong on southern party as we can see during by-lectin. MCP beat DPP though Laurence Msitolo belong oppositin.

  3. A 24 ndinu abodza mumadana ndi MCP ngati kuli chipani chimene chikubweretsa MW wakale mmodzi wosaona mbali ndi MCP!

  4. Sorry malawian u always make mistake u think if someone is very rich or fame u think is also good to be aleader no madoda it doesn’t work like that someone’s fame or riches can’t change malawi but wisdom is it true that the coming of mia in MCP can cause change of positions aaa big NO malawian wakeup

  5. The party was already devided amangwetu where do you get these unconfirmed reports amangwetu?? Mia wasnt there when Kaliwo and others sort for convention?? So who is deviding who here MW24?

  6. Kodi inu a mcp akalemba zokhudzana ndi MCP mati walemba zabodza tinene kuti inu ndi angwiro vuto lozolowera kuti kutsutsa ndi limenelo ndi bwino zina kumavomereza muzachita manyazi. Mutaluzanso

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