Youthful entrepreneurs opting for electronic book selling


Malawi’s youthful entrepreneurs are adapting to technological evolution as driven by epochs, in the quest to reach their market.

With the coming of electronic systems of selling books, business oriented authors have fallen in love with the means.

Mobile-PhoneIt is clear that production of hard copies is declining, especially among youthful entrepreneurs.

In Malawi, a country which is argued to be disassociated from reading culture, production of hard copies is considered a gamble.

In an interview with Malawi24 on Saturday, Trevor Milanzi author of an entrepreneurship book titled “What Business” said there are a number of reasons as to why people opt for electronic means.

“Firstly it’s an issue of audience. When you realize that there is only 7% of Internet penetration rate in Malawi, it is easier to correlate that these are also the people likely to read and have the money to buy as they are the privileged few. So if your audience is those who are able to read and write then most likely you will focus on where they are found, online,” he said

He added that people prefer different electronic means of accessing information.

“Secondly, electronic is in many forms, from Android based Book applications, epub and the like. But goes back to how people adapt to different technologies.”

Milanzi emphasized on the capital factor as a major determinant in book writers’ option of digital means.

“Thirdly it’s an issue of capital to produce hard copies. You will be lucky if you get a publisher willing to invest in your book. Otherwise if it’s not a book in the syllabus then likelihood of finding a publisher is low.”

In advanced countries, books are produced both electronically and in hard copies due to availability of resources. It is also an ideal way of reaching many since those without electronic gadgets and access to the internet access information through hard copies.