Lucius Banda in dilemma over 2019 elections

Lucius Banda

United Democratic Front (UDF) Member of Parliament for Balaka North Lucius Banda, popularly known as soldier in music circles, has said he is in a dilemma over 2019 polls.

Lucius said he is unsure on whether to represent the UDF party in his constituency in the forthcoming 2019 tripartite elections.

Lucius Banda
Lucius Banda: In dilemma

Banda made the revelation in an interview with Malawi24 while reacting to questions about his future as UDF is in alliance with the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), a coalition he has always been hostile to.

The DPP-UDF alliance came into existence after DPP’s Peter Mutharika won the 2014 elections, a win which saw his UDF counterpart Atupele Muluzi appointed cabinet minister.

“I am in an awkward situation, it’s not only me but also other members because in elections we need to know exactly where we will be. So these are the issues we are struggling with now seeing the way forward. But I would love Atupele to run as President for UDF and I would love to run as a Member of Parliament.” he said.

The parliamentarian dispelled rumours which are circulating on social media that he wants to join the main opposition party Malawi Congress (MCP).

He said he is a UDF diehard and will continue fighting for the party’s survival.

“I have not joined MCP and have no plans to join the party. Am still in UDF and I am still fighting for our party not to die,” he explained.

Recently UDF General Secretary Kandie Padambo told the local media “the party is intact and ready to contest in the next general elections slated for May 2019.”

Muluzi also told the media that he is in the DPP led government to assist government in developing the country.

61 thoughts on “Lucius Banda in dilemma over 2019 elections

  1. I’m guessing, Mr Banda need to join the party that have a future, a willingness of success . I used to love UDF as my beloved political party. But it sounds so cold like it never been before, now is just two years to come but we still get confused. Mr join parties that know what they wants.

  2. munthu ameneyi anasala kudya munthawi yomwe amafuna kumuyika bingu pampando atawina anamuonetsa zowawa chifukwa chochikonda chipan kamaso dziko lake anamuponya ku jele koma mulungu wazatheka bwanji anamuchosa kumeneko ndikumuyikaso pampando tsono nthawi ino ndiyabwino mulolen amuke anthu sanamuotele kamba ka udf koma kumukonda iyeyo ndintchito mot ngakhale wina atapita kukayimila udf kumeneko Banda ndipo adzawina ndimavot ochuluka yeselan muone

  3. yu have been my soldier cc the don of maltiparty.mulibe dyera ngat atupele u have fought and u r still.doing that mumatiyimilira. Bwana join mcp

  4. musaiwale kuti munthuyu amanena zoona wanenapo sizatenganso boma sizalamulilanso malawi nde achikowa sangalowe M C P ndi cholinga kuzasogolela malawi muiwale

  5. Soldier can not be in dilemma, munthuyu ndi katundu omanga ndi MAWAYA.Which party in this country can deny him? Let UDF make a mistake of dropping him! Adzamulira,soldier welcome to the mighty MCP.

  6. just quit politics to avoid dilema kuimba inu,ndale inuso?who gonna compoz gud song return to yo career which made u to be popular.Kkkkkkkk lucius

  7. I understand, coz his party is letting him down.Things are not adding up in his party and what is happening with three parties namely, DPP, UDF and PP.

  8. Malawi 24.your story is in complete.. How are we going to comment?improve please.. You need to make proper research before posting

  9. It is better for Lucius to stand as an independent candidate because people have lost some trust in UDF. However, he needs to consult the grassroots first. If not an independent then let him stand on MCP ticket because he is a man of integrity and currently it is MCP that has shown some integrity

  10. 😀 😀 😀 amangodziwa kuyimba awa. Tere parliament yayambikayi samveka olo. Next time azayimbe nyimbo yopereka ma Solutions osamangoona zofooka za ena.

  11. Honorable Lucius Banda its better you contest the forth coming elections as an independent MP or join the MCP. At least you can keep your integrity . But if you continue with the UDF you will lose your integrity. Look at Msonda , the man has lost all the respect people had for him after joining the DPP. Intergrity ndi chuma my bro.

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