Zomba leads in sanitation


In a move to make Zomba a clean city, the council has proposed bylaws that will guide it to ensure Zomba stands out on sanitation.

This was disclosed during a training organised by the Association of Environmental Journalists (AEJ) in Lilongwe. Zomba

Public Relations Officer for Zomba City Council, Mercy Chaluma said the council refuse and rubbish bylaws that are to be put in place, will ensure general cleanliness, among people in the city.

Chaluma explained further that the bylaws are being formed from  Policy frameworks: MPHA 34.01, Hygiene and Sanitation Promotion Bill (2015), EMA (2006) and LGA (1996) and the Malawi Constitution which has guiding principles like Community Participation and Ownership, PPP (Polluters Pay Principles) and  PPP (Public Private Partnership), and Reduce, Reuse, Recycle (RRR).

“There are exclusions on disposal of refuse in undesignated places: storm drains, roadsides, rivers/stream, open spaces, open defecation, littering and urinating and failure to provide adequate refuse receptacles and there are penalties that follow if one fails to adhere,” she said.

She added that if residents are to be found  dumping wastes in public spaces, they are to be charged an amount of K5, 000 and will be required to remove the garbage on the spot.

Those dumping industrial and garages’ wastes, are to be charged K50, 000 as penalty, and being ordered to remove whatever they disposed.

The bylaws are also to punish those who litter from moving vehicles in the city with a maximum charge of K1,000.

People found littering, urinating and defecating in public places are to be paying a fine of K1,000 and be required to remove faeces on the spot.



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