Zimbabwe: Mugabe appears in public

Mugabe(Middle): Today appeared in public.

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe today appeared in public for the first time since the military seized control.

The 93-year-old attended a graduation ceremony for Zimbabwe Open University on the outskirts of Harare.

It was not immediately clear if his wife Grace Mugabe also attended the event but his security detail was present.
According to the Associated Press, Mugabe walked slowly in a procession on a red carpet to a podium as a marching band played.

Dressed in academic gown and hat, he walked to the podium where he sang the national anthem together with all guests and later declared the graduation ceremony open.
Meanwhile, the Zimbabwe Defence Force said on Friday talks will continue for Mugabe’s exit.

The army took control on Wednesday after Mugabe last week sacked Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa to pave way for wife Grace.

71 thoughts on “Zimbabwe: Mugabe appears in public

  1. The aim was to remove Grace Mugabe not Robert Mugabe and the deal is done

  2. The day Mugabe dies and goes to hell, I will celebrate!!! Why do people call him a hero, he murdered missionaries, 30000 people in 1982 just because they were Ndebele, thousands of people just because they were white, starves his nation of food, made 500000 people homeless in 2008. He is a classic banana Republic dictator who lived in luxury at the expense of his people. And a typical communist, makes you and me fight each other over skin colour and racism while he steals from all of us. Did you really believe he took white owned farmland for the black people??? He took it for himself and used you. Just like Martin Luther King, and Nelson Mandela – make a race war in public but the goal was always communism. Martin and Nelson didn’t care about black people, Nelson even loved murdering them and killed way more than the mzungu ever could.

  3. Aailikali awonesa moyo oyipa ntchito anawalemba yekha anali okanda nthawi yaazungu lelo ayamba kuona patali ndikumuukila zausilubasi kodi mesa president amakhala ndiomuteteza? Nde omutetezawoso nkumuukulaso mmmmmmmmmh

  4. At 93…still taking risks?if i compare with our own grannies here in their 80s failing to control themselves even making decisions…what more with this motor? Is it a cartoon country?

  5. Basi nkhani yatha. Sinali coup after all. Tere ka pulofeti kaku Nigeria kaja kambwitanso kkkkk onse amene are fake including ka ECG kaja. Zotere samayerekeza kuopa kuyaluka msanga kkkk

    1. They are moving him nowhere. Mugabe still the president. And report says students cheered him. The army said indeed it was not a coup, remember?

    2. I am Malawian citizen. keep Quiet don’t worry Dr Banda was a founder he build sanjika but he was removed to mudi house and he was sick and he was forced to go to the court to attend his Case Bwampini is simple nothing he has done new.


  7. Let Him Rull Untill God Call His Soul,walakwanji Mpaka Kumuukira?97yrs Old And 37yrs Rulling Its Nt Enoung For Him Comparing The Way He Did In Past,respect 2u Mugabe Siloot

  8. Take care General now its ur turn to be arrested,the game u played here in Mw we call it ndado.No favour in politics or never look back when doing something which will give positive results @ the end.

    1. Nothing is going to happen. The General, Nangagwa and Mugabe are best of friends. Anayamba the struggle together. It was not a coup indeed, amangofuna kuchotsa Grace out of the way and zatheka.

    2. Alright Leroi but this guy have done his part its good to resign peacefully than this but all in all he z a true son of Africa.

  9. Ulemu wanu munthu wamkulu inu munaligwiritsa dziko la Zimbabwe ndipo simumalora azungu kuti akupusitseni, I’m giving you mall respect

  10. Mugabe is a respected man what he should do is to give a chance new blood to rule the country. Zomangokakamila mu ofesi ayi. Enafenso tipezeko mwayi wantchito

  11. Munthu uyu wadyerera pa ziko lake koma ndimume zili kuli bwino apume kusiyana ndikufa chifukwa cha uchikulire komaso chisamaliro. Apume mwantendere kuti mawa amusamale anthu kuzimbabwe chifukwa kwakukulu anamenya khondo ya mutundu wake

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