Zimbabwe: Emmerson Mnangagwa is interim president, Mugabe detained


Dismissed former Zimbabwean Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa, has landed at Manyame Airforce Base to take control of the country’s government while President Robert Mugabe has been detained on what the army has described as a “bloodless transition of power”.

There are also unconfirmed reports that 93-year-old is under house arrest together with his wife Grace and other members of his close political circle.

Emmerson Mnangagwa
Mnangagwa: Appointed interim president

For decades general  Mnangagwa, known as the Crocodile, was at President Mugabe of Zimbabwe’s side, an ally who was relied on to do the dirty work and was described as the one person more feared than his boss.

After clashing with Mr Mugabe’s wife, Grace, the vice-president was accused of treachery and sacked. But he managed to get the backing of the opposition and the army.

Tuesday afternoon, armoured vehicles were spotted in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare a day after the army commander, General Constantino Chiwenga, threatened to step in to resolve the political tensions in the ruling ZANU-PF following Mnangagwa’s sacking.

His sacking has been interpreted as Mugabe’s way paving the way for his wife, Grace, to succeed him.

Mnangagwa, who enjoyed the backing of the military and is known as the “crocodile” because of his perceived shrewdness, fled the country.

Grace Mugabe
Under house arrest: Mugabe and his wife

On Monday, General Chiwenga warned that the military would not hesitate to step in to end purges against former liberation war fighters.

“We must remind those behind the current treacherous shenanigans that, when it comes to matters of protecting our revolution, the military will not hesitate to step in,” said the General.

He added: “The current purging  targeting members of the party with a liberation background must stop forthwith.”

ZANU-PF responded by accusing the commander of “treasonable conduct intended to disturb national peace and incite insurrection”.

While many discussions expressed concern about the military starting to intervene in Zimbabwe’s politics and whether the army’s chief’s actions were unconstitutional, there are some who suggest this might be the only way Mugabe can be deposed.



  1. Robert Mgabe where ever you are know that your time is over Mpaka Zaka 93 Yrs Iweyo Wakalamba Ukanangopuma Mwantendele Koma Mwano Ndiye Wakumana Ndi Nkhwaninkhwani Akulanda Boma Shame On You

  2. Zimbabweans are not fools. They have been fighting this dictatorship for almost 20 yrs and finally the answer has come. Remeber at some point the archbishop of Cantabery said Zimbabweans must be saluted for their resilience. Even the army is discplined. We have been patient with each other until everyone sees the plain truth and speak with one voice. Well done to the army for taking sides with the people and not the dictator. According to Michael Quintana the Zimbabwean army is the most disciplined army on the continent.

  3. Paja atsogoleri amu Africa amafunika kuwatero ndi agologolo pa mtengo too much amafuna kuti mpaka achotsedwe pa mpando mwamanyazi ngati waku Ivory coast anampeza atangovala vest uja kwasala M7 waku Uganda

  4. Zimbabwe has shown the continent good example good and with bloodless transition of power, this proves the peace which is existing within the country, no one is to be blamed everything has ending point of no return, it’s good to accept for the better future.

  5. Its what normally happens when a leader think a repblic is a village.mgabe was supposed to deligate long time ago lik what Mandela did in SA.

  6. i hate mugabe and if i may given a chance,i can follow the footsteps of mr Nelson Mandela.so pathetic that the innocent citizens will shed blood if the chaos continue.GOd,may u bring peace in ZIM.

    1. Follow the politics do not listen to fake news.yes mugabe hes old.the situation which the zimbabweans are facing right now.are caused by the whites.underground.coz the always wants to pork their nose into Africa.while thy have there on problems to deal with.they took all our resources by pretending as they are helping africa.now africa is poor nd they are controlling by using opposition parties.mugabe did not allow that. The sanctioned him. I feel for him.him and gadafi are the only true sons of africa.

    2. mr mussa,i think the apathaid rule gone some years ago but mugabe z some how crazy because all these chaos protrude because of his politacal leadership & the way he is governing the republic of zimbabwe now.

  7. But why is acertain radio station is silent of these important developments?may be they are sleeping on their jobs!hahahaha!wind of change in africa,zinayambanso chonchi kwa aluya,

  8. Good job to the soldiers the old man must go and accept that he need a break and people will respect him just like Dr kamuzu Banda, Nelson Mandela etc

  9. Kuyambila ndili mmimba mwamayi anga xina la Mugabe ku Zimu ndimalinva mpaka lelo kodi kuzimu kumeneku kulibe ophunzila oti angalamulile? Awa anali ena mwamafuso lelo sopano ndaziwa

  10. We don’t need coups in Africa. The military must give back power to Mugabe. I don’t support getting power through the back door

  11. In 2019 Malawi will follow bcoz we got a former president who makes people like stupid. He always rush to Kamuzu Stadium early in the morning to witness the ceremony of taking an oarth of a president who is illegally win the election. Our so called judges who take part in these ceremonies must bear in mind that we re watching them, one day they will regret bcoz of ziphuphu zimene amalandirazo will take them to task.

  12. Good move, but fellow comentaters Mugabe is not smart persay, he was not forced to be surrounded by thieves but voluntalily he appointed them. He is only genius when he is making speech and after that he is dicitator!

  13. i salute men in uniform 4 acting professonaly,no blood shed pliz,but if gogo mugabe resist with force.There Is RULE OF ENGAGEMENT SIR.

  14. i salute men in uniform 4 acting professonaly,no blood shed pliz,but if gogo mugabe resist with force.There Is RULE OF ENGAGEMENT SIR.

  15. yeah its point of war,bcoz lite now TV and Radio stations r in-hands of soilders..i wonder Mgabe if these stations wil handed over to owner.

  16. Solidality is what we need in Africa , No more fight , but only prayers for hope and Jesus will be the driver!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Kuno nako tipanga zomwezo like mbombing mgabe. Peter mnthalinga azanyongedya after loosing election 2019 wose ndinkhamba

  18. That’s a the fruits of staying longer time on seat…you may not realize that people surrounding you are just using over your shoulder to the fruits.. once they got what they wanted they disappear in thin air.

  19. the transition should create a period to elections without interference on constitution,this can be an advantage to opposition to take power and end the long period of zanu pf rule

    1. we can’t have them in Malawi because we are not under dictatorship ruling,, if we found fools in our president we are free to knock him off… so I think should not affect us this much, let’s keep our eyes on our next election

    2. @ Chiso Spenser, you don’t have to conclude about that yet. African politics are the same, dictatorship is the order of the day in Africa. If you read along the lines, you haven’t been content with all the Leaders that you had, as a nation. So tell me, where are you heading?

    3. vic I was on that point, that says we are learning through our neighbouring country zimbabwe how we can handle our things too… and my question was are same with them interms of ruling??? in Malawi there democracy that gives us an opportunity to vote for our favorite president but in zimbabwe its more like dictatership ruling, since 1980 their president was mugabe til now so do you think here in Malawi we can have those things??? its jus 5 years ruling here… forsure I conclude t kut we can’t have those things here let’s focus on our blackout issue

    1. Amos Kaima ! U are live in Zimbabwe what is going on now? Can u please update us with real facts from the ground.

    2. The foolish military.
      Just like ya dziko linalake.
      Where were they all these years of Zimbabweans suffering?

      And it very stupid to be praising the fired VP (Emerson). He should be a good person today just because he fell out out Mugabe’s grace?

  20. Hope its peaceful and democracy.let zimbabwe be accepted by the world and progress and better life returns to this great country

  21. Admin tonse tikutsatira zomwe zikuchitika ku Zim n mwa ena azizathu alikonko palibe amene walowa mmalo mwa Mugabe komanso mkulu wasilikali wankhula momveka bwino Kuti*this is nt d war of takeover power*

    1. Which University teaches experience esp in politics! If there is non,then no one practicing politics today is qualified to do so.

    2. So young ones wait for somebody’s sweat no ways they are weak and cowards Musiyeni abvale nguwo yamkwana he has sweated for eat no easy take over



  23. Zimbabweans will pay dearly for the mess they r creating now… When an old man decides to keep quite when big things r happening… THINK TWICE.

    1. We don’t have idiots people in Malawi like him, that idiot must resign from being a President of Zimbabwe please!!

    1. aaasa what? yu cant compare gadaf and mugabe zimbabwe moved from hero to zero no one will mc mugabe he was a hero for bringing independence. but he did not follow whtt nelson mandera did ….zimbabwe has been rescued

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