Malawi monitoring situation in Zimbabwe

Malawi has refused to comment on events in Zimbabwe saying government is still monitoring the situation.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Emmanuel Fabiano has told the local media that government is closely watching the situation in Zimbabwe where the military has detained 93-year-old president Robert Mugabe.

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Fabiano says govt is closely watching the situation.

Fabiano said Malawi is still gathering information on the issue and will comment at an appropriate time.

The army has taken control in Zimbabwe and has installed sacked vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa as the country’s interim leader in what the army has described as a “bloodless transition of power”.

Mnangagwa was sacked recently to pave the way for First Lady Grace Mugabe to take over from her husband, a move that did not please the military.

The army warned on Monday, following Mnagangwa’s sacking, that it would not hesitate to step in to end purges against former liberation war fighters.

Meanwhile, unconfirmed reports indicate that Grace Mugabe might have fled to Namibia where she is seeking protection while other reports claim she is still under house arrest together with her husband.

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  1. Instead of monitoring your problem busy monitoring the neighbours ‘s problem Zimbabwean will solve the problem themselves

  2. Kumalawi guys musazinamize kuti izi zingachitike coz tikangoti tipange demo simotikutumula mmenemo ndiusi okhesa misozi mmenemo iiiiiiiiii

  3. Next! Is Yoweli museveni, then Uhuru Kenyatta then nkhalamba yathui!

  4. Where is our soldiers to do the same to mutharika? This is a good example in Africa

  5. No one will last forever on earth, the sad end of Mugabe has come. Mandela had a passion for the nation of South Africa and Mugabe has passion for his family. Good bye Mugabe for your trusted friends have turned against you. You will rise no more. The prison you feared most shall be your new home now. All the wrongs that you did will all be remembered now. God bless Zimbabwe

  6. When I heard that the Commander of Zimbabwe Defence Force is General Chiwenga, I thought the name sounds Malawian ! Why is he doing such a commendable job in a foreign country?

    1. Do not read it literally. Understand the hidden, unwritten meaning.

      I will give you a clue.
      Do you know how painful it is when you you have been praying for Malawi but God answers your prayers in Zimbabwe?

  7. This will happen our country Malawi too peter u are one u waiting this Zimbabwe situation bcs u r doing the same what Mugabe doing too .its fine bcs our police full of stupid chit manye amuthu

  8. Like how they were monitoring the bloodsuckers thing and innocent people being killed without doing anything. They are good at that. Monitoring.

  9. Zimbabwe is still far better off that poor nyasaland kaziko ngti chisoso koma Mlomwe akulephera kuti ayendese kkkkk within 2 yrs, the country is in shambles… lets also engage our military to remove this fake youngster pliz..

  10. I think the travelling Malawians Nation is waiting to hear from the minister of foreign affairs if it is safe for the Malawians to travel through Zimbabwe or to warn the citizens to wait for the time being.

  11. Monitoring zichani kuno mavuto ali phwiiiiii?.Asiyeni aku zimbabwe athana wokha wokha ife tiziganiza njira zothetsera vuto lamagetsi komanso mugabe nthawi yake inatha

  12. Amzanu ameneo Alanda dziko koma ife a Malawi dairly black out kumangolira mmimba chonsecho tili ndi asilikali mmbwee mndziko mwathumu ntchito komangolimbana ndiakazi aeni mmakwalalamu

  13. I’m a Zimbabwean commenting from Zimbabwe.The delegation that was sent by SADC chair South African president Jacob Zuma has been reportedly denied entry at the then Robert Mugabe airport.Reports says the heavily armed military uniformed unwelcoming soldiers that they should return to South Africa as Zimbabwe Defence Forces has got everything under control and Zimbabwe is no hurry to seek SADC or any foreign intervention at this moment and time…

    1. Malawi government should first deal with the killing of albinos,poverty,hunger and famine and blood suckers rather than sending troops to Zim we’re tired of Mugabe dynasty

    2. Thats fantastic and mature idea , No need for intervetion at this moment . Arutacontinhua Zimbabwe Army ,dont allow anybody to disturb you . You have taken a very good channel of protecting the lives of Zimbabwe citizen .

  14. Let Malawi solve its problems,leave Zimbabwe to sort out its problems,”yamba wachotsa chitsotso chomwe chili m’maso ako”.

  15. It non of our business let them solve their problem. We got electricity problem here and alot of problems in our country not those issue

  16. Malawi ndi dziko la mtendele kwambiri. Mulibemo ziwawa Koma Umbanda, Katangale ndi Ziphuphu ndizo nkhani zawo. Inu asilikali athu kodi ntcito yanu ndi chiyani pakuti palibe muchita inu olo nduna zibe ndalama za boma inu muli pheee!! Mungobema nyawupe … Kumangowonelera ANTHU akuba ndalama za amphawi za misonkho.. ntcito yanu ndi chiyani pakuti nkhondo kwathu kuno kulibe ndiye mumateteza chiyani inuyoo?… onani azanu momwe aphwetsera chubu chija ku zim pano ali kukamwa yasaaaa!!!! Ngati end of the world…

  17. Keep on monitoring blackouts here. Let Zimbabweans sort out their mess. Monitor bloodsuckers b4 you go to Zimbabwe

  18. Yes we’re monitoring the situation. If democracy is tampered with, we’ll engage. Meanwhile our warplanes are ready. We’re the superpower of this region. We can’t watch civil war in Zimbabwe.

  19. kwasala ku malawi..somebody is gonna run someday..Comrade under house arrest thas y malawian govt cant comment on this one..

  20. rguably the oldest president in the world, Robert Mugabe’s 37-year controversial leadership in Zimbabwe, spanning more than three decades has finally come to a dramatic end. The veteran leader and his wife Grace Mugabe were ‘taken into custody’ during an overnight military intervention speculated as a coup. The army seized control of the capital’s streets, major government offices and TV stations. According to several reports. Mugabe has been removed from power in a “bloodless transition” and axed vice president comrade E Mnagngawa will be brought back to become the President of ZANU PF in the interim “as per the constitution of our revolutionary organisation,” said the ruling party. Also Read: Has Mugabe Been Removed As Zim’s President? What We Know A Twitter account which supposedly belongs to the ruling party confirmed this. While it’s still unclear how a military coup could be reversed to a democratic government so easily, Zanu-PF, in a statement issued this morning, said: “Zimbabwe has not had a coup. There has been a decision to intervene because our constitution had been undermined.” The statement explained that the military intervened to purge the nation of “corrupt persons.” “There was no coup, only a bloodless transition which saw corrupt and crooked persons being arrested and an elderly man who had been taken advantage of by his wife being detained.”

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