Malawi Cashgate thief, Godfrey Dzanjalimodzi, jailed for 8 years


The High Court in Lilongwe has jailed contractor Godfrey Dzanjalimodzi to eight years for theft and money laundering K338million in connection with the cashgate scandal.

He had deposited into WG Construction, a company he co-owned, a cheque worth K18,672,508.80 on 30th April, 2013, K24,236,430.80 on 29th June 2013, K91,568,744.10 on 21st August 2013, K54,777,862.80 on 08th August,2013, K88,999,802.14 on 11th August 2013 and the last cheque he deposited was worth K78,654,259.65 on 23rd August 2013. He would then transfer the money into his personal account.

No more laughing: Dzanjalimodzi gets 8 years for cashgate

During court proceedings of the case, the State proved that Dzanjalimodzi was the only one who had the password to the electronic banking facility of the company’s account and did not entertain questions from fellow directors when they queried the unusual movements in the account.

Judge Ivy Kamanga, presiding over the case, had found Dzanjalimodzi guilty in January this year of both charges.

She added: “Going by his conduct with fellow directors, he was a willing participant in defrauding government. I am satisfied that WG Construction account was used to steal government money as appearing in the charge sheet and I find the accused guilty as charged.”

On the charge of money laundering, Kamanga said the act of banking the cheques in the company’s dormant bank account then transferring them into his personal account was an act of money laundering.

Justice Kamanga sentenced Dzanjalimodzi to serve to three years in prison for theft and five years for money laundering, to run consecutively, bringing the sentence to 8 years. He left the court crying uncontrollably.

He joins the list of other politicians, businesspersons and civil servants to be convicted and jailed on various charges related to the cashgate scandal.

Former Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Treza Namathanga Senzani (died in December last year) became the first convict sentenced out of the more than 50 people arrested in connection with the fracas.

Senzani was apprehended in 2013 having issued two Cheques to her own company, which according to police never had the provision of goods or services to the government.

Other convicts, former Assistant Accountant in the government Victor Sithole later joined her on the list.

Sithole was jailed for nine years having been found guilty of being found in possession of unexplained cash amounting to K112 million , $31 800 (about K13.6 million) and R122 400 (about K4.5 million) suspected to have been stolen from the public coffer.

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) Deputy Director of Youth Wyson Zinyemba Soko was then sent to prison for seven years. Soko was found in possession of MK40.9 million ($90 000), attained in corrupt ways.

The scandal saw donors withdrawing their support to Malawi amid similar revelations – this time led by civil servants where billions of kwachas went uncounted for in a scandal better known as Cashgate.



  1. One wonders how many lives were lost in hospitals due to lack of medication as a result of these merciless thugs. 8 years is too little

  2. Stupid!!!!!! kodi bwanji mumangokamba zakalekale Pangani zoti amalawi tisamaganize zoti tizipita kunja kwa dziko lino eish………. tagwira wakuti wakuti eeeeeee takweza zakuti eeeeee fwefwefwe mupeze ena owanamiza madolo osati anyamatafe timadziwa zomwe mumasewera ifenso tsiku lina tidzakupukutani kuti mudzamve momwe zimawawira

  3. Uli mweeee kusekelera.munthu mmodzi kuba 338 million chonchenso tilipo anthu 18million mmalo moti ugawe 1 million aliyense mkutikwanira yosalayo ukampanse mako ngati anafa ukamangile viliza kwanu.mmmmmm zaka 8 zachepanso anafunika life I imprisonment coz ndi mfiti uyu…..

  4. actually I didn’t read the post but I think the girl has no right to beat her boyfriend in public, may be they should report the case to village elders and if the neighbor refuse to pay his rent, they should just kill the landlord and forget about the missing car,

  5. Cashgate started way back with DPP A and I believe that people setup Joyce Banda so that she could be collateral damage….mean while the master minds are still roaming free..

  6. Zachepa.just to remind you these people are the ones who contributed greatly to miseries Malawi is in. If all the amount including 9.5 bn for chaponda, 568bn during late Bingu Mutharika just to mention but afew were invested in areas like Electricity all these blackouts would be history .I would love the likes of Joyce Banda,Chaponda, & all rotten 7 ministers being caught & face the arm of law.
    Malawi is lacking patriotic leaders people we entrust with end up being greedy & selfish
    See the current regime all what they know is abolition only..JCE abolished, Public university students allowance abolished, Govt bursaries in secondary schools abolished, old curriculum in both primary & sec schools abolished & introduced new one with no books or relevant materials. The point is to divert all the money used in such kinds of field into their pockets.
    Wake up My Mother Malawi idont feel good to see being classified as most poorest Nation on earth .yet we have everything water, educated elites,hardworking citizens, etc.
    My country eish.!!!

  7. When the big thief Joyce will be summoned to clear her name? They re catching small fishes only, where is the big fish Joyce? She’s spending all our tax money overseas and leave Malawi empty. Please, we want her in Malawi

    1. Do you have evidence that she stole money?If she stole,why is your Bwampini not arresting her?That’s bed time story!

    2. Why do you think the reason behind in her darking? She’s the big fish we re waiting to hear that she’s in jail.Ask those nearest to her, she will never come to Malawi as long as Malawi is under DPP regime.

    3. she has the right to stay anywhere she feels comfortable… otherwise aleken Amay apume .. stil remembering her tenure in office.. thy wasn’t persistent black out .


    1. Amatengera the degree of the crime. Wankhuku yo amakhala kuti wakonza chiwembu and mwina nkhuku yakoyo.inali imodzi thts y amapeleka zaka zambiri.

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