Vandalism cases on railway reduced


The Central East African Railways (CEAR) says sensitization campaigns on vandalism and encroachment have assisted in protecting its rail network from thieves.

CEAR Public Relations Officer Chisomo Mwamadi told the local media that in the past they were struggling with issues of vandalism but this has been reduced due to sensitization campaigns which the company has been conducting in the region.

Mwamadi: Vandalism has been reduced.

He added that railways materials were being vandalised by people near railways due to lack of awareness on the effects of the immoral behaviour.

In the past, people were stealing rails and selling them to steel manufacturers while other criminals were stealing wheat and fuel from trains passing through their areas along the Nacala Corridor.

According to Mwamadi, they have been receiving reports from members of the public about perpetrators involved in the act.

He said this has become possible with the help of the police who have been visiting the areas and conducting sensitization campaigns.

He explained that vandalism was costing them money as they had to repair damaged property.

Mwamadi said now due to the campaign people have realised the disadvantages of stealing the rails.