Bushiri endorses Mutharika: APM is greater than Bingu

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

…Major 1 wadya sikono and is seeking govt. favours – Analysts

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri says he would vote for the ruling Malawi President Peter Mutharika and the Democratic Progressive Party if elections were held today because APM is greater than his brother, Bingu wa Mutharika.

Bushiri, who made the remarks over the weekend in South Africa, said the younger Mutharika has done tremendous work for the country when compared with all the other people than have occupied Sanjika Palace.

Bushiri: APM is greater than Bingu

In turning the wrath on MCP, he said only managed to construct “a few tarmac roads” over its 31-year tenure.

“Peter is scoring more when compared with any other leader. Be it on the rule of law, press freedom, development and fiscal discipline, Peter Mutharika is winning. He is yet to arrest a person on political grounds” Bushiri eulogizing APM who been branded a pathological liar and the biggest failure that Malawi has ever had since independence by Leader of Opposition, Lazarus Chakwera.

In contrast, Bushiri assured Mutharika of his vote after listing what the prophet deemed were the younger Mutharika’s achievement,.

“If I am given chance to vote for president today in Malawi, I can vote for none other than Peter Mutharika because he is visionary, intelligent, wise and tolerant president Our beautiful country and motherland Malawi had ever had before”.

Our senior analyst, Williams Simango, branded Bushiri as cunning while warning President Mutharika against falling for the prophet’s tricks.

“Bushiri may have observed that he can’t win businesses in Malawi if he doesn’t side with the hands of power. Mutharika would indeed be daft if he fell for Bushiri’s eulogy” observed Simango.

Omega Malata, while agreeing with Simango, branded Bushiri a confused guy who “wants to be in good books with APM”.

The prophet and the current regime were, until this in bad books, accusing each other of witchhunting

Others observed that Bushiri wants to be picked



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  2. Zoti Amalawi tili pa moto kuno iye sakudziwa?Zoti tikugwila magobo kuno iye sakudziwa?.zoti tikumakhala 48 hrs black out eye Sakumva?.Zoti ma Busness kuno sakuyenda,iye sakudziwa?zoti mulimi kut alipile ana xul akumagulitsa chimaga chake chose sakudziwa Bushiriyo?.zoti zoti thumba la cment lafika k10000 kuchoka pa K5000.zoti Pita wabweletsa K2000 ndipo pano akufuna kubweletsa Chi K5000 sakumva Galu ameneyo?.Ndiye ngati iyeyo alimunthu wamzelu komaso munthu wamulungu angamati vote yake angapeleke Kwa satana Pitala?

  3. ndipo Yesu adatenga ndalama ya njawala kapena kuti ngwinjiri atafunsidwa ngati nkwabwino kukhoma msokho,poyankha adati “kodi pa ndalamayi pali nkhope yayani?” ndipo amvekere “ya Kayesala!!!” ndipo iye adati ” zaKayesale mpatseni Kayesala ndipo za Chauta mpatseni Chauta”,chiphela mphongo osaphatikiza za ndale ndi zaChauta…asankhe mbali basi….

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  5. hey after ngozi zonse zija kupopedwa magazi mommo apa black out nde bushiri akuthokoza magaziwo o what????? owoooo kuvuta 2019 eish

  6. Political statement people say when one wants to get in good terms with the DPP government and have access to ESOM contracts.

  7. This puppet idiot,stupid bushy what ever,is trying to cement peoples face as he is trying to secretly organizing the underground movement pave to 2019 with his hule Joyce.

    That’s why this halfwit, cretin is coming with nonses starches just to cover people s face
    May you continue working to your demonic prophecy,
    You are rich, thanks we don’t miss you. devil

  8. Kkkkkkk akuti to work with the govt of the day forgetting procurement procedures kkkkkk patsanani adzakumangilani kumodzi bwana Chakwera

  9. Bushiri is a Malawian by nationality but based in S A, he don’t even know how Malawians are starving, has he forgotten the way he was treated when he wanted to assist pple who were affected by floods that time? That’s his opinion not for all Malawians.He said peter is better than his late brother, then y did he not list a number of things that makes the two to be different? Bushiri is a snake in the grass, there’s something behind these pple, had it been he was aware how Malawians are feeling about this current government he would not make such remarks.

  10. Kwathu kuno 3 dayz no magetsi and somebody comes and APM is a good president ..to hell with that Bushiri voting ideas ..He is living in foreign land kuthawa mavuto amwewa

    1. pali chomwe akutanthauza ameneyu zakumidima zawo!mmene malawi wafikapa nkumati alibwino?magetsi tikuyendera short time ngati hule laku bar!

  11. Misrepresentation of the story! He said if Peter continues doing what he is doing he will vote for him! He did not guarantee his vote for him! There is a condition.

  12. When we have the mind of Christ there’s no need to reward evil with evil. If your enemy ask for water give him because by so doing you are keeping a bulk of fire
    on his head. Vengeance is mine says the Lord. Let him endorse whom he want no matter how they have been treating.

  13. we don’t need talking blue…come home&serve the nation now..like Moses picked from basket… come,4good not just to spend a night.. but be a part of solution

  14. this is total nonsess.n who s bushili aftr all.peter is beter thn bngu.?seriously?? wadya banzi mnyamata ameneo.

  15. Zabodza he said we must appreciate if the president does good and also tell the president if what he is doing is bad cos Malawi belongs to us all and that we must stop pulling each other down instead we must support one another to develop our warm heart of africa (Malawi) . People like to exagerate things!

  16. Guys take it frm me,thats politics,like football managers they appriciate their opponets but with hidden agenda behind .mudzandiuza mawalino.

  17. Guys take it frm me,thats politics,like football managers they appriciate their opponets but with hidden agenda behind .mudzandiuza mawalino.

  18. Bushiri assist ua followers with solar panels windmills and coal for people around kaziwiziwi n I will kno dat u mean business.mesa anthu amat u got money invest in electricity egenco n Escom have failed.I ziz za praising leaders sizithandiza ataa ndalama zanuzo mubweretse monga inu munthu oyera tithawa Ku escom

  19. This z the way he see him,so people dont argue with him, you also see this one in different way plz wait 2019 thus when you will confirm the truth.

  20. Ndiye or utavota nde ungatani kunapenyatu kuno .osangotenga uzatengazo bwanji ife Mcp moto kuti buuuuu kuotcha dziwanda dzomwe

  21. What an ironically speech from a man of God! I guess Bushiri is there to cheat DPP groovers tidabwepo apa how can a man of God decide to join politics instead of preaching the gospel of creator telling his

  22. This is what we need. Peace and tolerance ,Malawi as warm heart of Africa we always have the spirit of understanding. Now I want to propose to what man of God has said I will give my vote to APM period

  23. hahahaha wanena wanena basi mumafuna anene kuti adzavotera mcp? ndie mwagwa nayotu dpp 2019 bomaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! !! zikumunyansayo adzilume pamutu

  24. Whats so special about bushiri? Is he god? Enafe tatopa nazo nkhani za bushiri why does he have to endorse anyone just coz he is rich? Amalawi ndalama zikuphani

  25. I don’t know if you pple see change…. koma for me I don’t the only change I know it’s from chitaganya, then to matipate… koma zinazi Palibe, young pple look at what other young pple are going for example in Kenya… if we just st and look at thing like the way, azibambo athu are doing, Palibe chabwino will have out of this..


  27. he sed only to the business ppo can understand d@ atlist hueva president u cal is abit trying……xo lets du calculation, its very minutiv ppo hu r real buznss one……thats y bushiri said he wud vote fo him and d@ applyz also tu d busines suckers stupid idiotic ones…..?by the way omost 80% of d busineses dpend on electricity,kwacha power and alot of stuff,,xo how on earth wil a biznes person vote for dis shits going on in dis nation…..?when dey say u r a professor it means ua mind iz ful ov inventn new stuff……n hw com our president iznt evn inventn any solution to d prob ov electricity n ada shit goin on in dis nation……..?
    and dnt misundrstand bushiri coz he meant only d biznes ppo not as d whole…..

  28. ok pasavute asimbi apeza contrzct ya madz nde muwapatseso ya magets muone ngat bushiri sakwiya ndalama siyimakwana itell u

  29. bingu inali ngwaz which means conquer awa olo ndi ungwaz omweu sazauona size ya bingu inali kamuzu bas enawo makape

  30. Actually I did not read the post but I think the girl has no right to beat up her boyfriend in public. Maybe they should report the matter to their village elders but if the neighbour refuse to pay his rent they should just kill the landlord and forget about the missing car

  31. Fake news musaonjezere nkhani pls .bushiri sananene motero ayi i was there to attend the meetin anthuni koma muonjeza chilichinse mpaka liti?????????????

  32. Pitala tsegula maso. Kuyamikira kwinaku kukudabwitsa. Ngati ndiwe wazeru udziwiratu kuti Bushiri akunena bodza lankunkhuniza. Even your Ministers knows that you are the most west democratic president in Malawi.

  33. If Bushiri is seeking owner friendship or what so ever is proving him self to be aliar in most of his prophies were edited and change the ways if one stand against his prophies mark my if this post have 1000 comments against him he will come again and change the speech shame on him Bingu ws great in visions than this guy

  34. Mwanama. Ine ndinali pomwepo pansonkhano wa bushiri, sanachite compare between bingu and peter. Koma anangofotokoza ubwino wa peter basi, bushiri analankhula zanzeru kuposa mapolitician athuwa, and he thinks better than them.

  35. Bushiri is not representing Malawi that’s he only mare view just like anyone who might have a difference choice,so what ?

  36. Vuto lathu a Malawi mkunyoza basi. Tilibe ulemu pazithu ndenana izi chifukwa bingu Ali moyo mumati ndiwoyipa kwa Joyce banda wayipa kwabwela uyu waipa NDE wabwino ndani chimene mungandiwe ndichakuti MUNTHU sayipa zonse ngakhale adani anuwo Ali ndi pokomela pake piano mukulilatu bingu that’s how lyf goes tiyeni tiyangane Ku mwamba tiwone kuti mulungu atikonzela zotani sithawi yodana ndi anthu into mulekeni bushuri ndimene nayenso wawonela mmanganizo make a Malawi tiyeni tiphunzile kulemekezana kulemekeza mfundo yawina aliyense tikatalo tidzamanga Malawi kukhala opambana zikomo

  37. Bushiri? Voting Peter muntharika? Lero limenero kaya Ife ndiongoona ndipo ngati mkupheratu chipanicho ndiye wayambira patalitu kuchiipitsira mbiri amalawi ngati kuli munthu yemwe sakugona naye tulo ndi ntchito zake zonyasa ndi Bushiri kaya kumeneko!!!!

  38. Who is bushiri. Ife amalawi timasakha tokha. Osati bushiri kutiwuza zochita.dzina lake ndilosafunika mdziko muno, sakhala kuno sapeleka misokho ikubedwai. Sakupindulira dziko lathu ai. Koma rsa. Maganizo akewo zidzaoneka 2019 thanks guys

  39. Bushiri is only trying to blind Mr president so that he might be given some contracts like what they did to Simbi, once it’s done you will see.

  40. He would vote for Mutharika and DDP if the elections were held today which means come #2019 the prophet has to vote someone else that’s my digging. Clearly the prophet is sneakingly wanting a smooth path thru Mutharika , there has bn blows thrown to each other for a while on the social sites , DDP thru Malawi Voice have bn trying their best darken the prophet Memos , to me I don’t blame both parties( DPP n Bushiri) , Bushiri has finally gotten his ticket to become a true Malawian after being forbidden to using Malawians roads etc . The prodigal son has finally been welcomed

  41. The most interesting thing is that every time u post something concerning Bushiri u get more comments i think this is what your page is all about.

  42. Fake News! it is true that Bushiri congratulates DPP led govt saying it has done tremendous works and that is his own opinion! therefore it doesnt make sense to argue on opinions. What is not true is that he said Peter is better than his late brilliant brother Bingu…a Malawi24 izozo mwapeka nokha kuchokera mmitu mwanumo, ngati mmamuda Bushiri sibwino kumapanga report zabodza. ZIKOMO

  43. Is eyeing a serious deal with the government, maybe energy. Prophet sells everything including a mere endorsement will come with a big tag.

  44. Wake up guys,ur prophet is up to something here,all of sudden he praising APM,dis is nt about APM or ruling party DPP, dis is about himself nd his new party,hw cn someone vote 4 another party when he has his own party, come on guys

  45. not long ago these people were at loggerhead , and if my mind tells me wright chief lundu said in public that bushiri is a satanist and that he is not going to allow his church to operate in lower shire in the presence of peter muthalika. Today he is on the the president praising him to be good than his brother leader. I wonder if this comes in good faith coz bushiri was denied the wright to distribute free maize to the poor people . Maybe akumana pansi akambilana zitingaziwe. Tidikile tiona

  46. Maganizo anga: No 1: Ngwazi Che Hastings Kamuzu Banda. No 2: Ngwazi Che Bingu Wa Muthalika. No 3. Palibe. No 4. Palibe. No 5. A chair Che Lume Bakili Muluzi. No 6. Azungu andituma Abiti Joyce Ntila Banda. No 7. Palibe. No 8. Palibe. No 9. Palibe. No 10. Peter magetsi athima Muthalika.

  47. Apa nde Bushiri akutilakwilatu ngati wanenadi kuti malawi is better under DPP now. But it’s okay bcoz that is the way he is seeing it but what we r seeing is that Malawi alipamoto under current ruling party DPP.

  48. Mbuzi ya munthu iwe anthu magetsi tikumawaona kawili pa week nde ukati wachita zazukulu? Any way ot your position because you r rich. You pipo are just the same oppresers!

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  50. Ndinabadwira Ku Malawi ndakulira Ku Malawi kuphunzira , kukwatira,ntchito komanso ndikukhulupilira ndizafera komanso kuwolera Ku Malawi nde kuchoka nthawi ya Kamuzu kufika pano simungamdiuze zochita kaya mwayamba kpeni wozamuvotera ndilinaye ndipo sindisowa kuuzidwa ndi winawe aliyense muonanso 2019 mudzakhumudwa MULUNGU mukumuseweresa ngati alamwanuyo ataloza woyenera kuvala nguwo….

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  52. Bushiri akuthokoza sacrifice wachita APM dzana lija magazi asilikari aja Satana wavomera nsembe if u do not know a Malawi azanga

  53. Kkkkk imeneyo timati:miracle blackout,miracle poor economy pitirizani enanu kkkkkkkkkk prophet always anabwelera ochimwa ngati uyuyu kkkkkkkkk Tipeze polowera ku kamuzu palace.B carefull ur excellency ali ndi bomba ameneyo oh oh kkkkkkkk

  54. I think Bushiri is smarter, his is not only a man of God or a major prophet as they call him but he is one of the great enterpreneur of our time. By praising APM and his govt and at the same time saying he can solve electricity problems Malawi is facing in 24hrs as indicated in todays news paper, Bushiri is looking for contracts in the energy sector. Look, he is saying this this at a time when the govt looking for a Contractor to supply generators to ease the electricity blackout problem.

  55. Ummm! I usually stay quiet on issues related to this claimed. But on this if Malawi 24 is true, then it is something else. Something big is in the pipeline. Watching.

  56. Bushiri is a very smart young guy…he is great at what he does,thats why he is getting richer and richer.
    he does’nt hold a grudge and buries a hatchet.he is got a plan that will surprise us all.

  57. Aaaa koma something is terribly wrong with this so called man of God.

  58. akuluwa sanganiza chifuchitimuli kunja simukudziwa MAVUTO alikumalawi panopa DPP singawine mubwele mudzanthe chaka mudzamudziwa Malawi mumene akuwawila mukukambaizi chifukwa simunkhala kuno pazonkha mwakambazi sindinu Malawi ofunila zabwino anthu ake

  59. Bushiri is a cheat and a liar, akufuna contract yo magetsi

  60. Way back in the Bible prophets used to liberate people from sinking ships these days the prophet joins the sinking ship kkkkkkkk

  61. Ndipo Bushiri akunena zoona
    Chipani ndi DPP osati zinazi
    Zingofuna kuononga dzikoli
    Enawa akungokuwa sangathe
    Kuliyendetsa olo pang’ono

  62. Kkkkkk… Wise Bushiri… Wise up guys!! You don’t call your father negatively… But respect matters by the end of the days.. Forgiveness is the issue in Bushiri.. And reality is ones judgment…

  63. I totally disagree.Bushiri kudya sikono or it should be the opposit.Can Malawi pay Bushiri?Far from it. Its Bushiri who can fix Malawi’s economy to be at par par with its neighbouring countries.I know its difficult to accept,but its a fact.

    1. There is no person without a price. Remember even rich as he is, he still gets offerings from people and charges prayer fee for one to meet him. I think these sources are quite smaller than opportunities government can offer

    2. nanu chikondano ngati kuli kufuna ma miracles frm dat devil called bushiri mukuchedwa padziko amanenedwa siyekhayo thou ali ndi ndalama zamagazizo he z stil devil n i hate him

    3. OK its only you, whom you hate him, but many people love him,,, usamawelu nzako coz chiweruzo nchamwini mulungu,kungot vuto lomwe lili mwaiwe ndi nsanje basi

  64. Mdima ukakula ndiye kuti kunja kwatsala pang’ono kucha…..I never expected to hear such words from him according to how dpp officials have been treating him

  65. Malawi 24 you are misleading people i never heard Bushiri comparing APM and Bingu.,He just said if we ask him to vote he would go for DPP and thats his opinion not for everybody. he was saying APM has done good things according to him.

  66. Zmenez n’za bush d it can ‘t be aman of god to do a campain sakuziwa chomwe akunena ine wanga nd chakwera bas mcp 2019 bomaaaaaaaaaa tambala wakuda

  67. mmmmmmmm, koma amalawi tili ndichinthu choipa cha mumntima basi, tapeza nkhani aaaa ai walandilila kuti sikonoyo munamuona akumpasa kapena akumuika mkamwa? aaaa, munthu akayamikila pa zina zomwe zaone zabwino mkulakwa? eeee Malawi anakhala bwanji chomwe tingaziwe mchakuti sazapezeka mtsogoleli yemwe azakonze zinthu ndi yesu yekha yemwe azakonze china chilichonse pano tifune tisafune yesu akubwela posachedwa olo titasintha ma ulamulilo palibe azakonze mkuzati uyu wakonza ai bwanji mabvuto oonse timusiile yesu posachedwa mabvuto atha

  68. Which criteria this man of God have used to compare APM and Bingu? may be agwiritsa ntchiti Academic backgrounds like Bingu analowa upresident ali Dr. Bingu wa muthalika while APM analowa upresident ali Professor APM. i believe from that academic angle we can say APM is greater than Bingu, but if we use what the two has done as presidents, Bingu is far much great than APM. So far to me, the late Bingu was the best

  69. That’s his own personal choice and out of his own conscience, and nothing wrong! Let’s understand him well that this is his own choice NOT for the whole country that he should be re-elected for the second term! Very true some will vote for him come elections! The truth of the matter is that the majority have seen leadership deficiencies in Apm thus don’t want him to have a second go in 2019!

  70. That is a mission under STNSM alephela plan A akufuna plan B ife ayi zimenezo, kumabwela motiphimba mmaso apa kut tisadziwe mipen yomwe yabisidwa kuphasayo ansaa!! Azazambatukepo apa poyelayela.

  71. Malawi wafika povutika kwambiri ndiye wina akamanena bodza nakhalanso mlaliki kuti dziko akuyendetsa bwino, timadabwa ndi u prophet wake kuti ndiwakuti! Atsogoleri amasiku ano ni aja a “Papsya Tong’ola”

  72. Kusowa chochita abwere uyu Koma ameneyo afike uyu Koma pamenepo tizazindikira chikwanje chili mumtu ndiye mpakana man of God alowerere Ndale mmmmm

  73. Kodi inu mumafuna Pulesidenti asiye ntchito yake azikagwira ku Escom??,bwanji a Escom sakuliuza boma cheni cheni chikuvuta kuti magesi azizima zima??,ndi Pulesidenti uti yemwe anatilamulira osampeza ndi Vuto??.Mukungozivutatu kuganiza kuti Mcp ingachose DPP m’boma.MUZAZIONA.

  74. Kkkkk… Bushiri is smart person than ever… Kkkkkk…. He sees beyond expectations of many even of those who hate him.. Kkk… Apm is indeed a winner today even without votes… The miracles of bloodsuckers, blackouts, loss of by-elections to Mcp etc are justifiable that Apm winning ways against others is definite none existence and is a leader in the doom of universe that Bushiri is not subjective to see into it.. Apm leadership is blank in Gods glory… Three days of mourning, he forgot to put the flag at half mast..at an opening ceremony of a mosque in LL and kept defending himself from critics of Chakwera.. Bushiri is dynamically right..

    1. kkkkkkk may de soul of Bingu rest in ertenal peace will never forget u.bushiri ungathedi kumusapita APM after ma bloodsuckers ndi ngozi zosayambazi black out mtati mukupeza cholowa

  75. 98 degrees turning point “united we stand and divided we fall, opposition and ruling parties plus stake holders must play a role in rebuilding Mother Malawi to make it a viable state, not be greedy with resources to the state, every ruler who ascend to the throne with a mission to like a”legacy ” doesnt abuse his power by oath of constitution, ie julius nyerere,nelson MANDELA.

  76. Abushiri mukuziwa mavuto omwe ali m,ziko muno akugurani a DPP gati ukufuna kavoteleni peter koma ine voti yaga DR chakwera pansi paulamulilo wachipani cha MCP

  77. Haha bushiri ndiwa timing akufuna awayende ma dolo a DPP underground aziti ali nawo mbali imodzi chosecho tizangonva aaaaa basi walowa chipani china akufuna ayimile u president

  78. His Is Well Known By Miracle Money, Business Investment & Political Comments Always. One Thing He Should Know Is That God Is Watching, He Did The Same In 2014 On Joice Banda.

  79. Malawi 24 chilichonse mukulemba mumafuna musangalatse munthu, Prophet Bushiri can’t do that, chotimuziwe man of God sangamukweze mtsogoleri wadziko I hop mwasowa cholemba eti!! Papa will never b apolitian nditumiki wamulungu basi, musiyeni his apresident of ECG the whole world

    1. Alick ndinu mulendo in this country? don’t hate malawi news check other newspapers nkhaniyi wayankhula loweruka Bushiri sizachilendo izi

    2. Sangarakhure zimenezo buchili mwayiwara posachedwapa ndi boma romwero rinakana kurandira chithandizo kuchokera kwa buchiri mukunenayo

    3. at rainbow tv @ they hav been repeating his speech, maybe i missed the part saying he wud vote for APM but he really commended Peter that he z doing gud works here. he further said he has forgiven the current government for the misunderstanding they hav had for the past years.so i don’t see the reason for u blaming malawi24,ppo hav the ryt to know and debate whatever case that comes up.

    4. kulibe man if god, all are liars and thiefs. They want to get rich, thats why bushiri is rich by acquiring wealth in the expense of poor people like u alick

    5. Eeeya nthawi ija ndimeneyi ya aneneri onyenga tiyenawoni mneneri wanuyo, sinanga musata kupasidwa kachenjeko malinga ndi ulesi wanuwo aaaaa nde tiyenawoni tidzaone kt pakati Yehova ndi iyeyo azaweruze anthu tsiku lomaliza azakhala ndani? Ngatinso asazakhale mugulu loweruzidwa kt amasokeretsa wanthu!

  80. ◆Kusiyana kwa Bingu ndi APM:
    →Bingu atakhala dotolo uProfessor wake ankabwereza experience ya zomwe iye ndi ena anapanga kale.
    ★ professor like that one timati wokufa(Asitic/Isamic).He is needed by poor americans, poor south africans,poor nigerians etc.
    →APM atakhala dotolo …uProfessor wake anapangira maphunziro amabvuto amene akupezeka masiku ano.E.g the big gap between the rich and the poor.What the whole world needs at this time.Timati atakhala dotolo(kufa) adadzuka→NDIWAMTALI!

    1. ◆Kusiyana kwa Bingu ndi Mutharika:
      →Bingu atakhala dotolo uProfessor wake ankabwereza experience ya zomwe iye ndi ena anapanga kale.
      ★ professor like that one timati wokufa(Asitic/Isamic).He is needed by poor americans, poor south africans,poor nigerians etc.
      →APM atakhala dotolo …uProfessor wake anapangira maphunziro amabvuto amene akupezeka masiku ano.E.g the big gap between the rich and the poor.What the whole world needs at this time.Timati atakhala dotolo(kufa) adadzuka→NDIWAMTALI!

  81. as long as we’re malawians to change current govt will means preamble of new challenges. its true ngt malawi
    tili ndi mavuto
    bt thinkin that solution ndi CHAKWERA nde uchitsiru. Chakwera ndi malawi mzathu ndithu ndi mbava yomwe iyi

  82. Kalipo Kamene Akunyengerera Wapanga Zotani Kti Apose Ena Osewo? Asatinamize Bodza Tinatopa Nalo, Ngati Munthu Wa Mulungu Akuenera Kmanena Zoona, Amalawi Ali Mmavuto

  83. Bushiri is simply trying to mend fences with the DPP govt. Can you believe that he has already forgotten the way he was treated when he was distributing food aid in the recent past by DPP officials ?

    1. Anthu mulamu gonjelana Zinthu zimayenda bwino. And mau a mulungu amati phunzitsa kukhululuka. So I don’t see any wrong to Bushir in this case. Otherwise anthu tikanati tikalakwilana osakhululuka bwezi anthu sitikuma yankhulana for sure

    1. Black outs are areault of poor planning and Lack of vision of former presidents …how can a country like ours rely on 320MW of hydro electricity?????…..50 yrs yet no any president ever invested accent towards electricity ….SA is planning to build nuclear power stations now bcz they are foreseeing a short fall of electricity in 2030…this is to add on top of the 40000MW they are using ….blaming this gov for blackouts is lack of understanding…

  84. its his choice to vote for Dpp but do not decieve the malawians that APM is greater than Bingu.thats a total lie,Bingu was genius man full of visions.i dont know if there will be the president like him.RIP to You Bingu Wa Muthalika.

    1. ◆Kusiyana kwa Bingu ndi Mutharika:
      →Bingu atakhala dotolo uProfessor wake ankabwereza experience ya zomwe iye ndi ena anapanga kale.
      ★ professor like that one timati wokufa(Asitic/Isamic).He is needed by poor americans, poor south africans,poor nigerians etc.
      →APM atakhala dotolo …uProfessor wake anapangira maphunziro amabvuto amene akupezeka masiku ano.E.g the big gap between the rich and the poor.What the whole world needs at this time.Timati atakhala dotolo(kufa) adadzuka→NDIWAMTALI!

    2. thats why i dont understand malawians. i remember how you disrespected bingu branded him wth all sorts of bad words in the book and certainly pushed him to an early death. and today mwazindikira zomwe ife tinkadziwa kale kuti he was a great leader? now its peter. you only need to see another leader to really appreciate how good the guy is but that he came when thing had turned on its head.

    3. Kufananitsa Prof Bingu ndi munthu wina ndiye kuti palibe chomwe chikuyenda m’mutu mwako sure. Bingu inali mitunda INA. That guy transformed malawi and his brother too. MHSRIP

  85. Awa ndimaganizo ake mtumiki wamulunguyi….ine anga ndiakuti….Bingu anali akatundu womanga ndi mawaya…..machine opangra machine anzake

    1. To be honest bingu was more….. And to my opinion I don’t see anybody to replace him….no man is an island….sikuti zonse zinali zabwino….but he was very Strong…

    2. Munthu samakodi zose…..koma na Bingu…..zambiri zinalibwino….
      He wz a man of full surprises…..samaganiza mwa obvious….n amapanga decition payekha not zomangovera anthu omuzungulira

    3. In true sense Bingu anali akatundu it doesn’t matter that if someone die its when we say that taluza munthu ofunikila but Bingu was great osafuna akhale

  86. #AmenAmenAmen!
    ◆Lija linali kale…technology yisanachite kanthu!
    ◆Masiku ano anthu adzama kwambiri ku dziwa kuti ngati tikufuna kuti mabvuto omwe abwera masiku ano athe …munthu wake nayu.
    ◆Tikudziwa kuti munthu wothetsa umphawi wa underdeveloped world akhale :
    →wa mkulu pa makhalidwe
    →wa experience pa moyo wa anthu
    →wa experience pa civilised citizenship
    →both micro & macro economics
    →a little techie
    ◆Zimenezi zimapezeka mumunthu wamtali maganizo
    ◆A Chakwera ali ndi experience ngati ya Kamuzu→EasternAsianType→Islamic:
    ★This was needed when standard of technology was low.
    ★It helped in the past decades but not now
    ★Otherwise it means we are going backwards.
    ★A CHAKWERA COULD BE A PROFESSOR NOW BUT NOT THE TYPE OF PROFESSOR WE NEED IN THESE TIMES→the poor americans, south africans, nigerians ‘may ‘ need him.
    ★the gap between poor and rich people is very big we need a TALLIE!

    1. Aaaa sikuti chakwela ali ngati kamuzu. Kodi president mumafuna ophuzila or otukula dzino. Look at zim, south Africa, Obama all of them are not professor or Dr

    2. ◆Uprofessor sikuti kuphunzira.
      ◆Pa chikhalidwe chathu mudziko lapansi ndi experience tikhoza kukupasa u professor
      ◆Monga ngati a Chakwera…ngati alidi professor…its not by kuphunzira ayi koma experience.
      ◆Dzina la u professor ndi lofunika to facilitate MULINGO & COMMUNICATION.

    3. Violet Tenthani

      ◆Poor (Americans,nigerians,south africans)…most of them are poor by choice..
      ◆All the priviledges are available to them.
      ◆While in poor countries the priviledges have not yet reached the poor due to so many reasons :
      ★unexperienced leaders
      ★corrupt leaders
      ★expensive technology
      ★non ability to plan

    4. Perani khala maso usagone angayambe kukubela ka 4n kako kopanda nako zochitako and udzasweka modzidzimutsa popanda chokuchilitsa Chakwela wako ukumuchitila sangadede ataluza 2019 ine pheee kuwelenga ma comments ako a campaign ndikulimbana ndi umphawi wangau

    5. Kkkkkkk you know sometimes reality is most of the times precise at all times than what the books say which is conditional. You can take malawi for example and pick out the cheapest need for a commoner, if you don’t know yet, you’d be surprised to find that lack of such a need is far from “choice” as the perpetrator.

    6. Violet Tenthani

      ◆How can you say it could be a choice for poor Malawians as well when:
      →They live in homes that cant be spotted on a map!How can such a person get a loan?
      →They dont have perfect ids.


    7. Eeey where did I say it could be a choice? I said choice isn’t the perpetrator. I was giving you to look at malawi as a “world”, look at the gap between those with plenty and those with little or nothing and confirm if really being poor is by choice. Go around and connect with your people not just on Facebook, you’ll learn a lot. Now to answer your question, thing is you’re looking at where they are disregarding how they got there in the first place and what keeps them there instead of where you are, let’s hope you’re worth referring to, one not worried about this month’s food, water and electricity bills? But if you are, is it by choice? Anyway good afternoon, by actually not by choice but tikakomedwa pano sitipeza ya Ufa kkkkkkkk

      1. That is the issue iwe uli ndi maso akuthwa umaonela patali! Opopa magaziwa azafalikilano chaku mpotoku ndithu!

    8. ◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇◆◇↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓
      INBOX ME!!

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