Civics to be reintroduced in Malawi

Malawi schools

Government has revealed plans to reintroduce Civics as a subject in primary and secondary schools.

Civics was a subject taught in Malawi schools but it was abolished. Currently, lessons that would have been in Civics are included in Social Studies.

Malawi schools
Civics to be reintroduced in Malawi Schools.

Director of Secondary and Distance Education in the Ministry of Education Chikondano Mussa said government has plans to reintroduce Civics as a standalone lesson.

Meanwhile, government has formulated a project to strengthen civics and citizenship lessons in the country’s school curriculum.

Speaking at Domasi in Zomba during the launch of the project, Mussa said the aim is to develop citizens that are engaged, empowered and informed.

She added that the project will first target teachers to help them impart required education to learners many of whom are not well informed on what the society expects from them.


68 thoughts on “Civics to be reintroduced in Malawi

  1. Those in authority should always ask opinions from the grassroots,look now we still applaud the wise dynamic leadership of late Kamuzu for introducing civics in schools.

  2. Kkkkkkkk “Civics” the study of government and its people” koma anthu oona za maphunzironso kumangosinthasintha maphunziro. Maunduna ena akanati azipanga ngati ku education bwenzi pano a police atabwerera mommuja movala makabudula ku ntchito

  3. Ndiye maphunziro apita mtsogolo ikabwera Civics. Kodi mmayesa ili Social and Environmental Studies ndiye zizikhala bwanji ?Confuse us because we are already confused.

  4. Life skills,geography,french,physcs,chemistry,social,english,chichewa,additional maths,ordinary maths,agriculture,biology,home economics,business studys,history,technical drawing now Civics tomorrow hiv and aids

  5. Kodi?,think of a primary teacher at government schools,will be 9+ subjects in senior section(std 5,6,7 and 8).a teacher is teaching all the subjects alone having more than 100 learners plus 14:30pm of deptr without phacks @ 12:00pm,eesh kumangoawaulatu ophunzira.Ana amamvetsa chisoni ukagula ndasi Iwe Mphuzitsi nkumadya,Iwo Milomo ili Mbuu.

  6. From my knowledge Civics is already there only that its being taught as Social studies , so just say they want to make it a subject on its own , its already there

  7. Where will civics take someone to? Please, don’t overload the already overloaded curriculum. If your child gets 6 points as follows: Civics – 1, Life skills – 1; French – 1; Latin – 1; Social Studies – 1; and English – 1; what will this poor soul study in University to turn him/herself into an asset in the 21st Century. Changing a curriculum is serious business, its not just a matter of some two or three misguided people meeting in the corridors of capital hill and deciding to introduce this and this. You have just reviewed and changed the curricular 2 years ago, where were these Civics guys?

    By the way, I made to believe that the OBE Curriculum that has just been introduced in 2015 is a product of long stakeholder consultation dating back to 2009. Now why do you want to bring some unnecessary adjustments when the curriculum has not even completed a 4 year cycle? Let’s face it, whatever is studied in Civics can easily be incorporated in other subjects like History, Geography, Bible Knowledge, Life Skills, etc. Please, let’s not turn Malawi into a dustbin or western education innovations by accepting any innovation so long as it comes with money. Malawi is good at introducing things without thinking at all. In the early 2000s you brought Science and Technology and killed Physical Science, do you know that you killed that group of students because without Physical Science there could not be enrolled in any Science Course in the University.

  8. Good. Now remove Chichewa. It is meaningless. Who has a degree in Chichewa? What does it profit a boy in Chitipa to know miyambo ya achewa while his counterpart in Lilongwe does not know Chitipa cultures? One may ssy it is a uniting language. Which unity when the country is gull of tribalistic,regional characters in all stratas of the country?

    1. It is an uncessary burden on students to study. The time wasted reading and learning chichewa can be used to meaningful career subjects.

  9. Let’s hope there will be a difference Civics and Social or Life skills. Otherwise it will be a duplication of effort .

  10. Kamuzu wasnt stupid to introduce civics education most as of now are dull especially the youth of today what they know is hip hop music ask them what is a bill and a by law akuuza za fredokiss, Iyanya, Casper Nyovest, DJ Cleo, Davido kkkk

  11. Long overdue, by the way whose ideas was it to remove it in the first place?

    Bring a full syllabus including lessons on “Road Sanity, Pedestrians Crossing the Road, Cyclists, Etc”

    1. Why? A person who doesnt know his past is like trees without roots. I think they should remove bible knowledge instead

  12. not only that reintroduce mental arithmetic so that students of nowadays should not have more problems with maths

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