Waya trusts queens to do wonders


Despite the absence of Mwawi Kumwenda, Malawi Queens head coach Mary Waya is optimistic that the team will do well at the Fast5 Netball championship.

Waya made the assurance at Kamuzu International Airport (KIA) when the team was leaving for Australia.

We will fight for a better position,Queens assures Malawians. (File )

Speaking to the press, Waya said Malawians must believe in the players that are in the squad because they have prepared well in training.

Asked about Kumwenda, Waya refused to comment saying that she cannot be talking about a player who is not in the squad.

In her remarks, one of the players Alinafe Kamwana said the team finished third at the previous Fast5 tournament and this time they will fight for a better position.

Kamwana then asked all Malawians to support the team saying that it is ready to represent the country at the tournament.

The team will be without star player Kumwenda who was expelled from the Queens training camp for reporting late and despite calls from various quarters to include her in the squad for the tournament, NAM insisted that she will not go.

Malawi Queens Final List Traveling to Fast5 Tournament – Australia

Defenders: Joanna Kachilika – Captain

Caroline Ngwira, Loreen Ngwira, Martha Dambo. Attackers; Thandie Galeta, Takondwa Lwazi Shooters: Jane Chimaliro – Vice Captain Joyce Mvula, Jessie Sanudi, Alinafe Kamwala. Technical Panel :Mary Waya – Head Coach , Griffin Michael Saenda – Assistant Coach, Agness Chaima – Team Manager Gertrude Chilemba – Team Doctor.




  1. Mwawi Kumwenda is the strongest link in the team and her absence can bring disaster, does someone at NAM has a personal vendetta against Mwawi?

  2. It is not good to be drunk with power which is being displayed here. What we are saying here is that Mwabi is not the only player. When Mwabi is in the field of play, she builds confidence amongst fellow players, this phenomenon, though very important, cannot be appreciated by short sighted and less mature people! We have taken your word and we will see whether arrogance will take Malawi first at fast5!

  3. Guys tired of Mwayi issue
    Let’s just focus on the game,l have trust in our gals that they will deliver

  4. I see some jealousy at work here. My fingers r crossed jus waiting to hear the gud news that the queens have bn thrashed to pulp.

  5. Mary you are hoping against hope. You have done this out of envy. What are you going to say if you won’t do well . In the field of sports its net ball that has put our nation on the map & because of your selfishness you have deliberately dropped her. Shame on you.

  6. Mukamu Lakalaka Akakakuwumbudzani Kumeneko,chomwe Ine Nikudziwa Nichoti Mwai Kumwenda Ndi Mwai Wa The Queens Basi.

  7. Malawians lets be positive, Mwawi asazifilw, the queens were there before she was born nde why anthu mukumupasa matama pamene zomwe anapanga was disrespectful to the country, who is she? why did she come 4 days later, hw special is she, anthu amgoona zolakwika za Nam bt nt za mwawi, the other gals who came early anali Opusa, iyeyo akuzimva u star, MALAWIANS BE POSITIVE

  8. I will be the last person to laugh. Moti kumeneko ku NAM kulibe zilango zina zoti mukanatha kumpatsa Mwawi Kumwenda? That would have taught her a lesson. Koma apapa once you perform badly, kaya. People here will talk.

  9. Amalawi tonadana ndi muthu wolimbikira. Last time mwai anasewera bwino kwambiri. Pano ndikumusiya aaaaa tiona kuti akasewera bwanji

  10. may b u dont Knw Mwawi Kumwenda.. she is
    1. a motivator to other players
    2. a game changer or playmaker
    3. a game killer for the Queens
    4. a readily available threat to the opponents

    There4 she deserves to be included in the team no matter what the case can be…..

    Mwina enanu u haven’t watched the Queens playing a game without Mwawi thus y u r insisting kut its good to drop her..

    The Queens plays vulnerably ku front without Mwawi. . This is a fact bt some of u mupanga argue.

    1. Malawi idwale coz mwayi kulibe akadzakalamba team yathera pompo that shouldn’t give her matama of doing what ever she wants nthawi yomwe achina mery ways amawina mwayi analiko?? Khalidwe ndilofuni kaya umatha zithu kuposa onse you need to humble yourself

  11. Mwayi kumwenda is the best player we now but some time we must try talk about other players. Thaswhere other players not doing welk because of that , every time we support one player. Mwayi sangamenye mpila yeka popanda amzake

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  13. Nsanje ndilomwe limachuluka amalawi akuona kut mfanayo atolo chikwama kuposa iwowo blv or not bt its more than fact

  14. Kodi ndekuti team yonseyi osewera ndiyekha??? Timve nkhani zina… Mwawi anakakhala kuti wavulala nde bwezi mukusokosa that way??? Let’s support them basi they are all our sisters in netball… mukumayankhula ngati enawa si ma players koma munthu modzi… a Malawi kuvetsa chisoni kumeneko… be positive for your team plz… otherwise ndimvenso wina with negative vibes about them.. ndikukuwa kuti ndiwe opopa magazi sure pasavute .

    1. Ngat mulibe chokamba mungokhala Chete…mudzinyadira kut muli ndi best shoot in the world…your comment indicate that you never watched Mwayi against 5 big teams in the world.She has an influence not only to the Malaw team but also to the tournament, wait for the whites teams comments over this issue….She derserve to boast like that

  15. May be Mary is just power hungry. In sports stars are important,no matter what. I was watching Arsenal’s game yesterday,with Ozil and Sachez in the team, Arsenal was completely fantastic. While Everton without Lukaku they totally shit.

  16. Kaya akawina kaya akaluza nkhani ndiyakuti USAMALAMULIRE NAM NGATI ANAIBALA NDI MAKOLO AKO. Ifeso tikufuna ikawine koma tikudana ndi ULAMULIRO WAKO. Zinthu za personal osamazilowetsa ku NATIONAL INTEREST.

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