Mwenefumbo hails government for constructing Karonga stadium


Member of Parliament for Karonga Central Frank Mwenefumbo has hailed government for constructing the Karonga Stadium.

Mwenefumbo said this on Saturday after the game between Chitipa United and Mighty Be Forward Wanderers where he gave each team K100,000 for being the first teams to play at the stadium

Mwenefumbo (centre) with Chitipa and Nomads officials.

“I want to thank Government for the stadium in Karonga. This will help us a lot to see big teams playing right here,” he said.

Mwenefumbo added that the stadium will also boost small businesses in the district since there will be many people from various places during matches.

“Some people travelled all the way from Chitipa, Kapolo and some from our neighbouring countries Zambia and Tanzania just to watch the game here that’s a big achievement to people of the district, we are much blessed,” he said.

Karonga stadium chairperson Kosa Munthali said the official opening of the stadium will be done in due time since the stadium is not yet fully completed.




  1. A Mp muwauzenso a football association of Malawi kuti ndalama zomwe zizipezeka pa ma games oseweredwa pa bwalori ndi zamatimu komanso kutukurira dera lanuro osati Ku FA M

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  3. guys chilichose kutsutsa, mwinasotu chitukuko simuchiziwatu? mwenefumbo walakwa chani? nanga boma lalakwa chan pomanga karonga stadium? ndalama zibedwe kunyoza amangire stadium kunyoza. Bingu ankanena zoona kuti kulamulira sichinthu chophweka.

    1. Remember the pipo of Karonga&Chitipa still vote in favour of DPP bcoz of the Bingu Highway from KG-CP. Maboma ambiri sanakwanise lonjezo pamseu umene uja.The M1 to songwe border is also under serious consideration.

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