School and music proving hard to go together

Malawi music

The desire to pursue academic qualifications while doing music has seen some Malawi musicians failing to balance the two.

Malawi music
Tsar Leo: It’s best to focus on one thing

When both music and formal education are being done simultaneously, it is believed that quality of either subject gets jeopardized. This is alluded to the fact that it is hard to fully commit oneself to both.

Education being highly valued in Malawi, is on the other hand a standard for rating musicians. This lures some artists to study more.

Other musicians opt for a self-imposed studio ban to focus on school. However there are also artists who focus on both.

Gospel musician Elliot Kamwana said music requires maximum focus as such it should not be done alongside another activity that demands time.

“Music is a serious business which requires a lot of focus, sacrifice and discipline. It is not good to do music and school at the same time unless the school has to do with music,” said Kamwana.

Urban artist Tsar Leo concurred with Kamwana as he said focus should be put on one thing, music or school.

“It’s best to focus on one thing, it’s either music or school because they both need attention, focus and time. Doing school and music at the same time will probably cause some negative impacts on you,” he said.

However, some artists are in school and with no harm done to their music.


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