Police arrest 140 over bloodsucking violence

Bloodsucking Malawi

Attacks on people suspected to be blood suckers have led to the arrest of 140 people in the Southern Region.

Police Inspector General Lexten Kachama told reporters on Friday that they have arrested 140 people for being involved in mob justice and spreading rumours that there are blood suckers.

Bloodsucking Malawi
Kachama (right): They killed innocent people

The reports of blood suckers have so far led to the killing of nine people in the southern region including a man with epilepsy who was burnt to death on Thursday in Blantyre.

“As police we are working day and night to get to the bottom of this. Our investigations have shown that all people who have been killed were innocent and we want to warn all those taking the law in their hands that they will be taken to task,” he said.

According to Kachama, those arrested include two people who were sending messages to people in Phalombe that they are blood suckers.

He however said there are no blood suckers in Malawi as people who have claimed to have had their blood suckers have not given tangible evidence of the matter.

Kachama said that the rumours are just being spread by some bad people who want to bring fear among Malawians.

He then called on other stakeholders such as clergy, media and Civil Society Organisations to join hands with the police in controlling the rumours about blood suckers.

Kachama also revealed that President Peter Mutharika has instituted a committee involving ministries of health, civic education, local government and home affairs to deal with the issue.


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  1. Foolish police man,instead of catching thr sucker they catch the civilian people…. Look at what the blood sucker do.Government khows something on the issue and we will se on 2019

  2. Boma linalamula kuti mabasi asamayende usiku malile 10 koloko akapenzeka amangidwe ife tikuti anthu asamayende usiku malile 10 koloko akapeka aphedwe basi kkkkkkkk

  3. On Malawi bloodsucking saga, blame the sleeping walking commander!
    October 21, 2017 Charles Kufa – Nyasa Times Be the first to comment
    If Malawi had a leader worth his salt, these embarrassing and senseless myths about so called bloodsuckers—which so far has claimed 8 innocent lives—could not have been an issue today.

    a 22-year-old epilepsy sufferer, was torched near a police checkpoint as public hysteria grows over “blood-sucking vampires”

    But typical of his average, President Peter Mutharika, when these nonsensical stories erupted in the Lhomwe belt leading to deaths, chose, like a tortoise, to hide his face in his crab.

    As a Commander-In-Chief of our armed forces, he chose to sleep as danger, with each passing day, gathered momentum.

    What we are discussing today about deaths and bloodsucking and vampires, yes today in 2017, is a classic case of leadership failure on part of Mutharika both as a Head of State and government.

    Truth be told, it is sickening even to take a moment to be writing or discussing anything about inconsequential and empty irritants such as blood sucking stories.

    But when such irritants leads some to take law in their hands and rob a woman in Mulanje of her husband, a child of her father, a parent of her child, then we know we are talking about something tragical here.

    We saw deaths on the streets—innocent Malawians killed suspected of being involved in unexplained wrongs that not even a single person has come in the open to testify to its authenticity.

    In these deaths, there was a law being broken. But none of our law enforcers did their needful to apprehend those killing innocent Malawians suspected of things they cannot explain.

    All we heard, from various divides of irrationality, is that people in Mulanje, in Thyolo, in Phalombe need civic education. Or something like that.

    Yet in these civil debates of the need for civic education, deaths continued to roll on innocent Malawians. To a discerning mind, when a life is lost

  4. Hang them as quick as possible. For wat they did to that innocent guy. This is not sumalia or nigeria. Its our peaceful country. We love we respect each other. For next time we dont want to see or hear about mob justice no never. IG POLICE and head of PMF must sit 2gether and solve this security issues in our country. Even if we walk from limbe to bt late hours or any otha place. We want fearless life so plz sortout

  5. Bungwe lopopa magazi lilipo ku Malawi, Malawi Blood Transfusion Service nanga ili la Blood surkers lochokelanso pati?

  6. koma zomwe mwapanga waku chileka uja mwamulakwira kwambiri ngati apolice anagwira kale inunso mumakatani ndiye muziwa bwanji kuti zinthuzo ndi zenizeni kapena ndi zabodza pomwe anthuwo mungowapha ku mw umbuli too much mwapha munthu,osalakwa sambi

  7. From 2mor they must be released both of them.The problem is Our Government because there is cominication. who dont know that?.Malawi Government is making alot of money.

  8. matumba achimanga, mpunga, Mafuta ophikira munkalandira zija, mapeto ake ndiamenewo, ndiye kwakhalira January chimanga chikamazamasura ndiye atipopadi ndithu, But only God Will provide, special thnx to mw police, continue your good job to hunt those busted. oooo my poor country Malawi where you going know? kapena ndiwe ovuta Malawi tango ndiuzaaaaa

  9. Ine ndimaona ngati angowatentheratu becauz umbuli wawo ukupangitsa ifeyo akazi akunja kusiya kumatifila kumati ku Malawi kulibe o gella ati ifeyo tili ndi zikhulupiriro zopusa ati nde bolanso ku Mozambique nanga choncho? tizikanika kugwira matchiki abwino zowona? vuto ndichani koma anthu ophunzira tilinawo,anzeru nde ndimbwembwembwe,olemera nde aliponso,osauka nde musafuse,koma mukulephera kupeza umboni pankhani yopusa ngati imeneyi mpaka alendo asiye kubwera kuno ku Malawi?

  10. we jst held those blood suckers kills inoncent pple….best solution is to sentence them to death…ah matenda atimvute ndima vampire omweee

  11. Kkkkk.. Our Dpp Ngolongoliwa police… With two IGs…kkkk. One at Kamuzu Palace and another blindly at Area 30… Kkkkkk.. But failing to understand Kaima yima chapako business…kkkkk. That’s what lies behind been promoted on lazy hands…kkkkkk.. Go and investigate rather than looking smart at press conferences… Unprofessionalism is a moral decay in normal circumstances.

  12. Munaitana those bloodsackers.Because of the poverty that is grepping our nation.At the sometime you can do anything if you are so poor.Vampires who are they coz you do not show us only one of them if they are they where were they all this time.Or because of poverty you taking advantage of the situation and you are now busy stealing for your on bro.Shame on us

  13. Good job police. Because this madness must stop now. Innocent people are going to be killed suspected to be a sucker. Is there anyone with real proper solid story of this madness. And who started this madness.

    1. u must be stupit.what about those innocent people been sucked blood hey??? think twice dude.they hv only killed one bu

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