Speaker against gender based violence

Speaker of Parliament Richard Msowoya has said that it is high time Malawians stopped Gender Based Violence (GBV) so that every person should enjoy human rights.

Msowoya made the sentiments in Malawi’s capital, Lilongwe during a protest against Gender Based Violence organised by non-governmental organisations such as Oxfam Malawi.

Nsowoya (middle) says everyone is mandated to enjoy Human rights.

Speaking to the gathering at Civic Offices, Msowoya said everyone in the country is mandated to enjoy human rights fully and it is pathetic to note some people ill-treating others.

The Speaker of the National Assembly speaker said despite just being a leader of Parliament, he is concerned when he hears all sorts of violence against women, girls and all people in the country.

He also added that laws that are enacted in Parliament and geared at ending GBV should be enforced on the ground so that all sorts of ill-treatment should come to an end in the country.

Speaking at the same place, Zinenani Majawa who represented sex workers said authorities in the country should now realise that even them (sex workers ) are human beings and that their rights must not be intimidated with.

Majawa cited recent brutal killings of three sex workers as a sign that they (sex workers) are not guaranteed human rights to do their duties freely in the country.

She said some of the sex workers have nothing else to do to earn a living.

Majawa also asked Malawi Police Service to be at the forefront of protecting sex workers unlike abusing them.

The march ended at Civic Offices in Lilongwe where marchers gave their petition to Ministry of Gender, Children, Disability and Social Welfare to end increasing cases of gender based violence in the country.

Among other points in the petition, Malawians have asked President Peter Mutharika to release a strong sentiment highlighting his plans on how he will end Gender Based Violence in the country.

The protest brought together women from various professions such as law, education and sex work.

4 thoughts on “Speaker against gender based violence

  1. Very good Hon Msowoya. Leave women do what they want without being controlled just because she is a wife. If man feels in his opinion, a wife does not respect or abide by rules of tie-note-agreement, best remedy is to leave and live peacefully. Violence is a serious offence.

  2. If gender abused violence ends in Malawi. A lot of NGOs will be closed,Thant’s means alot of people will lose jobs. There is something fishy at the background.

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