Journalists in Malawi are not corrupt – MISA

Misa Malawi

Media Institute of Southern Africa – MISA Malawi chapter has denied claims that journalists in the country are corrupt.

The speculations have been refuted by MISA-Malawi Chapter Teresa Ndanga following leaked audio clips that have gone viral on social media.

Misa Malawi
Banda (left): accused of receiving money from talk show guests

Ndanga said the viral cannot be evidence that Malawian journalists are corrupt.

She told local media that there is supposed to be viable evidence to prove that Malawian journalists are corrupt not just making conclusions based on an audio clip that is going viral on social media.

The viral audios have revealed the rot at Times Group Limited which owns Times Radio and Television, two important members of the company have been suspended.

The two who have been suspended are Managing Editor George Kasakula and award winning talk show host Brian Banda who have made a mark for their no-holds radio and television show Hot Current.

An audio gossip between Facebook personality Julius Mithi and Editor at Times Innocent Chitosi has revealed that Brian Banda is corrupt.

In the leak which is a phone call that Mithi makes to Chitosi, Mithi starts by asking if it is true that Brian Banda has been suspended.

Chitosi confirms the suspension and when he is asked why, he reports that Brian Banda is corrupt and refused to do a programme because he had not been paid for it.

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