DPP committing political suicide

Saulos Chilima, Peter Mutharika

A political scientist has said the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) is making things difficult for itself by refusing to return money it got from public institutions.

DPP held a fundraising dinner last month and it told city councils and parastatals to attend the event and donate money to the party.

Wonderful Mkhutche
Wonderful Mkhutche: DPP is making things difficult for itself.

This has caused a stir as Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) have threatened to stage demonstrations and take legal action if the DPP will not return the money believed to be over K13.5 million.

However, the ruling party has said the institutions acted out of their own volition and it cannot return the money.

Speaking to Malawi24, one of the political scientists in the country Wonderful Mkhutche said the DPP has put itself in a difficult position by refusing to give in to the CSOs’ demands.

“The ruling party has been asked to return the money but it is refusing. This could have been easy if DPP had listened to the calls. But the party is making things difficult for itself,” said Mkhutche.

He said the CSOs are right to ask the DPP to return the money since the funds were meant for public work and not for a party.

“In all senses, this money has to be returned to whom it belongs, to Malawians,” said Mkhutche.

He added that the ruling DPP is to blame on this issue as there is proof that the parastatals and councils were forced to make the donations.

“There is evidence that some parastatals were bullied into contributing. DPP was voted into power and entrusted with taking care of public resources. But for the sake of funding party activities, they are abusing the resources simply because they can,” he said.

On the decision by the CSOs to stage demonstrations if the ruling DPP will not return the money, Mkhutche said the constitution provides the right to hold peaceful public demonstrations and the issue is a public concern hence the CSOs’ decision to act for the public is justified.





  1. Scientist ameneyo ndani?anachita kukawalanda ndalamazo kapena amapereka okha?musatisokose musabweze ngati akufuna ndiri kunyumba bwerani mudzandisweeee

  2. Nane ndiyankhepo tsopano,DPP ndi chipani chomwe chinalamulapo,chikulamula ndipo chizalamula nde akafucheche inu ndudabwa nanu chipanicho ncholamula boma awo amene anapelekako ndalamao ndaboma nde pamenepa cholakwika nchani?Simunati Kenako timva mukuti DPP isiye kugwiritse makaka a blue.

  3. Dpp 2019 Ikudzalamuliraso Mark My Words,Detselerani Malawi 24 M’mene Mungathele,those Who Support You With Money To Castigate The Rulling Dpp,let Them Do So Adyeleni Basi.

  4. We are yet to recover from the aftermath of cashgate yet a party in power still lives in the past where accountability to its citizens doesn’t matter. These days citizens want the people that have “borrowed” citizens’ powers to be transparent and accountable.

  5. Moto umapita komwe kwatsala tchire zipani zina muli mweee! But remember that after Dpp the other party will tek over,so they will feel painful and painful if we continue this systeem of against each other and this is wat u can know u a political scintist,becoz it seems that u r busy with Dpp not to suport it with a good ideas 4 developing the country and opposition parties but u other opposition party including mcp u r busy to blame the gvt u ll see zomwe tidzapange.

  6. Mr wonderful Nkuche please find somewhere else where you can put your political analytical shit. I have never seen you here analyzing anything negative about other political parties but DPP. I am 100% sure that you are being sent by other party of which i also know for sure that its MCP. Here’s my message for you Mr skinny ass Nkuche sir! come 2019 and a year after its gonna be DPP IN GOVERNMENT. My advice for you, please stay away from dirty politics if you are to grow your career. Koma ngati mukufuna kugwa ngati njale loola mumtengo, ndiye pitirizani, mouna zomwe akuziona BRIAN BANDSA

  7. Mbendela imposed on us DEMONcratic party, what else do we expect from this party? Political party being funded by tax payers’ money with the president acting as if nothing wrong has unfolded! God curse DEMONcratic leaders!

    1. I think the issue is about the people we have entrusted with power being accountable to Malawians. If DPP is voted back into gvt that’s the choice of Malawians but that wont in any way sanctify unaccountability.

  8. Impromptu planning resulted DPP in forcing the institutions to contribute to the blue night as of we ate still in one party system, money be returned

  9. as a political scientist , you have also to blame all the parties that have had this activity previously coz they were doing the same. where were you when other parties were doing the same apart from dpp? were u not aware during that time? Its too late coz the damage have already been done…… sleeping political scientist!!!!!!!

    1. Anold Kachimanga, two wrongs do not make one right thing. The fact that other parties did the same does not justify why dpp should do it. This type of thinking is retrogressing our country democratically. By the the time dpp will realise that it was doing a wrong thing it’ll be too late.

    2. Mbava izi and no one should dispute this. But mind you, you can fool some people sometime and you can not fool all the people all the time. Time will tell.

    3. If your parents were poor you don’t just stay and blame them but you do something now so that the future should be bright

    4. That should not be an excuse. U cant say amnzanga mmbuyomu amaba ndye simunaamange bwanji…wagwidwayo avomere milandu

    5. Am happy with Anold Kachimanga’s point bcoz when we are doing something we shud thnk b4 Remember after Dpp other parties will tek over and if we cotinue this systeem of against each other the other party will feel painful and painful this is wat u can know u political scintist am say so.

    6. with due respect, i value all your views but should have started way back. any party involved with this should have told not to do so by these political scientist. when a parent is raising a child, he or she starts when a child is too young not aldult. sitiwongola mtengo utakula coz wakhwima.

  10. yeah it might sucide indeed but these people don’t depend or fear the powers that their people have anthuwa sakumaikidwa pa mpando ndi mphavu zathu Ali ndi njira zawo ndipake sakulabadila za anthu

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