Ex-US Astronaut to give public lecturer in Malawi

Leland Melvin: in the country.

Former United States astronaut Leland Melvin is in Malawi and among other assignments he will give a public lecture in Blantyre.

United States Embassy in the country has said that the former NASA astronaut Melvin is expected to do a number of assignments such as meeting over 100 high school girls who are attending this year’s STEAM camp at Malawi University of Science Technology (MUST) on Friday.

Leland is also expected to give a public speech on Thursday at Polytechnic in Blantyre according to the US Embassy.

The Embassy has asked people in Blantyre to meet Melvin who is one of only 536 people in the
whole universe to travel beyond earth.

Leland served on board the Space Shuttle Atlantis as a mission specialist on STS-122 and a mission specialist 1 on STS -129.






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