Mayaya to demonstrate for ‘Apayoniya’

Billy Mayaya

Human rights activist Billy Mayaya has disclosed that he will take to the streets of Lilongwe to force government pay former officers of the Malawi Young Pioneers (MYP).

Mayaya feels “justice” has not been done for the ex-pioneers who are yet to be paid compensation, gratuity and arrears since MYP’s abolishment.

He added that the delay to have them paid is also a violation of human rights for the MYP staff.

“Government is violating their rights, it made a promise to pay them for the work they had during one party era, but after MYP was closed government promised to pay compensation gratuity and arrears and we feel justice is not there,” said Mayaya.

The date for demonstrations is yet to be known but the demonstrators will present a petition before chief secretary to the government Lloyd Muhara.

Leader for the MYP taskforce Franco Chilemba said the delay to have them paid has left them suffering arguing they are starving as they don’t have a penny to buy food.

Earlier, government made an assurance to have the former pioneers paid before the start of the 2017/18 financial year but it failed to give them the money.

The MYP then threatened to hold vigils at Kamuzu Palace to seek President Peter Mutharika’s intervention.

MYP was a paramilitary wing during the one party era but its officers became civil servants under Ministry of Youth after Malawians voted for multiparty democracy.

The former pioneers claim that government owes them K1.6 billion.



  1. MYP was under MCP not Government thats why Muluzi orderd MDF to scater this group Mayaya wasowa zochita i think wamwa nawo madzi abibi akulilongwe

  2. The Fund That They Wanted Is Not From The Malawi Government, Bt Malawi Government Missused The Funds Of This MYP Members Since 1994 & Ths Funds Are Frm Israel Nation Not Of Nosense Ur Commenting Ryt Here

    Lets Support Ths People Nt Mukhale Ndi Chinzimu Chachi Malawi Chosafunilana Zabwinocho

  3. Mayaya, just pack & go do some gardening, spend time with your Grand Children which is far worth than wasting time with your rubbish.

  4. Billy Mayaya & his MYP with a fresh provocation on the Malawi Defence Force (MDF). Wonder if Mayaya knows or atall remembers of the OPERATION BWEZANI, what it meant, why it was carriedout & by whom?.

  5. Ana inu MYP was working for the govt. Zakudya zaku ndende dzipatala chimachoka kuti. Nanga aziphunzitsi omwe anali mmasukulu amaphunzitsa za MCP ? Poti Matafale anafa nyengo ya UDF tidikirenso iwo alowe m’boma kuti tipeze zoona ? Alekeni andale apange ndalezo.

  6. Hope he knows what he is doing other wiz he fac alot of consequences. We can’t pay people who were using our our parents like they are slaves.g.t.h go to hell manyanya or

  7. MYP served mcp to torture innocent Malawians, they are planning senseless matches, am sure himself (mayaya) should lead to mcp offices wth the claims. Taxipayers money has nothing to do wth his grievances. sorry boy, thts bulshit.

  8. Mayaya chamba mukusutachi mukuonjeza. M.Y.P zidali mombe zolima carbage.ya congress ndimene amazunzira anthu muja.ngati alipo akutuma kauze abusa chakwera.avalipile ndikholo la m.y.p.

  9. Koma inu? why should we every day hear of demonstrations? izinso zopangira demo izi? Alipire anthuwa ndi ndani? boma or MCP? because MYP was for MCP.

  10. Why they need to destroy government’s money? They’re nonsense much. What is pioneers? They were killing people of Malawi. Mr mutharika are you still thinking about this people? Don’t pay them and don’t stress about pioneers they were kamuzu times. We don’t know about pioneers any more in Malawi!!!

  11. Government is already in a process to pay them soon and this Idiot Opputionist where was he all that time when this was beginning??

    1. Boma lake liti litawaganizilero anali asilikali achipani cha MCP ngati mene alili a renamo Ku Mozambique apite Ku MCP aka chite compasate not Malawi government

    2. Kodi anali ma civil servants? I thought they were under mcp? After operation bwezani in 1994 where were they? Ask Obaba JZU will pay them

  12. Mayaya is under the influence of drugs now. Hpw can govt pay someone they did not employ? Govt must should be the intermediater between mcp and the kayombe boys. They were working for mcp. I can see that even Mayaya graduated from Amalika thats why he is making noise

    1. Kamuzu ndi amene anatichedwetsa kwambiri ife Malawi kuposa all his predecessors. Kamuzu anatilephela koma anthu samafuna kumapanga criticise though he dead but anatilakwila kwambiri ife Malawi though I wasn’t there but I feel the pain he inflicted on the later generation. He lacked strategic planning komanso sustainable development

  13. They should ask john zenas ungapake tembo not Malawi government because it was special military for Malawi congress party so why forcing government to compasate them zausilu anayamba atibule anali anthu oipa amenewo

    1. u might all got it wrong………….cant u realise that ex employess of bakiliz reign who were fired un conditionally ended up being compesated by binguz government…….so would u say bakili is responsible for paying these people?……..serious which xul of thought on government did u miss that……?…..myp is as equally as mbc whuch is deemd to b for rulling party…..but if mess happens surely the incoming party will b held responsible for squaring any damage………even wen the current party is gone…….watch the space

    2. Japierl, the Civil Service & Employees of s State owned Companies fine, & the MYP wasn’t any of these two. There was no need for another military cos we already had the Army & Police so leave the responsibility of compensations to the MCP who were their Employers.

    3. ,every malawians knows that myp was the military group belongs to Malawi congress party so if ur uncle or ur brothers was working there please tell him to go and ask john zenus ungapake ,za anthu omwe anachotsadwa ntchito nthawi ya bakili muboma ndizinthu ziwiri zosiyana nokha mukunena kuti anachotsedwa muboma koma kagulu aka ka anthu awa a myp sikanali Ku mbali yaboma ai nanuso sindikudzowa sukulu yomwe munapita imemene mukulephela kusiyanitsa zinthuzi myp inathetsedwa kamuzu alipo ndiposo aku lamulila bwanji sanawalipile mwini wake????????

  14. Misala siingapose pamenepa. If MYP was MCP paramilitary wing, then let MCP pay them.

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