Bushiri, Lundu fight


Bushiri is promoting satanism, and I have proof – says Chief Lundu

Remarks by Paramount Chief Lundu at a Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) rally in Shire Valley that Prophet Shepherd Bushiri is promoting “satanism” through Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) seems to have taken the two to a battle line of verbal war.

Lundu who went hard on Bushiri at a political rally claimed that people will block the prophet’s “ambitious” plans to be the next president of Malawi.

Prophet Shepherd Bushiri

Bushiri (left) accused of satanism

The chief also threatened to ban ECG church in the area under his rule, as he claimed the church is for “satanists”.

But ECG has faulted the remarks arguing they put a threat on freedom of worship in the country.

In a statement signed by ECG communication director Ephraim Nyondo, the church has said the remarks are uncalled for in Malawi.

“We view Lundu’s disdaining accusations of our church as strong acts of character assassination. Secondly, threatening to ban our church, which is operating legally, is something every Malawian should be worried about because it shows we have certain individuals who think they are above the constitution,” reads part of the statement.

The statement further urges Lundu not to take the country as a kingdom arguing he cannot put a threat on the church that is “legally” operating in a republic.

In an interview with the local press, Lundu maintained his stance, saying he has recorded proof to back his assertions.

Meanwhile, DPP through its spokesperson Francis Kasaila has distanced itself from Lundu’s remarks arguing they are views of the chief and not the party.



  1. Good people let’s not point fingers when it comes to these pastors or preachers that perform miracles but read a Bible to understand it, to know how powerful the words alone are in it and authority we have been given and ask God to give us SPIRITUAL eyes and ears.

  2. Are you not tired of talking about my prophet even if u can cry he is still chosen by God you have been talking but nothing is happening can’t u see that you wasting your energy

  3. No one is perfect in dis plannet of god if prophet bushiri hiz helping pple to hv better life with Satanism it’s fyn,so y d Chief say dis kind of thing’s who we are to judge athers it’s god who can do d judgement nt us,so let’s live d man of god alone

  4. Inkosi ayisisite kuze natsi sifikelwe ngulokukhanya kwenu bangcwele ungathi siya ehlatsini mbamba twine lesifuna insindziso emakholwa nasabadalisa I healing and deliverance kulikhuni xem

  5. Mawu opemphera nawo ndalama ku mapolitician amenewo mungayankhuleso chani!!! Kuposa pamenepa mukuyankhula sikono lili mkamwa timakudziwani kale yankhulani za chimanga chobedwa apa timve!!!

  6. Mr Lundu all I can see is your are weak and shallow minded chief.

    You know Bushiri quite well, if there was anything concerning him you would have consulted him directly.

    Our constitution doesn’t recognize satanism.

    If you really had the proof you wouldn’t have waited for a DPP rally.

    Mr Lundu leave your responsibility as a Chief n Join politics simple.

  7. Nchifukwa chain anthu akudana ndi chilungamo?Bushiri akukhala ngati mulungu bwanji? Umphawi wapangitsa anthu kusiya kunena choonadi.alundu sakunama apereke umboni wawo.chilungamo chizadziwika.yesu yekha ndi amene ayenera kulandira ulemu ndi ulemerero.he performed many miracles without boasting himself. What kind of a prophet is he telling the world that he multiplies money?

  8. Kukhala mfumu sichophweka umayamba ulimwana kukusambisa mu phika muli singano malezala phinifolo pomwe utumiki umakhala maitanidwe chincho a Lundu wo asaweluze zamulungu kumzera Ku chipani amsiye mulungu azaweruza ekha

  9. Pls Chief, now i think u re lost & u have 4get your job. Oky if he is, just leave him, (u re a chief, bcoz u need money) also he need money thts why he is prophet. but problem this guy (Bushiri) is doing like (sing’anga), He is just lying.

  10. Chief lundu sazatheka paka kale koma chot aziwe akungotaya thawi yawo
    Ngakhale yosefe atamugulisa abale ake akaona ngat athana Kaye anayiwalila kuti dalitso wawo unasikila pa yosefe ndichimodi modzi a chief zomwe achitazi Iwo akuona ngat bushil athana nayekutelo daliso wawo wasikila pa bushil

  11. shame.Papa is not a politician.He can not vie for presidency.He is more than a president so dont waste your time attacking him.ECG cannot be banned .it is a gift from God.God should really have mercy on you Amfumu.

  12. Son of God is just around that corner guys. We are just scrambling ourselves, but the BIBLE tells us clear that at end time you will see different prophet and if you see that just know the time is here . so please let us open our eye widely and see what’s going on in this world. We need to have big ears again and have smallest mouth

  13. asiyen afumu n this yuthful prophet.if i wer u,iwud pray to kno th truth.ts not about him helpng the poor,but y is he chajng people sitng next to him or those mit him?did jesus do dat?n hw much?open yo spiritual eyes pple r makng mony through th name of God!use yo bible n prayr u wl kno th guy,,,

  14. Lundi is asatanic chief not Bushiri…….Bushiri is aman of God…..mafumu munazolowela ufiti,kutamba….leave major 1 alone…….ndikumangowelenga za lundi pano zandikwana……stupid lundi….mxiiim

  15. Kutheka kuti lundu ndi wasatanic nayo akamba bwanji zoti arindiumboni kungofuna udindido ku dpp basi manyaxi mfumu zopanda zeru zomwe mkukambazo tiribe mphavu yakuweruza yesu akubwera kwanthy ndikuva mau amurungu kuzera kwazitumiki osatikusatira munthu manyaz mfumu ndikanakhara ndimfuti ndikakusakani ndinthu

  16. we Malawian we are full of jelous we don’t want someone to progress in life,I also say like my friend said if satanism means helping the needy people and uplifting their lives, helping the children in the ophanage without racism then that means that satanism isn’t bad.

  17. (Matthew24)
    The Destruction of the Temple and Signs of the End Times..

    Verse 4-5: 4.
    Jesus answered: “Watch out that no one deceives you. 5 For many will come in my name, claiming, ‘I am the Messiah,’ and will deceive many.

    Verse 11-14: 11.and many false prophets will appear and deceive many people. 12 Because of the increase of wickedness, the love of most will grow cold, 13 but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved. 14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.

  18. Sitingalowelele ndi za akristu izi.yakwana nthawi yoti anthu asiyanitse pakati pa chipembezo cha mulungu ndi zipembezo za aneneri onyenga.Ife chathu ndi chokwana, ALHAMDUL LAH,ALLAH AKBAR

  19. All who say Bushiri is satanism. Don’t waste your time just form your own church that will be without satanism so that we can follow you. Aziti you are jealous. Do your part rather than waisting your resources talking about this man.

  20. Koma ngati ndiumbuli atithadi koma I will not STOP ✋ praying kuti kuwala kwa Mulungu Atate kuwalitse maso awanthu amene sakumudziwa mtumiki wabodzayu!

  21. in those days god hardened the heart of farao against moses just to show his power,today the same god is hardening the heart of malawi nation against prophet major 1 bushiri,i mean it not normal how people of malawi hate there own son that they was suppose to be celebrating.in our country we love him from all spheres of life,politicians,business,chiefs and kings,Young and old.

  22. Mzungu Akhale Nd Ndalama Palibe Vuto Kma Mmalawi Apeze Ndalama Basi Ndwasatanic Kod Amalawi Tidzatukuka Lit? Mind U Satana Amadana Nd Pemphero! Lundu U R Stupid + Mafolowers Ake Mun2 Asalemere Walakwitsa

  23. Yeeee power good good well well A.K.A bazuka ufune usafune he is major 1 he will never fall down on top one( word )nd lungu where ,how,y,shame

  24. aaa…Malawi sitizatukuka…Bushiri z real prophet sitnazolowere kuona anthu wolemer hvy that’s y…oloso pot Bushiri he have money more than govt money that’s y the talk bad ov him may God bless Bushiri

  25. If we don’t have the holysprit we are lost,because we can’t even know the bad and good things in our life so pray without czing.

  26. Lundu akusiya zake kunena za anzake. amaopyeza Ili Karim kuti atha kumulodza. ndiye ufiti ndiwabwino kuposa satanic. kapena masiketi omwe amakondawo ndizabwino. mafumu musamatchukire pa anthu ena or you will learn the hard way.

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  28. Inu mukuvutika ndi Bushiri chonde pitani mkampemphe chimene ufuna akakupatsa amathandiza munthu aliyense ndi muzungu yemwe.ndi satanic ayi ndi munthu wa mulungu ameneyu.

  29. I haven’t read all the comments on this post. We should not rush to blame the chief before thorough investigation. I usually ask questions on the word of God. Doesn’t God preach of wealth/chuma or life of death. I have no side but, why is that our men of God talk of earthly wealth ? Thanks !

  30. Koma Lundu Ngati Ukufuna Udindo Ungopempha Udindo,dzamulungu Dzisiyeni.Buchili Amalarika Dzamulungu,ndipo Amanchula Za Yesu,ndipo Yesu Anati Adzadaritsa YEnse Akuyitana Padzina Rake.Amen

  31. These prophet stories are so stupid and nosense
    These days tha so called prophets are only focusing on performing miracles not preaching tha word of God
    Casting DEMONS into people and tha people are stupid enough to believe em
    I stoped attending church meetings cause ya cant know whom ta trust likka ya think someone is solving ya problem buh hell nah tha just increase em,tha problem will only be gone for months then it will come back again even more advanced and complicated than before
    Ta me all prophets and pastors are toys that need ta be destroyed.

  32. Those who have spiritual ears hear the truth from the Bible, those who have spiritual eyes read the truth from the Bible and see who is the true messenger of God.
    We don’t need to be told. One can point a finger at the other a trillion times but of what benefit shall that be if we don’t have Christ in us? The Bible tells us to pray for one another not to accuse and judge one another…it’s not a matter of standing at a platform and ashamed someone you feel is beside the word of God.
    Rather, invite that one in a lovely manner and remind or teach him/her about the Bible doctrine.
    Talking of satanism, I get so surprised when people tend to regard it strange and fearsome. The Bible is in black and white about the end times in the book of Revelation, and that’s exactly what’s happening. Don’t we have spiritual eyes to observed?
    “False prophets shall be known by their deeds,” that’s what the Bible says. It further says “pray for one another to remain in faith.” The Bible has never given us authority to judge one another.
    Children of God, rapture is here, stop verbal war on the word of God. Preach the Good News of salvation so that those who have ears should hear and those with eyes should see and choose what is good for themselves, hell or PARADISE!!

  33. Who is lundu is he an angel to know between Good and evil. Some of you you are better off you were born in this generation if you were born in the time of jesus you could have made jesus not to finish his work.just a simple prophet in our generation you are calling names just picture yourselves in the time of jesus would you have believed that jesus was the son of God.

  34. I love Bushiri.he is so diplomatic.he won’t even justify himself to lunatics like the one spreading lies about him.he just keep quiet and God fight for him

  35. chief Lundu is seemingly to be insane how can he accuse Bushiri for distributing maize can he himself as chief distribute some…

  36. oky flish guys u fight with my papa,,wt make u to think satanic about bushili,,,ndikufuseni kodi kumalawi kuno kulibe satanic kodi kuzimbabwe kuline satanic ,,,nanga bwanji ,iwowo sakulemela ngati major 1, simungazifuse nokha ayi,,simungaone kuti ndi mulungu basi akumulemeletsa major 1 , let m tell u the truth if major 1 ,sakhazikisa mpingowo kumeneko , yona son of major 1, ndikuzakhazikitsa kemeneko,

  37. If You Do’t Like Bushiri For Your Own Reasons Come On The Right,you Are Completely Jerous Of Bushiri Is Anointed One Please Amalawi Mudatani Kuzolowela Kupempha Basi Mulungu Amakukondani,musiyeni Bushiri

  38. Wuchisilu wafumuwo,mukujaja ndinu kutindiwasatana ndekuti inuso ndinu asatana how do u khow that bushli is satanic kupenga kumeneko

  39. Nde mwati ndamfumu akunena izi??? Hahaha thats y timanena kut xul ndiyabwino hope zinazi ndiumbuli chabe.

  40. Chrisy my sister u have to know this not all these pipo so called pastors are real some of them are just devils messengers so becareful am just a christian friend may God protect u and show u the right way

  41. The most dulliest person to have occupied that chieftancy and most brutaliest person to have ascended to the paramount chieftancy on the Land.

  42. Y’all just work hard and see how much you can do rather than talking other people, aliyense azadya lake, asiyeni a Lunduwo nawonso ndimaganizo awo ndipo akudyera momo.. fight yo own hustles brethren

  43. False prophets!!!! in the last days, odala omwe mulungu awetsegula maso kuti asakopeke ndi bodza limeneli, ayalutseni mfumu,

  44. Since we now know that Satan uses nothing but subtlety and deception to trick men, there must be a way to handle him. What is that way? The devil is a man of tricks. How do we keep him under control? Remember what 1 John 2:14 says: “I have written unto you, young men, because ye are STRONG, and the Word of God abideth in you and ye have overcome the wicked one.” So what do you do? Ephesians says: ‘Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might.”

  45. ndikufuna ntundu wa AMALAWI umve funso kodi YESU analalikilapo zoti bwelani kwa ine mulemera? kapena YESU akachilisa munthu odwala amalipilitsa ndalama. miracle sindalama ma profet anuwo kuyambila lero mukawamve mukapitaso kumeneko sachulapo kuti musiye izi or izo kuti mukalandile moyo osatha koma amati upange AMEN kuti mavuto ako athe ndipo pofika mawa or madzulo ulandila ndalama AMALAWI pewani ndalama za nyatsi oro utazutsa munthu wokufa koma azafaso LAZARO anaukisidwa ndi YESU koma anaukisidwa koma anafaso muzikhalako ndi nzeru mphamvu za MULUNGU sizofanana ndi za ma profet anuwo ndalama sizigula moyo wosatha kodi YESU wanu amasiyana ndi YESU wa ma profet? nthawi yatha sankhani bwino LUNGU akulongosola zomwe amamva ndi kuwona pangani chisankho chabwino . GOD’S TIME IS BEST.

  46. Ineso kunja kuno ndi matsutsaso koma ai ndithu. Palibe satanic apa.
    Ine ndinaitanidwaso ndi Ambuye ndine founder wa JERUSALEM HOLY VICTORY CHURCH .SEVENTH DAY PENTECOST.anthu akuchiritsidwa akudalitsidwa ndithu chabe kuti sitidziwika kwambiri koma ndi nenetse kuti yesu akukhalabe ndi anthu okhulupirira ngati mufuna kutsimikiza imbani mutifuse +265999442557 or +265999600825 sibushiri yokha koma onse okhulupirira chonde musaweruze mtumiki wa mulungu afumu adalakwa adalakhulira pa msokhano wa ndale.
    Munthu wopephera sayambana ndi boma yesu anati za mfumu kaisara mpaseni za mulungu mpaseni.
    Sananye boma koma anapereka msokho ku boma. Kaya amaba ndalama za msokho a boma yesu adatilamulira ife akristu ake kupereka msokho basi.
    Afumu musamale muonongetsa mbiri yabwino ya DPP.
    A Lundu ndi congress akuononga mbiri ya DPP.
    Bushiri ngati ndi wa stanic akathana ndi yesu.
    Musanyoze chonde anthu a mulungu musabwezere choyipa chi. Ambuye akudalitseni.
    Ndiyimbileni kay ku in box ndipezeni. Alundu chonde zandale zikhale za ndale .
    Mutenge njira ina polimbana ndi mpingo inu a fumu simunalenga dziko
    Zidakanika Farao izi ankhodo onse anafera mmadzi kodi pamenepo Mose anali wa satanic?

    • Palibe zomyipitsa apa moses anapha muiguputo chikwa anaona akuwanzuza ana a isra ndiposo yesuso naye sanakhale chete ataona kuti anthu akuchita malonda mkachisi wamulungu. Tsopano ife mukutiletsa kunena zomwe tikuziona umboni wathu tikupereka nafenso ndife atumiki amulungu ndife aneneri kuzera m’baibulo tikuti zomwe akupanga bushiri sizosogoza anthu ku ufumu wamulungu ndizaufumu wadziko. Aseventhday ndi oziwa mau kwambiri timawadalira nanga inu bwa mmmm

    • Vetsani atsogoleri sindikunena kuti bushiri ali bwino ai koma sindife oweluza ai.
      Kodi amena akakhale pampando oweruza ndi Bushiri.
      Afumu nao sanakhoze kukambira khaniyi pa msokhano wa ndale

      Zikomo atsogoleri .panopa satana wabvala kristu kuchita zodabwitsa kwambiri 2Akorinto 11:13 Mateyu 24:24 kuti mubvomele bwino werengani mavesi amenewo.
      Mundibvetsa ndithu tsono .amene adzaweruze ndi yesu. Basi.

    • Inu Leonard chaunga PENTECOST mukuichulayo ndiya satanic mumango namizana kumeneko dikilani mukawone momwe mulungu akakulangileni mukazamwalilamo

  47. Amalawi dyeraa! Lidzatipha bushillyo wakhala akunamiza athu kuti akuwukitsa akufa zabodza! Oyani anaukawo, anayamba gen yogulitsa magazi ayesu tso! Adakatenga kuti? Bodza ilo! Amalawi mudzichera umphawi udzakupweteketsan! Dyera Lundu go ahead achoke kumudzikwathu!

  48. Lundu is 100% right,and even all these accidents its this prophet of doom..I thank God that He is now opening eyes of some Malawian to see the exact truth…its 100% I say

  49. People we are blind all I can see tonsefe talowa ndale za mapephero tazitaya mukusapota munthu mukuti man of God while akuzembera ndale tiyeni anthu a Mulunga apange za Mulungu asakanize. Kumusakaniza Mulungu amakana

  50. Either promoting satanism or not but Lundu has no right to stop anyone doing religious activities in Chikwawa and Nsanje or anywhere in Malawi. Lundu behaves in an awkward manner, very childish and gets manipulated by political parties. He should know the world is diverse and things change. I believe this Lundu should be taken to school ya Kwacha because akuwoneka kuti umbuli wamukulira.

  51. Whatever bad u can talk about man God will never stop suporting him and will never go back, will go forwad and we are unstoppable,we dnt stress in our family

  52. He is a dog,greedy lundu u have forget that u a dog owned by your president.You have forgotten yur duties thats foolishnes, Bushiri is better than your president.

  53. ndakumvani ndipo ndawelenga palibe chomwe ndikumvapo ,kodi pakati pa kumva mau a Mulungu a bushiriyo ndi kumva zoti Achief amanyenga ana ndikumaba ndalama ndi boma chabwino ndichiti,zinazo zitayeni

  54. May God punish the devilish people in this conversation satan use a man to spread evil to people even God use a man to spread good news gone are the days when we heared about Moses working with God if Bushiri is from satan I personally acknowledge that anointing he is carrying the truth is I don’t spend a cent to see man of God what I know is there is international visit I believe that word explain itself I think a normal human being cannot go international without money for accommodation and food that money cater for you not church or man of God I remember when I went to China they wanted min of P40,000 pula $4000 and an invitation letter from China this applies in most countries abroad he did not force anyone to do it he sad if you want to join international visitors I have been going there many times I never paid any cent
    So people of God don’t find yourself fighting wrong battle neither I am not fighting anyone battle this is brethren advice the bible is written judge not so that you can not be judged, if you don’t personally like Bushiri you have a choice block his channel focus on what u like, if you don’t like coke why are you focusing on it and enjoy your fanta I personally don’t do that
    Sometimes we find ourselves in cages that we put ourselves in them I can’t intertain something that doesn’t control my life
    If you are talking about your president that one I will understand since you gave him power to rule but men and women of God they are chosen by God himself not a human being

  55. Amalawi kutengeka kopusa bushiri simuthu wamulungu ayi akuzemberera zandale ndi Joyce banda and ndi mfiti iyi Amalawi ndinu otengeka ngat mkozo muthu wapita kukanyera koma upeza wayamba kutuluka ndikozo uyu simuthu wabwino Bushiri sikudana naye koma chilungamo muone ngozi zachitika pakatipa zake chimaga amagawa chija wabweza ma gazi ku satanic wake up malawi tisatengeke ndi uyu Mfumu sikuti ndiyandale ayi koma imasowa powauzila anthu zoooooon

  56. they are appointed to sort out issues affecting their followers in mature way. it’s my hope they will do the same on the issue between them. if they fail they will contact fellow leaders to mediate in the end God remains the same today and forever

  57. they are appointed to sort out issues affecting their followers in mature way. it’s my hope they will do the same on the issue between them. if they fail they will contact fellow leaders to mediate in the end God remains the same today and forever

  58. Afumu due to the situation of living below poverty line,,akugulani a DPP kuti muyankhule zimenezi chosecho ndalama zake zangokwanaso Mbatata imodzi..

    Inu mukakhala afiti mmudzi mwanu,, musayese ngati aliyese amapanga za usatana…ECG is a church.. Bushiri is the Prophet of God that’s what we all know so don’t judge a person ngati ndiwe mulungu…

    I know ,, akukocha to black paint the name of bushiri…

    I will suck you personaly iwe mfumu…. Watch your mouth!!!!!

  59. My question is, why many countries they hate this guy and some they even close hia churches???? Are all those countries they hate the truth????

    Lets open our eyes and see plz,

    Yesu anati:
    *Yang’anirani ndipo asakusochereteni inu munthu chifukwa ambiri adzabwera mdzina langa nati ndibe Mkiristu*

    • Which countries are u talking about, Are those countries in Africa or Outside Africa??? Was Jesus a lie for him to deserve such death??? Where in the bible does it say a Pharisee was criticized or put to death. If you are a true follower of Christ this hatred toward this man of God shouldn’t be surprising thing to you because Jesus was hated also until was killed. Osabisala mumalemba ngati malembawo sukuwaziwa bwino bwino. Don’t hid in scriptures if those scriptures you don’t understand them. Shalom

    • No one can deserve death, and Jesus bever dead for any body, if he dead for your sins then yoy can commit sins anyhow and you will not ve pushed because Jesus punished for your sins already.

      Why bushir is going in and out in court in South Africa??? For what reason if you know???? Why bushir dnt go to Botswana???? Open your eyes, if you cant see then i dbt blame you, because some other pple got eyes indeed but can not see

  60. My people are destroyed because of ignance. The Jews seek for signs to believe you and the Greek require wisdom but we preach Christ crucified the power of God. Brothers and sister’s open your eyes and see who this man is, what message is preaching to save lost souls if its not money? Jesus he don’t give things if he wants to bless you he only give himself not money this is not man of God

    • Am not judging only that I don’t see anything concerning about God from him every day is prophesy about money, marriages and all sorts of worldly things which is not the plan of God. The only reason why Jesus come is to save mankind from sin not to give material stuff. Seek first his kingdom then all those things will follow so don’t be decieved.

  61. Lundu mutu sugwira ndinamuona pa MBC TV ofunika ku mental. Amangoyakhula asanaganize sukulu mmutu mulibe ndipo malamulo oyendetsera dziko lino sawadziwa ndipo ufumuwoso anachita kalanda chifukwa cha phokoso. All in all mulungu akukhululukireni

  62. Lundu anatumidwa kut ayankhule zimenezo ndicholinga chofuna kuyipitsa mbiri yake paja abwanawa amamuopa kut adzawalanda mpando,ndikut Lundu akunama kapena akulondolo koma chokayankhulira zimenezo pa msonkhano awa ndale ndichani???????

  63. Ppl let God b the judge ..i well need god to forgive so i can see light in my life ..so who in this comment segment pray for me

  64. Guys, Y r u stl moving in darknes & do u hv both eyes? truly, bushr is satanik. thax and praises 2 u chf lundu and indid u hv filled wt holly ghost. not body and blood zat reveal u zs bt z holly sprit. if its money zakezo bt u want 2 save de nation. LONG LIV LUNDU

  65. But when u r in dark u cant see de truth time come God will let de cat out of bag, now u cheat de world but u cant cheat God if he is true man of God his deeds wiil expose his true colour ,fake ipad ,chemicals were combine fire start u say miracle and many more but still blind ur following him gready for money

  66. Amalawi, tieni tikumbukile kuti tili m’masiku otsiliza, and chobisika chidzaululika!, mzikoli mukuchitika zambiri koma ife sitikudziwa akumadziwana okhaokha. Onani satana amabwera ndizake zosangalatsa akufuna atipere tonse ngat tiligu so be careful. and in now days my friend!! aaanthu ambiri akusankha kutumikira satana komanso chuma inde mtumikileni koma mudziwe kuti zidza zowawitsa zomwe simunanvepo ndikalelomwe adza msanga ndiulemelero komanso mphavu m’manja mwake kudzakhala kukukuta mano ndi ululu osaneneka, taonani lero akut mneneli aliense ndiwa satanic so tilowere kut tsono. zinalembedwa tieni tikhale osamala opusa ena akumazipeleka okha m’manja mwa dyelekeziyo chikukwa chofuna chuma ndi zina, tisaasapote asatanawa chonde. tiyang’ane kumwamba kut atithandize Yehova namalenga. emen


  68. Palibe wanzelu apa tiyeni tipemphe nzimu wachidziwitso ncholinga chokonza zamoyo wina uli nkudzau popeza izi zichitikazi nzadziko lapansi ndipo chiweluzo chayandikira

  69. Lord help us in dis trouble days reveal us de right way de holy spirit be upon those who read the Bible and understand it ln these last days (end times). Glory to God

  70. Bushiri IS ASATANISM DI,WINA AFUNA KAYA SAFUNA,and Aday Will Cme He Will Fall And His Work Will Be Ashamed,kudyera Dzina La Namalenga,not Knowing Namalengayu Is Dangerous,adzamukatha Soon,muzikaona Kamaso Ka Bushiri Ndikakamwa Kake Sensiles Zokhazokha,matama,bodza,zilitho

  71. The best we can do is to weigh ourselves spiritually before we can weigh others. If u say this man of God is not upright, then how is your standing with God. Godly men are not easily recognized so was the case with Jesus. He came to his own but they recognized him not.

  72. Hahaha wabodza,wakuba,wachigololo,Moana,ankhaza,opsa mtima, onena nzake chitsilu,wasatanic onse kumoto,so why kulimbana ndi bushiri if he is a Satanist inu akuba nonse kumoto!nenani nkhani Zina apa what iknow is that God himself will judge everyone according to his/her works.mtengo opanda kanthu sulasidwa miyala,even Jesus was named a king of demons just bcz he was performed miracles muchedwapo.

  73. Ali uyuli, God is holy. I got nothing to do with false prophets, God will judge us all. But selling the word of God is wrong, I don’t know your faith

  74. Mulungu akukhululukireni amfumu chifukwa zomwe mwanena simukuzidziwa ndiye bola satanic ikupindilira anthu positha miyoyo yawo nanga inu mukutani muchedwa nkutukwana anzanu akupititsa miyoyo ya anthu patsogolo mulungu akuyendereni koopsa ndithu ndi pemphero langa kuti mudza lape dziko likumva ndi themberero kunyoza mtumiki wa mulungu mwina simudziwa mungodziwa kuti ichi mchiyambi cha kugwa kwanu mfumu

  75. Zamulungu samasemphana zochita bwnj bushiri ndi anthu ena amasiyana zochita poti onse akuchita zamulungu masiku osiliza awa kuzabwela aneneli onyenga ndy inu mukudabwapo chiyani zisiyeni zikulire limozi zizaoneka pokolora anthu omwe mukuti amapemphera mvula ikavutawo amapasidwa ndalama zamulungu kulibe kulipidwa malipilo alikumwamba nanga izi ndy ziti mmmm tatopa ndikumva nkhani zameneyu

  76. Believe in God alone ,don’t tell me about miracle money always miracle money, they can’t have time to preach ,what kind of prophet is this, fuck off

  77. Every body is asinner & let us not judge ourselves, only God is the true judge, let him preach the word of God in the name of Jesus.

  78. ladies and gentlemen,lets the issue between bushiri and lundu the :Lord himself judge

    well lundu might have or not apoint in his critics but waht worsen the status that he has spoken in political affiliated seeting,it is of no doubts that looming speculations that shepard will content or supporting Pp gives unmedicated headach to the rulling party’nevertheless :lundu said that for the appeasement of his president,remember no body bites afingure that feeds him ndani tsaziwa kuti mvimbwe ama

  79. this battle z not,for the flesh but for the spirit indeed darknes and light will neva be together u a busy black painting men of God but God z lifting them up major will remain major no matter how much, you can talk his life will neva be the same while you are busy talking, inspite of minding your own bussines may the lord deliver you

  80. Paratikuti munthu wana mavi kumutu ndi ghene yaya munthu ungayima pa sanja nakuyowoya nkhani ya ukazuzi cara apo uli mulongozi my caro.muzamulira para vinthu vyasintha.one ndingakondwa cara kuti utukenge means wakwinthu. Usangi our Papa wanguwa muchoko or mukulu or mwana wawo eatengi wayowoyengi ivi? Sanje zauzeleza shit.

  81. Mafumu enaa anthu onsewa akuchimwawa ndinu mulungu , kuwereza ndikwamulungu osati kwanu ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,kwansinganga athu amapita kuja si satanism,,,,,?what iz satanism?amene munapitako difine this word,,,

  82. It’s true chief Lundu , bushiri its the 1 who is promoting satanic in the world using jesus name and it’s the 1 who gonna finish our country Malawi coz every 1 he/she gonna be part of his family .don’t trust any christ now padalibe mulaliki yemwe apanga za miracle money and he pay thos miracle money to the people in order to pay blood and if anthu sapeleka blood for the miracle money they was given aphedwe wats dat ?for show bushiri its the 1 who is promoting satanic in the world not in Malawi only.

  83. Oweluza Ndi Mulungu Bwanji Wanthu Mumadana Mchilungamo? Lunduyo Ngati Wina Wamtuma Wambwita Tamlekan Munthu Wamulungu Komaso Iwe Iwe Lundu Iwe!,,,,,,

  84. the last prophet wa John the Baptist luke 16 vs 16 ena onsewa akutumikira kumdima satanic.mateyu 24 vs 11 kudzabwera aneneri onyenga ambiri ndipo adzasocheetsa anthu ambiri.believe me Bushir is not tru prophet of Jehovah the true living God of israel.

  85. James kazembe please show me the true prophet since Prophet Bushiri is fake as you claim if not then how do you compare one man as fake or true?

  86. chief lundu u have no power to ban a church in your area where theirs freedom of association.u r free to join his church or not.i know u from your statement that u r a politician.in your area wat do u do with witches?coz witches and wizard belongs to devil.do u not have bars,prosititutes,kachasu in your area? they are also agents of the devil.

  87. Tiyima nanu @Chief, simuli nokha tili pa mbuyo panu nga! nga! nga, nthawi yakwana a Malawi tidziwe tisamangoombera mmanja zili zonse…

  88. poor chief…. Village chief….I believe one can not be a chief without being involved in charms….so shut up….you’re the suspect of what you’re accusing major 1 of. Talk Nonsense Judy Malupande Zulu

  89. chief lundu is just a dog with abig tail ihope he need civic education you have been bribed with Dpp Offials But Mr Small Black Mamba Lundu you will never be like bushiri in everything eg holy spirit,wisdom,and money you will just end up as lundu fosake my boy lundu

  90. chief lundu is just a dog with abig tail ihope he need civic education you have been bribed with Dpp Offials But Mr Small Black Mamba Lundu you will never be like bushiri in everything eg holy spirit,wisdom,and money you will just end up as lundu fosake my boy lundu

  91. As achief he has aright to say his mind, he is the custodian of his land tenure and jurisdictio..

    We dont care who this false prophate is, and it is nosense to attack the chief just because he is protecting his subjects from the devil

    Big names in prophatic community are operating from their native countries not outside. TB, JOSHUA, Ashimolo, Asamoa, UBERT ANGEL, etc,,,all are operating from their home countries dont fool us… fake thing

  92. What hapn kuti akambe za Bushiri pa msonkhano wandale?was Bushiri there?ndadabwa ine kapena akuopa zikumveka zoti ayambisa chipani kuti azawina? I think manyazi azikugwirani

  93. in all judgment is in the one upstair and some tym I wonder whn u said someone is satanic bt ma be 95percent there deeds are similar to the devil they smoke steal even him the chief he oppress the poor in the name of chieftency so who is the devil now God help us

  94. Chief you lost.let only God judge him not you.if you have evidence of those records why not handle them to MBC so can be broadcast live?
    You don’t know offices where you can claim? The problem you don’t know ways of approaching Bushiri to get cash kkkk. Matthew 7:7 ask you will be given.
    Not attacking other people to be pleased to the president and the party

  95. problem with this chiefs whn they are given ndalama they thought they are done bt shame on dpp for there use of the ordinary pipo and non xool pipo

  96. But don’t worry guys this is the end of him God soon will show him hw it’s work between God and Satan who is the greatest…

  97. Mukamati false prophet mudzipeleka umboni, amfumuwonso apangeni search akukambazo umboni palibe, umboni muwupeze ndi banzi adyetsedwalo. Akungofuna kupanga divert court case ya Chaponda a DPP awa.

  98. muzawazindikira ndi zinthito zawo ngati ali wotumidwa kapena ayi! If he keeps all commandments as said on exsodo 20 thats fair but if not shame! Ine ndikhale mbuli pa nkhani imeneyi coaz tonse chilungamo tikuchiziwa. Tsoka kwa iwe wakuziwa kuti sakuchita bwino koma ndikumapitiliza kusachita bwinoko. God should intervien!!!!!!

  99. Critically,the truth is known by GOD.I argue neither side so long I c no concrete evidence 2 prove ones guilty bt I’m so opsmitic that the truth shall b seen.Mark my word there.

  100. What Does It Qualify One To Be Satanism? And How Many Of Us Are Saints That We Should Start Pointing Fingers At Others? Bwanji Osangogwilisa Ntchito Zomwe Mukuziziwazo Kusiyana Nkuloza Zala Ena, Kumbukilani Pamene Mukumuloza Wina Ndi Chala, Zala Zinazo Zimaloza Inu Mwini.

  101. Major 1 the choosen, our own Prophet proud of you all the time. Let them talk they will get tired, while God is lifting you. Major……..major……major…….google!

  102. Tingozisiya mmanja mwa Mulungu….palibe akuziwa choona cha nkhani imeneyi….Tipemphe kwa MULUNGU kuti atithandize….#GOD fill us with Christian wisdom….”be most careful then how you conduct yourselves: Like sensible people, not like simpletons”……Ephesians 5:15

  103. a man of God can not have a price for just putting your eyes on him, look by now for you to see bushiri you need to bring R7000 which is equivalent to 370,000 Malawi kwasha can you believe that? can somebody tell me how much did people paid to see jesus?

    • Andre… havent you seen churchies selling bibles???..so wat is problem with bushiri to sell appointment ??….The money is for sponsering gospel..since many pple sponsor sports only..so a church must have wayz of generating income

    • Ngt amalipilisadi anthuwo nkumapeleka ndalamazo izo ndizofuna zawo sakakamiza alindiwufulu wokana komanso amanyamuka okha kumanyumba kwao samachita kukawatenga kumakhomo kwao

    • Andre thats a lie. He does not charge people to see him. Do your research very well. You believe in the lies of media. That money is for their own accommodation, food and transport for people who stay in Pretoria for 4 days. This program which people pay is called international visitors program. People are put in one hotel for easy communication with the prophet. That money does not go to the prophet but it goes to the hotel. Do you think people can stay in Pretoria for four days without paying for their own accommodation, food and transport? Do you want the prophet to keep them in his house? Wake up, dont spread false information. Dont just say false prophets, there is also false media and false people like you

    • Ali Uyuli he does not sell appointments, all of you have wrong information. The money is for their own accommodation, food and transport. Sometime back the government of SA took the prophet to court for the same allegations. The case did not continue because after the government doing its research it found that the money was used by the people themselves not the prophet or church. Dont be part of spreading false information. Do research first before you conclude on something.

    • Iweo ndi opusa, anatumizira text or voice note kuti u shud go? If your poor just keep your mouth quite asiye alinazo apeleke iyaaaa wats your p?

  104. bushiri wa satanic,,, kodi satanic nde kuti chani? hahaha ,, inuyo mafumu nde anthu abwino? hahaha,, kufuna kupisisa ndani wopusayo? ? adakanena winawake,,, osati ,,inuyo,,,.,,,,, ndale zavuta,,,,,,,,,,

  105. I love the prophet and when a traditional leader begins to fight anointed men of God like Bushiri just kno that his down fall is eminent. You can’t fight God and win ,if you think so you are squaring a circle. God never loses battle,King Pharaoh tried to fight God but never won.

  106. Apazangoonetselatu kuti alundu ndi mbuzi ya munthu.becoz iweyo lunduwe kukhala mfumu sungamankhule mopusa chomchoyi,end ngati watumidwa ndi a dpp zioneka pothela pake pawuchitsilu wakowo komaso zitsiluzinzako zakutumazo.

  107. Stupid zako lundu,dats why malawi we cant develop becoz of such stupid minds.munthu bcx zikumuyendera basi ndiwa satanic,Amalawi work up

  108. Some chiefs guys”” He is the one who is satanic,how can he deny someone to bring christianity in his area?
    I think he is afraid of being exposed.
    Let you be consumed by the holy ghost fire.

  109. Who are you to judge??? major one is a Man Of God! whelther someone likes it or not! open ur eyes cant you see the Holy ghost In Him!!

  110. heeeee dziko lapita ili koma ameneyu mukuti ur prophet ndi zandare akufuna kupangazi ntchito ya mulungu agwira bwanji? mukungoyenera kudziwa choonadi coz munthu sangakhale ndi ambuye awiri.just knw dat akazangowina mayb ma first everybody will forced to praise him.eish mark my words bt it wil b too late for u coz chilungamo mukuchikana pano

  111. I’m not his follower but I fully support his charity deeds, abwana if u r not welcome there pitani kwina komwe akakulandileni a chief awo awathandiza anthu awo okha .. Kwathu kuno mmene tikukufunilanimu iiish you will be welcome .

  112. thumbs up lundu u deserve my credit for protecting ur people against evil acts.God is on ur side.Hope this is warning next time he comes please stone him to dealth

  113. You Malawian 2 much jealous Lucius banda , Dan lu ,skeffa,gwamba,onesmass , piksy,thoko , katimba osewa mumati ndi a satanic ndiye wabwino Ndani ? Ndinu kapena even President wanuyoso ndiye kuti ndiwa satanic nanga bwanji okuba chimangawo simukuwanena kuti a satanic shame on you Malawian

  114. Mumakwana ankolo ndi amaluzi okhawo amene am’makonda Bushiri, inu muli ndi ndalama inu 🙂
    Koma ankolo Bishiri si wa Satanic koma oyiwelenga pa town

  115. Being a satanic z not illegally & its out of constitution rules don’t transparent in politics, bcoz u cannot solutes darkness things,let’s leave it 2 God he wll judge

  116. Kodi ngati iye ALI wa satanic musiyeni akapsa yekha fuso ndikumati kodi Bushiri amalalikira kuti muzichimwa kapena amalalikira za mulungu abale azanga ngati iye ALI satanic musiyeni ndi tchimo lake inu tangotengani uthenga wabwinowo womwe akulalikira zinazo akuziwa mwiniwaka

  117. To Me Chiefs Are Beign Used By Politians What Lungu Is Saying Could Be That Of Dpp, Tomorrow If Chakwela Wins He Will Speak Bad Of Dpp Shame On You Chief

  118. siñdikudana nkuthandiza ànthu koma Bushiri he is one of Satanism tapangan google mupezanso ma prophet ali pompo khulupirirañ Mulungu chifukwa munthu azakukhumuďwisani čhofunika uziyanģ’aniŕe wekha

  119. Ladies and gentlemen have your own faith and be on your own faith through your saviour jesus the Christ neither rely on a man nor anything but only the son and HE. I AM THE WAY, THE TRUTH, AND THE LIFE: No man cometh unto the Father, except through me.(john 13v6)

  120. mathew 7vs7 going down wards, dont judge that u wll b judged for the judgment u put on ur frnds GOD wll do lyk wise! palibe olungama padzko pano tiyen tzngokhuta nsimaz bas waitng for the judgment day

  121. It was written in the Bible; “amitundu azaukilana amitundu okhaokha…” No wonder asatana ayamba kuululana tsopano. But to me “I live by Faith and not by sight.” – 2 Corinthians 5 v 7… Open your eyes Malawians

  122. wabwino ndimmodzi yekha nde mulungu that wz gzas remember my chief what hav they done to u money money money indeed the root of all evil


  124. dont judge anyone neither question hiz riches..its non of your bussnes..wheather its good money/ not..ask God..what is the sicret to be where bushiri is…otherwise you will remain where you are with no any change.

  125. Free advise for the chief : please don’t allow dpp to use … when they are done with you chief they will flash you like a used toilet paper ….

  126. Who can stand and say lundu is lying? He (lundu) was once a member maybe thats what made him to testify in this way.brovo to our beloved chief,keep on breaking the silence.zinazi zimadabwisadi!

  127. Kkkkkk koma mafumu ena ayayaya kodi akuwona ngati kukhala mfumu mkulamulila dziko? Kkk kapenatu iwowoso mngasatanic akudziwana nanga adziwa bwanji kut bushiri ndiwa satanic? Masikono mukumadya ma bigwa akakupatsaniwo mukakhuta msamanyozere ena mwamva mfumu kumangodya mkukhuta basi iiiiyaaa

  128. Ufumu was Lundu ndi was pansi pompano ndipo uli ndi malire,Bushiri akulalikira za ufumu was Ku mwamba womwe siuzatha,Lundu ndi gulu la zitsiru zomwe azungu amati ndi chakudya cha anthu a nzeru(fools are food for the wise)

  129. Greedy political Chiefs who doesn’ care of his people. Bushiri anagawa zakudya in your area anthu ako akuvutika ndi njala. Iwe unawagayila chani anthu akowo?? Then who is a Satanist btwn you and him? Ufiti basi, nyooooooo

  130. People need the gospel and let Bushiri and ECG win souls to Christ. Let God manifest His greatness through our Prophet and the Chief cannot set boundaries for this.

  131. Ladies and gentlemen! Let’s debate the remarks by Lundu with sober minds. He is not wrong to point out some suspicious motives that Bushiri and his Church seems to promote. Don’t take it as political. The word Satanism is not new and it means doing ungodly issues. I have recently heard that this Bushiri is under heavy criticism because of his tendency to make people pay for prayers in South Africa.He is also performing fake miracles base on science.If you’re Christians like me,where do you find in the Holy bible that prayers were commercial? If the Bible denies that tendency, any prophet who makes it payable is satanic one. The apostles of Jesus Christ never duped people by performing fake miracles. Any prophet does it is satanic. The Bible warns us of fake prophets in these last days. The Bible says we should measure them with spirit and if they don’t do according to Bible they are fake and satanic prophets. I entirely agree with Chief Lundu that Bushiri might be a satanic prophet based on what he does and by not following what the Holy Bible teaches us. The death of Jesus on the cross was very expensive. He gave people free salvation and prayers or miracles are supposed to be free for He died for it already. Anybody who commercialize the words of the most high be dealt with as swiftly as possible.

    • Come on fantastic maverous kwa ine ndikuthokoza chifukwa mawu anu ndipo ndikupempha mulungu nane andisegule maso auzimu so that acan these faken prophets ndiponso ziphunziso zawo amwe shame iiiii nakwa ine kuno aaaa hhhee ndimamasulatu kufa sindiopa

  132. Vuto lathu ku Malawi ndiloti munthu akapeza bwino ali nd ndalama komanso zinthu zabwino pa moyo wake mumangoti ndiwa satanic…..kod mukuthandauza kut munthu sangalemele ndi kulimbikira kwake? Mukuthanthauzanso kut aliyense olemera nde kut ndiwa satanic? Kod ptophet amene inu mukuona kut si wa satanic,,,wabwino kwa inu ndi uti?? God is the best judge one else olo ndiwe ophunzira bwanj but only God will judge Bushiri at the end not you Mfumu yopusa Lundu!!!!

    • Wachite nakupanga prove bro @Chimwemwe while everyone knows that we have thousands of false prophets now and many people are being misled. The chief is right to warn his people and remember the #Tumbuka proverb that says; “Kawuzganga ni fwiti yayi kweni tilinganenge.

  133. Vuto a malawi timaona ngati tika bakila bushiri atipasanso nafe zaulere zo zaza pomwe chilungamo tikuchiziwa munthuyu ndioipa kuziwa tikuziwa koma mtima oti angaone comment yanga ndaikayo mwina nkundiganizila palibe zimenexo amati wamisala anaona nkhondo amene mukuti mfumuyi ndi yamisala ndiimene ina yasegula masa pano enano zinsapotani bushiri pano ngakhale ku south africa zayamba ku mvuta tikuonani mene muthele nayo chaka chake nchino

  134. Anyone who insults others in as far as I know as per Malawian culture lives few days. Do you need examples? Check your history.

  135. During Jesus’ earthly life, he was tempted by satan to turn stones into bread but he simply quoted scripture to tell the devil, and also on many occasions people flocked to him many are poorly yet Jesus never performed miracle money to help them. what he did is to preach the good news. He neither ordered his apostles to perfoms miracle money.

    • Yesu anamuuza peter kuti akawedzee nsomba ndipo akatsangule mkamwa mwa nsombayo akapezamo ndalama ndipo akalipile nsonkho

    • what of miracle food? 5 bread and 2 fish feeding the multitude, wasn’t this a miracle food, standing on nothing but looks same, not to mention manna in the wilderness, water from the stone, try the Spirit basi for last days false ones will b in the midst of real ones, God help us

    • #Brenda & #Emmanuel penyani maso, ndikufuseni kodi ndi ziti zimene mulungu angakodwere kwambiri miracle kapena utenga wabwino? modern day miracles are questionable because they preach materialism than spiritual. for instance they’d tell us that whoever “TYPE AMEN” will received money, cars. They even sell their products, annoited oil, handkerchiefs etc ndikumati munthu akagula izi atchilidwa or kutetezedwa. izi zikuonetsa ngati kuti mulungu sapatsa mphamvu zake directly or kuti mulungu Ali muzopangazo sinchoncho?

    • Please musaiwale mau ambuye yesu .akukhulupira ine ntchito zimene ndi chita adzachitaso. Ineso ndi katsutsa
      Koma ndinaona kuti ukakhulupirira zonadi zozitsa zima chitika.
      Ine mu mipingo wanga Wa JERUSALEMU HOLY VICTOTY CHURCH NDI WA SEVENDAY PENTECOSTE. anthu akuchilalitsidwa. Koma palibe satanik koma chikulupiriro. Tiyeseni kuti yimbira pa manambala awa +265999442558 or+265999600825.chabe kuti afumu alankhula pa msokhano wa ndale sanachite bwino.

    • kunena zoona amfumu analakwitsa polankhula zimenezi padale komabe kubali yabushiri mmm wationjeza ndithu. pleased read the bible for yourself 2CORINTHIANS 11:13-15. Even Jesus had prophesied that there will be false prophets, that’s what happening nowadays. what the so called man of God, prophets wants is richest and fame which misleading many believers

  136. Lundu walakwitsa kulankhula motero chifukwa aliyense muno mmalawi amaziwa kuti Bushiri ndi wa illuminate koma choncho amulepheretsa business yake yowakopa anthu ku mu joiner kkkkkkkk TBJoshua wakumalawi…………………

  137. those who support bushiri ndinu anthu aulesi, kuzoloweka kupatsidwa zaulele, but the bible says udzadya thukuta lako, that means uyenera kugwira ntchito with ur own hands, and bible already says that chenjelani ndi aneneri onyenga, ndipo sikudzabwelanso wina opanga zozwizwitsa kuposa jesus christ, and why do people join satanism? is it because of poor? or because of money? or because of jobless? hahahaha kujoina satanism its the same as kumenyana ndi makolo ako, becoz ndife ana amulungu, kwa inu asatanic, dziwani kut mpweya umene mukupumawo ndiwa mulungu, satana alibe mpweya, kapezeni mpweya wanu chifukwa ndinu ogalukila.

  138. i want to know how eubert angel and bushiri become friends i have been following these pple at first before bushiri became a prophet He was working at eubert angels church he was holding a mic when eubert is prophesying, i think thats where he get his powers,

  139. major 1 go on do ur bst 4 the beterness of heavens that is much l knw be more ANOINTED to perform more charity and heal them if they are sick amen and amen,l knw that GOD is using major 1 not what you think

  140. major 1 go on do ur bst 4 the beterness of heavens that is much l knw be more ANOINTED to perform more charity and heal them if they are sick amen and amen,l knw that GOD is using major 1 not what you think

  141. Sindinaone chitsiru cha mfumu ngati ichi! Vuto ndi dyera amafuna Bushiri azikampatsa zinthu aziba! Vuto lophatikiza ufumu ndi ufiti ndilimeneli , mfiti yamunthu yosaopa Mulungu! Iwe ndindani kuti ukaweluze munthu mzako?

  142. Peter munthalika wakoyo angakhale pamenepo atakhala kuti siwa satanic?? Ine zoti bushiri ndi wa satanic sindikudziwa koma ngati Ali wa satanic nkupezeka kuti apeter ndi opemphera apa ndiye kuti mwina ya bwino ndi satanic yo chifukwa chakuti ndiwa chifundo ndalama zake amagawirako anthu wovutika kusiyana ndi nthumbidwa yakoyo ikaba ndalama imadya yokha nde wa bwino ndi ndani ???

  143. A Lundu ngadyera ndipo dyera lao liwayalutsa,alibe ufulu oletsa malo kuti pasamangidwe church, anthu these days I have noticed they are busy fighting Bushiri wasting their time for nothing, my dear brothers and sisters let us focus on our salvation, tikapusa Jesus will find us pointing each other fingers,if Bushiri is indeed a satanist God will punish him ife mphamvu zoweruza anthu tilibe

    • I don’t agree with you. Akanakhala adyera bwezi atandila. Ngati akukana dyera liri pati ? Mukuziluma nonkhatu apa. Mmmmmm

  144. Deception is very powerful. These so called Prophets have created an environment that their followers end up praising them and not the Creator. They have brainstormed their followers to call them all,sorts of praising names like, Papa, The Major one, the Messiah etc. They won’t allow you to call them Jesus because you will know for sure that they are liars and there’s only one Jesus.
    They know the Bible of course because that’s where their deception lies. Remember what the Bible says” they will even use the name of the Lord just to deceive their followers. Watch out guys.

    • @ Luke Khombe, read again the post and you will understand it better.. Why is the chief against this guy is because he thinks that he’s lying to people.. When we talk of satanism we are talking of doing something un Godly. Trying to make people believe in something that is not there. Staged healing, miracle money, miracle wallet, charging people huge sums of cash for healing. Our Jesus never charged people for the healing. Prophet Elijah never charged for healing If they did so they would have been the richest persons during that time.

  145. Regardless to what he thinks bushiri is, lundu is absolutely wrong. He is chief not a politician. We all know that he spoke these words to please politicians. Malawi is everyone, not for chiefs or politicians. Lundu himself is chief because there is masses around him, without people he is nothing. Muluzi wa galu ndi umodzi

  146. Mafumu amuchikape sasowa fumu ya nzeru siingakambe za satanic sinthawi yomalimbana ndi munthu wins ino iye wapangapo chani pa moyo wake za ziiii

  147. I don’t see anything why bushiri is answering or commenting on this, he’s a church reader with mighty from God, he must be quiet God will speak for him, they can ban his church in that area but they can ban people to go and attend his church,
    If he’s(bushiri ? is from God, that chief will find himself in I church confessing one day,
    We don’t have to judge, we’ve to keep in mind that everyone who is doing evil,no matter how big or small is a satanist and is in satanism,
    Prophet bushiri many insults are on the way you won’t manage to fight back just do what you’re doing.

  148. This Chief Wants Just To Get Fame From A Section Of DPP GURUS With An Intention Of Bringing Bread On His Table….BUT WHAT IF DPP FALLS COME 2019 tripartite elections??? SURELY This Chief Will Bite His Own Fingers In Police Custody & Will Be His Last Breathe Considering The Fact That BUSHIRI Is Annointed…

    Amalawi Tinaculuka Jealous And Thats Why Dziko Lathu Silimatukuka….

  149. Lundu is a money hungry chief, what he wants is money from the president, and why is saying that in public ? it is clearly showing that Dpp is full of people who speak rhetorical things, Bushiri is a,Malawians no one can restrain him from preaching good news , I know chiefs very well , may be the reason Lundu did say this was,that Bushiri did not consult him with monetary items thats why he is saying this

  150. A lundu akufunandalama komaso kutchuka game simunasewele,bwino chonfidabwitsa ndichakuti alundu amangokhalila kumwamowa mu kombonimu Ku church anapitakokale nde wusatanic awusiwabwanji munthu osapemphelangati iyeyu

  151. What one doesn’t know doesn’t exist. Its up to u to choose and beliv in wat u thnk is right, #God wil alwayz be the best judge!

  152. “Jesus came to Nazareth where He had been brought up, and as was His custom He entered the synagogue on the Sabbath and stood up to read, and the book of the prophet Isaiah was handed to Him and He opened the book and found the place where it was written, ‘The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me

  153. Poor Pple Think Poor,all Ways Negative,Leave BUSHIRI ,stop talkng nosens ,stop talkng to what is doing to our country.He Is Doing What He Can To help his own country,lundu Ulape.

  154. “what goes around comes around- unknown”

    just as Justin Zonzi was puting it two days ago that a police officer who spread pictures of Goman deserves an arrest for violating the right to privacy..

    shall will be long for arresting chief Lundy too for character assassination plot.. ? ooh yes he says he has proof that Bushri is promoting satanism….where in Malawi has one Ben convicted of satanism?
    ……Chief Lundu has to b careful!!!….,koz from my little experience chief lundu is always controversial in his remarks. wen ever he stands on podium…..watch the space

  155. That’s. Why dziko lathu ngozi sizikutha masiku ano chifukwa tili busy kumatikwana anthu ofalitsa mau amulungu. Catholic mumati ndiya satanic, TB Joshowa mumatinso ndi wa satanic uyu bushiri ndiye eeeesh funso ndiloti kodi mtumiki wamulungu yemwe mukumufuna akhale otani. Uyu Lundu uyu tamufunsani ali ndi akazi angati ndipo amangonana ndi tiina tating’ono kwambiri kodi umeneu si uchimo. Amalawi tiyeni tilimbikitsane pakulemekeza omwe akufalitsa mau amulungu poyamba mvula ikavuta timakhala ndi mapephero pakutha kwa mapephero mvula imangwa koma masiku ano wina akapanga chodabwitsa ndiwa satanic sory tikuchedwa ndi zadziko

  156. Who is actor here between bushiri and lundu so soon something ‘ll happen downfall of chief lundu and bushiri getting richer. I respect two of you just that ua human beings.

  157. It is just last Sunday service when Prophet Bushiri was preaching about “SARTYRS” it testifies..Prophet Bushiri has billions of followers at their will..Prophet be at ease as usual just command his Demon out..remember me in your kingdom..Amen.

  158. Osavutika satana alamulile dzikoli pakuti mwana wamulungu wakanika mavuto achuluka chifukwa chomava zamulungu number is 0999559663999559653/ Internet= Mtachira Sakala

  159. Ine nawona kuti satanism ilibwino moti ndikupepha ose amene ali kumeneku kuti ngati angathe kundithandiza kupeza mwayi wolowa atelo kuphatikiza aprophet Abushiri Osati awo akukamba zosayenela sadzachita bwino mm ine uphawi natopanawo kuyambila makolo osawuka ineso ayi tilowa bungwe la kuti tipeze mwayi ECG

  160. A DPP asowa zokamba et…. mmalo mopanga zitukuko zothetsera umphawi mmalawi ali bizy kutuma ma spy kunena za anthu. Bushiri amapanga zake kaya za bwino or zoipa koma kwa ine nilibe naye chifukwa. Iwe Lundu ufuna ndalama akupatayo ikulodzere ku dambwe et

  161. Nanga Bushiri nkhani imeneyi ataitengela ku khoti kuti akamuuze bwino pa za usatanic wake kodi mfumuyi ikhoza kukapeleka umboni okwanila pamaso pa khonti?

  162. Although we don’t have an evidence a bout Prophet Bushuri but this Chief he don’t have displin to the public . Mfumuyi dyera ndilomwe lakula, But God z only Father who knows the secret of everyone and he Will judge

  163. Chabwino takumvani koma ife timamukondabe Prophet Bushiri and inuyo sitikukondani komaso sitikusowekela mawu anu kapena chilimbikitso chanu anthu opanda mbili ndi chimcho kufuna kutchuka simudakwanitse

  164. This chief is playing game of politics…am not surprized.He has proof and the public is waiting to see that proof.Dont hunt an animal which u cannt kill.

  165. Even if know where gets his powers we have no lights to judge him for the salvation of our soul….am not even his fan….but I chose not to judge him

  166. This is one of the Ignorant chiefs in our country. Please focus on development not politics.uzaziona akazalowa Bushiri….. Kukhalaa ngati mulendo ndi ndale Zakwathu

  167. What I believe is anything close to Jesus recieves an attack. I am not surprised to see this Page always publish bad stories and lies things Prophet bushiri. It’s just to fulfil the word.

  168. As far as consen lundu also he’s Satanism coz hw can know someone z Satanism without knowing any corners for satanic .wat I know this dayz munthu akakhala kuti zikumuyendela amati ndiwa satanic or anyamata amomuno mumalawi amene amathamanga thamanga zikuywnda amati ndiusatanic culmon Malawi work up .

  169. Young Malawian are falling to development because of this useless chiefs and I am not member of ECG but Malawian who loves anyone who are doing better and you chief Lundu your stupid too. maybe your satanic too very very bad to destroyed images of young people in Malawi.

  170. ANTHU openga inu mukuvomereza nyatsi munakhalapo naye,
    Mumayenda naye
    Ndibale wanu
    Mufatu imfa YOWAWA
    YESU anayamba walipirisa munthu odwala
    Chamba basi ngati ndi umphawi ukuphanidi tiyeni nazoni MULUNGU achitepo kanthu satana inu

  171. Even the devil recognized Jesus and wanted him to go away from them. Chief Lundu, don’t runaway, get saved. Let’s hold the chief so that he can be saved. Don’t blame him, he has seen the light and it’s the evil spirit in him that are speaking.

  172. This chief is a CUNT! why speaking on a political rally??? Why couldn’t he organise his own rally to address local people about this issue.

  173. Oooooooh is too bad for Chief to spoken like this….even if you have any evidence of this brings it….noted this man of God can go to court for case….your mentions someone satanic or witchcraft or wizards is case please don’t let this kind of stupid behavior chiefs to damage image of young entrepreneurs in Malawi if someone had money means is a devils no no stupid chief Lundu .

  174. OUT OF ORDER:Mr P.chief,that is out of order,discipline and abuse of ur position.Why criticise,attack Bushil at a political rally,if u have personal gradges,differences,ur message has nothing to do with non concerned audience

  175. so what’s the point of sain that on a party rally? ???? muuzane ndi azanuwo! inuyo mumangofuna kuba , fame n riches so that the poor will be singing tha same song of begging yet mukunjoerazo ndizawo…….. kaya ndi wasatanic kaya ndi satana amene koma ine I support him! akusamala anthu replacing zomwe mukubazo….. fotsek