Lack of markets hits dairy farmers


Machinga Agriculture Development Division (ADD) has said lack of viable markets is one of the factors hindering the growth of dairy farming in the division.

Machinga ADD acting program manager Isaac Chipeta said currently the ADD has 600 farmers with around 200 dairy animals.

Dairy farmers finding it hard to find markets

He said   it is very worrisome that the dairy farmers use their milk at household level due to absence of processors who can buy the milk.

“In Blantyre ADD there are more processors like the Dairyboard and other private processors buying milk from the farmers but our farmers here have nowhere and no one to sell their milk to,” he explained.

Chipeta went on to say that the farmers have the potential to sell milk to such processors but lack of viable markets is the only challenge hindering them to move forward.

He claimed that as a division they tried to intervene on the issue together with the processors   but the outcome of the discussion was not fruitful.

He said they have therefore asked the farmers to group themselves in cooperatives so that they can sell the milk in places such as Blantyre.

Machinga ADD comprises districts such as Dedza, Zomba and Machinga.



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