APM frees 378 inmates


President Peter Mutharika has pardoned 378 prisoners as part of celebrating Malawi’s 53rd year of independence.

According to a statement issued by Ministry of Home Affairs and Internal Security and signed by its Principal Secretary Samuel Madula, many of the pardoned inmates are those with trivial cases.

“The prisoners who have been pardoned are those with minor offences and have demonstrated good behavioural reforms or are chronically ill,” reads the statement.

Government has in the statement said the pardoning of the inmates is a sign of forgiveness as the country has clocked its 53rd year of independence.

“The pardon of the 378 prisoners by His Excellency the President is a symbol of forgiveness during this year’s Republic Celebrations,” reads part of the statement.

On Independence Day, there were multi-denominational prayers to thank God for the good past growing season.

However, it also turned out to be a day of mourning after eight people died during a stampede at Bingu National Stadium (BNS) when they were jostling to enter the stadium to watch Independence Day activities.

The tragic incident also saw over 40 Malawians injured.



  1. thats Christianity,these pple though they found themselves in conflict with the law,but still more they r our fellow human beings too,they too deserve what we all deserve,so long they hav bn reformed,thats what we call LOVE

    1. My brother Patrick,palibe amene sanachimwepo,only that sometimes the law,becomes the law only when u r caught! u know the story of Josephy & Potiphar’s wife,it was the adulterous wife that wanted to rape Josephy but the King’s wife lied that it was the vice-versa which leta landed Josephy in jail,so not all who r there r immoral,another eg, its in 2 Kings where King Ahab’s wife lied b4 court that Nabot has blasphemed God,her wish was 2 grab Nabot’s vineyard which was close 2 the palace,hence Nabot & his 2 sons were killed

    2. my bro Patrick,just imagine in the last 10 mnts,how many times hav u not pleased God? He has already forgiven u that # of times,so u r against a fellow human being 4giving one another? God forbid! when Cain killed Abel,what did God said?

  2. Aaaa,ine ndikabanso kundende kuno kulibe kulipila magetsi,madz, zakudya,zovala zonsezi nzaulele nde choti mtulukire ndizikavutisidwa ndi ndalama yandiwo mchani?

    1. He is not first one to do that, amayi did that during her time likewise Bingu, Bakili and the Ngwazi HE Dr H. Kamuzu Banda. All these were doing it for campaign? Let’s be realistic leave politics sometimes aside.

    2. N u don’t understand what meant by politics shut up ur proboscis ngati ndiwe DpP cadre ufa ndi Bp I will speak again (kachikenanso) campaign in progress lol

    3. Koma Ya Tikunyozana Ndikumatukwanizana Tokhatokha Y Mw? Can We Say We Shud Shut Up Our Mouth Just Bcos Of U, We As Mw Shal Never Afreid U. We Hv Givn Freedom And We R In Democracy Styl

  3. But Y Is It Dat An2u Ngat Amenewa Samasin2a Kwenkwen? Ndaonako Many Of Dem Akabwelako Amangokhala An2u Abwino 4 Somedays Bas Kenako Kubwereranso Kukhala Mikango. Anywayz Ta2okoza Bwana Kuwakumbukiranso Abale A2.

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