K2.4 billion cashgate case continues today

Paul Mphwiyo is a former budget director in Malawi facing charges of corruption, fraud and money laundering

Though Wednesday was set to be the last day for the fourth witness to give evidence for the K2.4 billion cashgate case involving former budget director Paul Mphwiyo and eighteen others, the trial continues today as defence lawyer for the third accused Auscious Mwale objected that his client received reconciliatory documents from Reserve Bank of Malawi (RBM).

During court proceedings on Wednesday, witness Francis Juwawo told the court that Mwale got an email from RBM for the documents that the court needed as evidence for the case.

Paul Mphwiyo: one of the suspects

But the defense lawyer Powell Mkhutabasa objected that his client received the email, a development that forced Judge Esmie Chombo to adjourn the case to Thursday.

Mkhutabasa stressed on the need to have the documents being presented physically and not through email.

“The representative of government department needed some documents in the form of among other things, bank statement and cheques, so these people including my client asked for the documents to be made available, this witness said the documents were made available through email and our issue was where is that email he says he cannot find it,” said Mkhutabasa.

Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mary Kachale said the adjournment is for the interest of justice for the case hence she could not object the ruling to have the case continue today.

Mphwiyo and eighteen others are suspected to have siphoned K2.4 billion from taxpayers’ purse during the infamous cashgate scandal at capital hill.



  1. Just arrest them no nid for another witness or u r waiting them to make corruption but if it is a person wearing comfleg anakaphedwa kare

    1. Kuti adzatani man poti ndiye anaulura kuti anthu awa abandalama tadzinganizaniko zinazi abale. Dziko lamawi Joice Banda ataliwa munalibe mafuta ndalama zakunja munalibe in two months atalowa Joice banda anaonetsetsa kuti mafuta apezeke pose pose komanso ndalama zakunja zidzipezeka funso nali kodi ndalama zoti adzingulura mafutawo anazipeza juti kapena anachita kazikumba? Anthu akukubelani kunyumba kwani inu mwakuwa kuti mukubeledwa anthu angabwelenso kudzakumangani?

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